Daily: 13th May 2011

13 May, 2011 at 00:27 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Even in the year 3000 he can't find it. Now I just feel bad.

Credit: Lukeh's HB pencil

Even in the year 3000 he can't find it. Now I just feel bad.

Ahhh! It's Friday the 13th! Everyone hide! Actually, don't do that. Come out and enjoy another new day where there's plenty to discuss even if there's not a race on. Have you had a good week? Luckily the weekend is nearly here and we can all have a bit of a relax, phew.

Paddock News

Wanted: Leader, must be able to lead, preferably made of lead - Whatever Rubens wants, he should definitely get and right now what he wants is a pack of Doritos. No wait, that's me. Rubens wants a leader in Williams to guide them back to awesome times and you can't really blame him for feeling like this. I have a sneaky suspicion people will just accuse Mr Barrichello of being a bit broody and moany about things but you can't fault him for actually speaking out in honesty at Williams in tough times.

Blame Sutil. No, literally, this time you can - Bit of an odd situation seems to be coming out of the Chinese GP weekend several weeks ago with the news that Adrian Sutil caused a bit of mayhem in a club and ended up cutting one of the Renault big boys. There's all sort of rumours which I'm not gonna even bother speculating but Joe has a fair round up of everything and gives a bit more clarity and thought to the deal. It's all gone Eastenders round 'ere, I tell ya. GET OUT MA PUB!!! Plus this doesn't exactly help Sutil's crashy reputation does it?

A Good Cause to be Connected To - Good bit of stuff this is from Sauber and especially Kamui Kobayashi for setting it up and funding it. You can purchase an app called 'You are Connected' on the iTunes Store that features handwritten messages and notes from the drivers, team bosses and whatnot of F1 with the funds raised for this oh so delightful 79p app going towards the relief efforts in Japan. It's a brilliant idea and you can find out more here, after you've bought the app of course.


Make it snappy or I'll think of an even worse pun - A bit of controversy seemed to flare up in recent events in regards to the use of creative commons licensed images and various photographers on twitter so Mr C has put together this blog post just discussing the whole deal with F1 photography and how the photographers are perceived with their work being shared out. It's a good discussion. Although my knowledge of F1 photography is pretty poor and I usually have to ask Lou about this kind of stuff as that's what she'll do one day and do it very well too. Coz' she's awesome and very lovely. I'm totally not sucking up here, honestly.

Is this the real life? is this just fantasy...racers? - Oooh, we do love a good graph round these parts. There's nothing nicer than a proper pie chart to get stuck into sometimes and as always resident grapher and general statistics genius Gavin has provided us with his latest update looking at the fantasy racers scores for Turkey. I also like Gavin's blog as it has one of his photos from Spa as the header and reminding me of Spa last year gets me all fuzzy and warm inside like a Tickle Me Elmo is tickling me. he's also gone ahead and taken part in the fabulous re-invigoration of Thursday Thoughts over at Viva F1 with his own thoughts about DRS. Good man.

I hope Sam's Town has developed into a prosperous city now - ah-ha, this is most excellent news from those fabulous Las Vegas boys known as The Killers. I do miss the Killers but it seems they're going to start work on their next album in the next week which is, quite frankly, pretty awesome. Although let's go for more of the Sams Town type of stuff and less of the Day & Age nonsense please chaps, if you'd be so kind. Although now I'm just being spoilt, it's good to have them back.

Always listen to two sides of the story, or just the one sentence maybe - Having a bit of a self plug here, I hope you don't mind. Yesterday I thought I'd give the whole challenge of one sentence stories a go on my blog and it was pretty fun actually, it's surprising how much depth you can put into a single sentence even in the simplest of forms. It's also not long left to go with my 30 Day Music Challenge so if you fancy seeing what I've chosen so far here's the big ol' list of stuff so far right here. Sometimes self plugging feels a bit rude but I wanted to share them. It's kind of like getting some time on television and just going 'Hey! Everyone! Come read my book!'. Maybe I am destined for Daybreak.

And Finally

A few little things this week as I don't want to make the daily too long...

How to Make a Radio News Bulletin - Janna tweeted this yesterday and it just made me laugh so, so much. It is actually spot on as well which is mental.

30 Secrets you may not have noticed in Portal 2 - The best game in this generation of gaming just has so much to offer and if you've completed it you have to read that. The article does come with mega super huge spoilers though. Also Stephen Merchant has been talking about his role in the game too as the fabulous Wheatley.

And that's that. To close the daily I'm gonna share this quite incredible stop motion video from the music video for rippled by All India Radio, a video that took 6 months to make and I promise you won't regret watching. Love the little wandering kitty just exploring in many different lights. Stop motion videos always, always blow me away and this is no exception. Lovely relaxing song too.

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