Daily: 12th July 2009

12 July, 2009 at 00:14 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

I am writing this as we record during the live rehearsals, so forgive me if it doesn't make any sense. We thought we would try practising some more stuff, so if you want to see what happened, then check it out here. These are some suggestions of topics from the live comments as we broadcast:

  • Kathi pointed out that Keke Rosberg isn't a fan of Ari Vatanen, despite the fact that the entire Sidepodcast comments fell in love with him after this interview on the BBC. My only concern is that we like him just because he is not Max, but so far he seems to be saying all the right things.
  • Steven Roy noted that this is our best chance to see KERS at work because the two McLarens are next to each other on the third row and they should be able to storm past at least Vettel if not more. How far will Lewis be able to get up the order with his new super-updated car?
  • RG has come up with a schedule for the newly created Sidepodradio. This is so amazing, and I would like to see more suggestions for features, programmes and DJs. Oh, and if you want to donate a couple of grand so that we can actually set up a radio station, that would be good too.

That'll do it for now. I think there's also a race on today, so we'll be around for that as well. Don't forget to share your thoughts and predictions here and in the live threads. I'll see you in the comments.

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