Daily: 12th September 2011

12 September, 2011 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Before we start, please right-click here and open it in a new tab. Right-o. Don't worry looking at the link, just listen as you read.

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Monday after a race. It always feels slightly melancholy, doesn't it? Knowing that the result has been decided and history shaped, for better or worse.

It was a thrilling race, the sort that holds one's rapt attention throughout, without a lapse in concentration long enough to contemplate the need for a cookie. Alonso had a fantastic start and beat Vettel into the first corner. Liuzzi, on the other hand, decided to take the first corner backwards, causing mayhem and carnage and ending more than one race.

Vitaly: "lucky not to be injured"

OfficialLRGP's Twitter avatarOfficialLRGP

He got a slap on the wrist for his achievements. After the safety car, Vettel was allowed to go and play in his corner, often more than ten seconds in front of the rest of the pack. Senna scored his first F1 points; he was thrilled; this is the reason I made you click on and listen to the Brazilian national anthem while you read this. For a broader picture of what happened:

The race highlights.

The results.

The post-race interviews. Alonso was almost shy when he apologised to Vettel for needing to fight harder.

The updated driver standings.

Today's geek section is devoted to plants. I suspect, if the yellowing of the leaves is anything to go by, that summer will be gone from this part of the world (Edinburgh) before I next write a daily, so I decided to have one last toast to their awesomeness.

If you've ever wanted to hear an Italian man explain about the intelligence of plants and the possibility of using concepts borrowed from them in networks, click here.

This one is for you lovely Sidepodspace geeks: what plants would look like on other planets.

And finally, a few words about weather prediction and a question that I've wanted to know the answer to for a while.

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