Daily: 12th July 2010

12 July, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


Well, that was a pretty boring weekend.

  • Who am I kidding? It was fantastic, and I'm sure we can all agree that the highlight of the weekend was the speedway at Cardiff. A shock winner too. Best moment is when Tai Woffinden (who I'm thinking I'm more obsessed with than Timo Glock) won heat 20. But ulitimatly, like most sports, Britain were rubbish.
  • Formula 1 you say? Oh we had that as well at Silverstone. The racing slightly overshadowed once again by Red Bull, those drama queens. The race itself though was fairly average and you just know that Lukeh, Leigh and Alianora have got the race all covered. You want more? Well, I have just the trick with my (Virgin Racing endorsed) New Teams Championship. More? Well there is also the post-race debate about if the new Silverstone upgrades have worked. You want even more? Well, there is talk about the use of radio on F1 coverage. All sorted? Good.
  • Now, I am aware that this was plugged in yesterdays daily but I think they deserve a re-daily. Lou has posted her shots from Goodwood and they are simply amazing. She has also put up some of her favourites too. Well worth a read.
  • The legend that was Rubens Barrichello was on Top Gear yesterday. I'm yet to see the show but I am reliably informed of his performance was good. The biggest Rubens fan around Lukeh has blogged about it. Be warned it does contain spoilers.
  • And now, the football is now all over. The champions have won and van Bommel managed to stay on the pitch yet again. I hope that wasn't your first football game either because it was a shocker. But there is Premier League football in a month with good teams playing good football. Or you could wait till Poland/Ukraine Euro 2010 or Brazil World Cup 2014.

So here comes another week. You sport fans will no doubt know the Tour de Frace is still going on and of course towards the end of the week is the Open Championship. If you don't like sport, well, there is always the excellent Alex Andronov as he guides us all through the T songs on his radio show. Lovely.

Have one of those awesome Mondays.

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