Daily: 12th June 2011

12 June, 2011 at 01:59 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello! Anyone for tea?

I hope you are ready for another wonderful day of sport! We have F1, tennis, Moto GP and Le Mans 24hour! Woah how on earth are we going to fit in things like eating, reading and well sleeping!

Right, on with the F1 side of things, Joe has promised he’ll be tweeting more over a race weekend so look out for that.

If you missed qualifying you can catch the results here. The race starts at 6pm UK time, later than usual but with all this sport this weekend it’s probably a good thing!

Also, make sure you catch Mav’s post about the 1973 Safety Car Fiasco.

Moving on to the next sport of the day, it’s the final of the AEGON Championships at Queens Club today. We see Andy Murray face Jo Wilfried Tsonga at 12 as they battle for the title. After Murray’s impressive victory yesterday he’s tipped as the favourite (yaay!) but Tsonga is a tough player so anything could happen! I hope you’ll be tuning it at 12pm (UK time) to catch this awesome display of grass court tennis. Murray has written a great column for the bbc website too, check it out here.

The mens single match isn’t the only tennis on today at Queens, the famous Bryan and Bryan brothers and doubles partners are taking on the Indian duo of Bhupathi and Paes (who I saw on Friday! Yaay!) for the doubles finals. I’ll be tuning into their match too. Doubles is such fun to watch!

Finally, last but not least, you’ll be aware the Les Mans 24hour race concludes today. We’ve got a live thread for all your commenting needs do tell us if you’re crazy enough to stay up all 24 hours, or if you’ve ever been to this great racing spectacle.

And now for our usual Sunday arty corner!

• I’ve been looking for a new lamp for my room, I think I may have found the cutest one ever! Although I kind of like these.

• Here are some beautiful photos taken from the ISS

• I love optical illusions, and these are great!

• Are you a space invaders fan? Would you decorate your house with a Space invaders theme? Well this person has.

That’s about it for me today, I hope you al have a wonderful sport filled day. Remember, stay creative and I’ll see you in the comments!

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