Daily: 12th December 2008

12 December, 2008 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

I'm on the mend! I know you're all so very glad to hear it. What have I missed whilst I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself and my poor red nose? It would seem to be quite a lot, although not as much as I was hoping from those boys testing in Jerez.

  • Toro Rosso weren't about to let anyone else near the top of the timesheets, were they? Buemi led all three days, so is that him a shoo-in for the seat then? He already was favourite and now he's shown up Sato and Bourdais? Does it all depend on Button though?
  • Mr Ecclestone does like to kick people when they're down and has stuck the boot in to Honda, saying they were a bad example to other teams. Is this some clever marketing ploy to try and get a buyer asap, or is he just happy to make fun of someone else.
  • Is it just me or is the new happy couple (FIA and FOTA) starting to freak you out about? They've never been so productive and have come to a landmark agreement that will revolutionise the sport. Are they going to tell us though? Fat chance. It's either a wonderful surprise or a terrible secret, and I bet I know which.
  • Finally, Mr Hamilton has spoken up saying he doubts standard engines will come to pass, as the manufacturers are just too important. Does he know something we don't, is he just saying what he's told to say, or is this a genuine opinion from the lad?

Don't forget to let us know what your plans are for the weekend, especially if you're heading to the Race of Champions. There's some discussion over how to keep warm at Wembley, so if you've got any tips on that front, feel free to share them. We're not going, so we'll be hovering in the comments all weekend, and I hope to see you there!

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