Daily: 12th June 2010

12 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Boo!!! Hope I didn't scare you, Lukeh here 24 hours later than usual to send you into Saturday after I sadly couldn't find the time yesterday to write up the daily. What better way to make up for this than to write today's daily post? There is lots of stuff to be talking about today what with every sport in the world ever created seemingly in action this weekend. OK, maybe not all of them (the mad world of Curling needs a rest here and there I suppose) but let's see nevertheless what the bullet points have to offer:

  • It's only fair to kick things off with Formula 1 news, what with Sidepodcast apparently being an F1 website. And Le Mans. And World Cup. But shh, that's crazy talk. You're crazy. No, I'm only kidding, you rock. Anyways, Free Practise 1 and 2 took place yesterday and generally overcast settings only add to the prediction of a wet weekend approaching in Montreal. Personally the Gilles Villeneuve circuit is so good it doesn't need rain to be good but it's still welcome for sure. Remember the wibbly wobbly nature of time zones means that Qualifying today is at 6pm BST. I'm useless at conversion so here is a converter to help if you want to know when it's on for you.
  • Oh yeah, you may have heard of that World Cup competition that's on right now. Excuse me for a second... WOO!!! I love the World Cup, and yesterday saw the two opening matches played in which we all had a chat about whilst watching. Even if you don't like football it's good fun watching it with commentors. Today's World Cup games include...
    1. South Korea vs Greece - 12:30pm BST
    2. Argentina vs Nigeria - 3:00pm BST
    3. England vs USA - 7:30pm BST
    I tried blowing the world apart by using bullet points in bullet points but it did not seem possible [fixed, you have much to learn daniel-san]. This is just a paradox that my mind cannot comprehend and thankfully I was saved. Back on topic, England's world cup campaign kicks off tonight as you can see and many are expecting the Three Lions to progress easily from their group. I reckon Wales could do better though. Ahem.
  • We go back to motorsport in the reminder that Le Mans is this weekend and that it starts today at 2pm BST so there's yet another bookmark to add to a day that's jam packed full of sport as I warned you. Pat and Alianora's guide is absolutely worth checking out as it has everything Le Mans you need to know about and a fantastic collection of information for the big race. Sebastien Bourdais is in the team that start on pole position but I'm wishing all my luck to Anthony Davidson, Alex Wurz and Marc Gene because Wurz and Davidson are just awesome. Marc Gene... urm, yes. Good luck guys!!
  • Now for a random collection of news, updates and bits and bobs to finish today's daily! Hurrah! Eurogamer posted a quite fantastic hands-on preview of Formula 1 2010 in which plenty of new screenshots were unveiled and a lot of details were explained once more. It really does sound quite fantastic, 3 more months to go!! Saturday also means today is Doctor Who day (YAY!!!) and tonight's episode features James Corden (Nay...) so I won't be in a rush to watch it I'm afraid. A possible alternative if you're like me is to perhaps give the free (to UK people, sorry!) adventure game available to download for the PC. It's actually quite good, so go on!! You know you want to.

So, that is me done for another week I'm afraid. I hope I didn't scare you by thinking it's Friday again but I promise you it is the weekend so go and enjoy your weekend! Although with all the sport that is on, I can understand if you stay in and join us. We at Sidepodcast believe outside is silly anyways. Here is a detailed diagram I drew to explain this. So, if you do choose to stay in and watch all this totally awesome sport, then please remember to join us in the comments! We may even give you hugs and cookies. See you in the comments!

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