Daily: 12th March 2011

12 March, 2011 at 01:36 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Hello there, how are you doing? It is Saturday so that is probably good news. I accidentally rejoined the world of work this week so the weekends are precious once again. What are you doing with your weekend? Perhaps you are working, or studying, or spending it in front of the TV. Let us know, particularly if you are watching some kind of sport. We love sports. All of them. Well... most of them, anyways.

So, what has been going on recently? I've been playing around with the iPad quite a lot this week, as Garageband was released, and it's pretty fun. However, Mr C would like me to point out that I started writing this daily on the iPad but gave up and chose a regular computer instead because it's just easier. Sorry mobile fans, it's just the way it is.

Today should be the final day of F1 testing before the 2011 season gets underway. So far it has been quite a mixed week in Barcelona. Red Bull were on top for a couple of days, then Sergio Pérez managed to end on top despite having his fastest lap on a previous day disallowed. Yesterday it was all about Michael Schumacher so who will it be today? Place your bets now.

We published the second part of our Aside with Joe podcast yesterday. The chat with Joe was our first of 2011 and was so long and amazing that we had to split it into two. If you've got an hour or so to fill, then Joe can talk you through all the important news ahead of the season.

It's also worth mentioning HRT, I suppose. Or is it? They launched their 2011 car yesterday, officially, although we had already seen pictures of it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we're going to see it in real life because it couldn't go testing yesterday due to lack of parts and it can't go testing today because those parts were refused at customs. It seems to me that HRT were more prepared for the upcoming season last year, and despite what Colin Kolles says, they really aren't in control. At least most of the people we love have already escaped from the team.

Speculation began yesterday that with the BBC making cuts left, right and centre, Formula One might be under threat. I don't really know how I feel about it, but it would be a travesty if Wimbledon wasn't on the BBC. It's such a massive part of the year, I can't imagine those two weeks in June without it. What do you think? Does it matter where something is broadcast or will you follow it wherever it goes?

That'll do for me today, I think. Thoughts and love to all in Japan, of course. Have a good weekend, lovely people, and stay in touch.

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