Daily: 13th July 2011

13 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Littlepurplegoth

Sidepodcast F1: A certain Brazilian driver

Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

A certain Brazilian driver

Welcome to another day! Its Wednesday the 13th of July and day minus 326.

You'll notice that I am not your usual Wednesday person :-) And that this is therefore not the usual Wednesday post.

For example, today could be about the 26th Anniversary of Live Aid.

It could be about how our favourite train driver turns 37.

We could be readying ourselves for the upcoming race in Germany. Hmmm, too soon? Maybe next week eh?

How about wondering what has happened to the M&S/Mclaren 'partnership'? Seems to be dead and buried, sigh, so no more giant Jenson' in store :-( Although that means no more giant Lewis' in store either…

Or it could be a quick look back to last year, when we were reading all about Alex and his season long trip in F1 land.

Instead, I've been standing in my kitchen, cooking curry, in purple Rabbit Ears (as you do) and thinking on how to begin. I realised I didn't know if I could tell you all about why, but thankfully Christine's response was 'absolutely'!

This is number 14 on a forty item list, that I aim to have completed in 327 days time. Because by then I will be Forty Years Old. And so will a Brazilian F1 driver - I wonder if he has a little list?

(You can find out more about my challenges, and see some evidence ( 0-0 ) at http://doingfortythingsbyforty.tumblr.com/. )

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