Daily: 14th February 2009

14 February, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Mr C.

Sidepodcommunity (heart) Christine

As pointed out by Flibster in the comments, it's some kind of special day today. The rest of the world is busy declaring their feelings for one another, so we intend to join in the fun with some Sidepodlove.

Rather conveniently as it turns out, F1 is full of the stuff at the moment.

  • Button must have a bit of a crush on Senna today, as it looks like the Brazilian's sponsors have funded the Team Formerly Known as Honda for at least four races of the season. Whilst things are looking ever so slightly Super Aguri-esque on that front, four races are better than none.
  • Flavio must have a space in his heart for Alonso after the Spaniard finally managed to drag his R29 off the bottom of the testing timesheets. On the final day in Jerez, the team finished second out of the 2009 runners. Sadly, they've already announced they won't be in Barcelona next week - a sign of trouble or do they know something the others don't?
  • Unfortunately, not all relationships are rosy, as Adrian Newey seems to have fallen out of love with Formula 1. It looks like the man with the golden pencil wants to take a step back from the sport as he's finding the regulations a little too restrictive. Is this a cry for help to the FIA and Max?

There is one more slice of love to mention of course, and that is the love I hope the Sidepodcommunity shares for our illustrious leader Christine. Granted, I may have forgotten to buy the girl a present today (or bought a card, or booked a table, or contacted a florist) and yes this does constitute an abuse of powers. However, I've dug a nice big hole for myself, and right now would be a really convenient time to express your love for Christine and remind her just how very special she is.

If you were to do that for me I might love you too. See you in the comments.

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