Daily: 14th December 2008

14 December, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

It's Race of Champions day, and with that, plus the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards being given out, and a show today, we're going to be rushed off our feet - just how we like it. There was some discontent in the comments yesterday over Wembley's rather strict policy on cameras, but I hope this doesn't take away from what should be a great experience for those attending in person. We're going to stick around and live comment it from the safety of home, so stay tuned if you want to join us.

Elsewhere in Formula 1:

  • Vijay Mallya has decided that he is sticking with the 2009 lineup that he had already announced, Fisi and Sutil. Why the comment that he had to check with McLaren first then? Is he surrendering to the bosses already?
  • Do you think Hamilton can get his hands on yet another trophy by picking up the SPOTY award today? The odds seem to be swaying between him and one of the Olympic team - the cyclist or the swimmer. He'll be annoyed to miss out two years in a row, won't he?
  • Rumour has it that South Africa wouldn't mind getting back on the F1 calendar sometime soon. The track at Kyalami would undergo the Tilke treatment though, so do we actually care about this one way or the other?

As I said above there's going to be lots going on today, so don't feel bound by any of the subjects I've mentioned above. Feel free to discuss any topics that come to mind, especially if there's breaking news we need to know about. See you in the comments.

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