Daily: 13th March 2011

13 March, 2011 at 03:31 (GMT)

By Lou

Hello everyone! I’m back! I’m not sleeping this time, I’m awake, and here to give you a bumper daily as a way of apology for forgetting about you last week. So hold on to your screens and brace yourself for the amount of links;

First things first, lets get this out the way;


Ehem..Right, so now that’s out of the way lets talk about some Formula 1. The final test came to a close yesterday and Christine wrote a great summary of all the pre season testing, check it out here.

Speaking of the approaching season (you know there are only 2 weeks right?!) have you joined the new fantasy racers league? Information can be found here.

If, like me, you’re missing F1 more than ever now that we’re so close to the race in Australia how about feeding your withdrawals with Part 1 and Part 2 of the latest Aside with Joe?

Mr C has been working very hard behind the scenes and has now launched the Sidepodcast Heartbeat. Check it out for yourself in the ‘more’ section of the header.

Leigh has been busy too, recommending a great song, and having a bit of a rant. Please check them out!

Right, time for a breather, F1 wolf found an awesome video of a downhill bike race!

Moving on from motorsport, lets talk about photography and art (as is traditional for my daily posts).

Firstly, earlier this week I posted this photograph on twitter;

Sidepodcast F1: Story image

Credit: Lou

What is a photo of I hear you ask? Did I spill coffee over this photo? No, it’s an argyotype. What’s that? Well it’s done with a certain argyrotype covered paper, the negative is placed over the paper in a holder and then exposed to UV light. I used a digital negative to create this, for a full description argyrotype processing check this out. I love my photography course, alternative processing is so cool!!!

So some interesting, beautiful and inspiring photography links for you;

… now for some fun arty links;

I shall finish the arty section of my daily with some Formula 1 related work by one of my favourite artists, Andreas Gursky. He’s improved the Bahrain track, and done a beautiful study of f1 pitstops.

Before I leave you all to share the podcast of the week, I just want say all of my thoughts are with those people affected by the disastrous events in Japan. There are many places on the web where you can donate to the cause, here is the British Red Cross donation information.

Podcast of the Week

As I’m excited for the upcoming Grand Prix, here is inside track from 2008! Yaaayy for Formula 1!

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