Daily: 13th September 2011

13 September, 2011 at 00:50 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

Welcome to a daily post with a difference. You see, the rather wonderful Mrs Christine has spent the past four days being beyond fabulous in so many ways I thought I ought highlight some of her efforts, lest they pass unnoticed.

Before I continue though, a quick disclaimer - I have not broken anything, nor lost anything, or caused any damage for which I might need to grovel, apologise or otherwise write this post. I am not in any trouble at all (at least not yet).

What I have been this past week is busy doing non-Sidepodcast things, which left Christine to manage this and all our other sites, alone. Apart from lending a hand on Sunday afternoon during the Grand Prix, everything listed below - including solo live coverage of qualifying - came from one person.

F1 for all

Posts on Sidepodcast during a race weekend are usually consistent from one GP to the next, but the text doesn't write itself. The following were published between Friday morning and Monday evening.

Note: The guide to reading Kindle books was half written in advance but tidied up yesterday. Breakout transcriptions contain content from the live text coverage. Tweets technically write themselves, but someone has to pick the best 10, out of the thousands published every week.

F1 in the news

There's more to Christine than just text. She records 60 second audio shows any time an F1 story breaks. The following stories were written, recorded and published during the past four days.

F1 in technicolor

More than just words and sounds, there are pictures too. Big pictures.

Almost all of the content linked above came from one person. I cannot even guess what the word count my be. There are 27(ish) posts in total and that doesn't include personal content published on MrsChristine.com. I rarely get a chance to look in on this from the outside, but I did this weekend and I am truly in awe.

That is how hard Christine works on F1 content, and all because she loves what she does.

In return, I erm... well I made a heart.

Sidepodcast F1: Story image

Christine Blachford, this was your weekend.

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