Daily: 12th May 2011

12 May, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Alex Andronov

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the death of Douglas Adams, a singularly wonderful fellow. Largely these days he's known for the quote about deadlines, but I would say that my iPhone reminds me very much of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Read this article from 1999 by Mr Adams about the Internet, so prescient, so right. Please do read it.

Anyway I have decided to give you a different quote by Douglas Adams:

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

But thanks to Amy's research today it would appear that you can maybe solve them with turtle bread:

Turtle Bread. Cute!

Credit: judmoo

Turtle Bread. Cute!

Or perhaps cupcakes. I haven't been with you lovely people for the last few weeks. Thanks first for Alianora who wrote her debut daily post and I sent cupcakes to for her efforts, that was four weeks ago!


Credit: Alianora La Canta


Then two weeks ago Mr C stepped into the breech but he decided to forgo cupcakes which were instead sent to Lou


Credit: Lou


The commenters decided on Lou because she had selflessly suggested other people should have the cupcakes. And as it was her anniversary with Mr Lukeh Muse


Credit: Mr Lukeh Muse


we hatched a plan to send cakes to both!

But this is all very well and good, but now you’re back is there any chance you could give us some F1 news?

F1 News (imagine this sung by Christine to the tune of TED NEWS)

Alonso has written a new blog post where he makes the point that his points deficit isn’t anywhere near as bad as people think it is, and in fact is far less bad than last year.

Jenson and Lewis went to Number 10 Downing Street, London, England, SW1A 2AA to launch the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

It really sounded like it was all going to be about cars but Jenson found that it might be about guns and Lewis thought it might be about swords.

Want a job in F1? @beaks_the_twitt of Lotus didn’t and has quit, but don’t let that put you off you can go and apply here

Talking of excitement at Lotus... Mike Gascoyne has written an article in the telegraph asking people to ignore the wingers and embrace the new wonderful F1 that we are having this year.

What about non-F1 eh?

Well Lukeh has been doing more sketching. This time of Tredegar House

What if instead of drawing you want your computer to give you the fancy CSS3 way of making rounded corners, background gradients and opacity, and you want to use a lovely web interface to generate the code (Mr C I’m looking at you) . The site is even called css3.me

Most important link of the day

Katherine tweeted this earlier... but it is awesome... Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

It includes instructions on how to construct a flat pack: Delorean, Lightsaber and a Tardis, and did I mention... a Delorean.

I mean not real instructions, but how the Ikea instructions would go.

Have fun everyone. Big hugs for those who want hugs, a smile and a nod of the head for the rest. Catch you in the comments!

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