Daily: 14th April 2011

14 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Alianora La Canta

Nín hǎo*! It's the first time that I have been invited to write a daily for Sidepodcast.

Great things happened yesterday, mostly Amy-related. She celebrated her birthday and AirAsia Australia got her a wonderful present**, they invited her to the Korean Grand Prix to report on Lotus' doings. Amy is the biggest Lotus uber-fan I've ever seen; she thoroughly deserves the adventure after defeating some strong opposition.

Razzmatazz accompanied a US Grand Prix press conference, which happened on Tuesday but was still dominating F1-related talk yesterday. MotoGP will be visiting the track from 2013, meaning F1 won't be the only major international race at the Circuit of the Americas.

A new season of British F3 is nearly here and Leigh's been previewing it – the second part appeared yesterday and it's very good reading.

New face on Twitter; cheery three-time F1 race winner Johnny Herbert has joined the social network and is still getting used to how popular he is.

Perhaps I have forgotten something? Oh yes, there's a race weekend in China with practise starting on Friday^. Even the Force India counter agrees for once.

Remember Bahrain? They still want an F1 race this year – if they can sort out the politics in time.

Epic performances from Sebastian Vettel have convinced Fernando Alonso that he has no chance of winning at the moment; not exactly the greatest of omens for race excitement, but we live in hope.

Many people are currently debating the utility of the adjustable rear wing. With the FIA deciding to start the DRS zone halfway down the back straight in China, we may finally get a conclusive answer... ...if it doesn't rain in the race.

India's next generation is getting the chance to have its talent discovered through a three-stage tournament devised by Force India called “One From a Billion”. It will happen every 2 years and is open to 14-17-year-olds. Both of India's F1 drivers are from Tamil Nadu, so hopefully the 7 locations for the regional heats> should help spread motorsport participation and awareness.

Oh, and spare a thought for Stuart C, who's currently at the Rally Jordan waiting for the racing to start. Nothing's happened today (which should have been the first day) because the service park hasn't fully arrived yet.

Distractions don't get much bigger than That Could Be My Next Tweet. The results were sometimes revealing, occasionally strange but mostly pretty hilarious.

Exercise is becoming a popular topic at Sidepodcast – Rubbergoat's been running and Christine's road running campaign continues apace. Makes me feel a bit lazy...

Linguistic practise for everyone: Spanish Wednesday is here, with Fernando fun to try translating.

Looks like Jordan F1 is planning an essay on the subject of F1 faring badly in the USA. Should be a good read when it's ready.

Apparently Sidepodders' significance as Internet racing experts cannot be overestimated ;)

Census forms in the UK have been getting posted to the people who process these things with a whole variety of unexpected property included...

Helping the #mfc revolution is the new idea from Zinio of making magazines that have audio, video, movement and work on every device... ...except dead trees.

I thought it was only racing drivers who were supposed to pilot badly and hit stuff...

* - “Nín hǎo” is the phonetic transliteration of the Simplified Chinese for “hello”.

** - Embargoed initially, leading to possibly the most excitement I've ever seen on Sidepodcast^^. The Sidepodcommunity is a very supportive one :)

^ - Since the last two links go to Viva F1, now is a good time to also read Leigh's guest post there on the subject of “Prince Bira”.

^^ - Everyone's mileage may vary, my views may not represent the totality of the community, etc.

Finally, the letters I've emboldened at the start of each paragraph spell something. Can anyone guess what it is?

See you in the Daily, Sidepodders!

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