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Daily: 14th August 2011

14 August, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine Sunday? Enjoying the break from F1? No, neither am I. However I have a plan to help us stay happy and smiling on this second Sunday of our holiday. To help on this F1- less day here is a cute little link. Everyone loves baby animals right?

It may be the holidays, but what better time is there to write a mid season report for the drivers? Stitch has given each driver a grade for their efforts this year. Check her posts out, here, here

and here. They’re super!

Being a non Grand Prix weekend (sorry for reminding you again) there aren’t many F1 things to chat about in today’s daily so I have some wonderful, random and arty links to share with you instead.

• Now I know Easter is a long way away, but I stumbled across this lovely blog yesterday and this amazing post on how to make some rather special easter egg cupcakes. I may make some today, get some practice in.

• We all love exposure shots, they have a beautiful way of capturing chaos and motion like no other technique. These shots are just as wonderful.

• Each year I love seeing what amazing things people come up with at the Red Bull Flugtag event. Here are some classics from this year.

• Check out these propaganda style posters Aaron Wood designed for social networking sites. How brilliant.

• Last week I pointed out some examples of how you can make art from anything, well here is another. Artwork created with a typewriter! Well they’ve got to be useful for something these days.

• My last treat for you all is very special. The internet is a brilliant place – where else could you make music by drawing lines? Try it and see if you find it as addictive as I do.

That’s about it for today everyone, hugs for you all.

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