Daily: 13th July 2010

13 July, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It is Jarno Trulli's birthday! Isn't it fantastic that Tuesday birthdays are back? In any case, I am wishing Trulli a very happy birthday, especially since he was the best of the newcomer teams just last weekend. A move up on RG's rankings should go a long way into improving anyone's mood. And talking about rankings...

  • Christine has updated her rankings and it is Karun who gets the sole lead. How will the rest react? And will anyone else dare try tweeting Christine now that she is dealing out punishments for point-fishing?
  • Another weekly update sees two of my favourite sports coincide. I can just picture Fernando wandering around the whole paddock with the (replica) golden trophy in hand.
  • As with every other race weekend, there has been plenty of debate going on here. The latest is on one very low-key Vitaly Petrov, but feel free to also comment on Silverstone's upgrades or the public airing of team radio.
  • Apparently Renault engines are all the craze now. Either that, or Lotus Racing has decided to copy Red Bull yet again.
  • After unsuccessfully trying to pass off Valencia as their 500th race, Lotus Racing boss Tony Fernandes has decided it will make his job easier if he had owned the Lotus name in the first place. Shouldn't he have tried to acquire it a long time ago?
  • Endurance racing driver watch as Anthony Davidson, Alex Wurz and Franck Montagny all feature.
  • In yesterday's daily, RG has mentioned the regrettable end of competitive international football for quite some time. It wasn't the best world cup ever (arguably one of the worst actually), but it featured a spirited and united Africa as hosts, a beautiful German team that will probably come back for more trophies, and the one and only Diego Forlan. As the world moves on to club football, I recommend watching the La Liga for those who want more entertainment. After all, Spain are the world champions and Forlan plays in Athletico Madrid. ;)

Hopefully you'll have a lovely day and do not suffer from football withdrawal the way I do. ;)

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