Daily: 12th August 2011

12 August, 2011 at 00:45 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Herald... ‘hear’ald... hear... get it? Well I tried.

Credit: Lukeh

Herald... ‘hear’ald... hear... get it? Well I tried.

Hello once again lovely people, welcome to Friday. I promise to make today a positive day of awesome, and less disgruntled man. In fact, did you know that today is the birthday of commentor all-round nice guy Chris? Happy Birthday, Chris! Have a fantastic day sir. As for the rest of us, we’re also going to have an awesome day. There’s plenty of goodiness to share so let’s crack on with some serious linkage. Oh, and if you are having a bad day, just remember it’s easy to make everything OK. See? Easy peasy.

Paddock News

Living it Large in Manchester - As if having a bank holiday isn’t awesome enough after the Belgian GP, those lucky people ‘oop north’ (did I say it right, RG?) will be treated to a McLaren showrun with Jenson Button running the McLaren up and down the streets of Manchester like Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, running down the wing. Oh, formula 1, how I miss thee so very much.

Jacques Villeneuve – Professional Sillyman - So according to expert Jacques, who may I remind you told us the BAR would win races in it’s first year, ol’ Kimi Raikonnen was lucky to win his world championship. Funny definition of lucky you have there Jacaques. Although to be fair, have any of you ever read his F1 Racing pundit page? Utter pish posh piffle. You’re funny, Jacques.


It’s all go go go in Sidepodworld - If you were to head over to that lovely Homepage that Sidepodcast has you’ll see that a really rather genius new little widget has appeared giving a daily question that you can find the answer to in Christine’s 365 Stories of F1 books. Awesome stuff. Whilst you’re around these parts, why not check out the first part of Stitch’s mid season review of the drivers? It’s like being back at school! Mid season parent’s evening and all that. Luckily Stitch doesn’t include Science teachers. And not even that is enough – as there’s an absolutely brilliant post about the F1 shows that never were on Channel 4 and it’s just awesome. You have to get involved and post your own ideas just waiting to be shared.

Stop making such a racket - I can never get enough of tennis games and EA have announced, finally, the sequel to their surprisingly good Grand Slam Tennis. There’s always a disappointing moment and here it comes... although the original was on the Wii, this one isn’t. Xbox and PS3 only it seems. Although it does look rather awesome. Very, very awesome. Just a bit of a kick in the teeth for those that bought the first game, really.

Inni or Outie? - Ohh, Sigur Ros, you utterly amazing people how you torment us with your teasing ways. I do love it when bands do this and just throw out teasers to get you tantalised and excited for whatever the hell they’re on about. But it seems something new is coming from Sigur Ros entitled ‘Inni’, whether it’s a DVD or a hat or a new album, who knows. I hope it’s an album in a hat. But I am VERY excited just from that one video alone. Whatever it is, I want it!!!

It gives you something else to do, that’s a Plus - Unsurprisingly, it seems the time has arrived for games to pop up on Google Plus. At least, for some people at the moment, not everyone, in true Google style. There really doesn’t seem to be much to do on Google Plus so I suppose it adds a bit extra but still, not even everyone can get these and we’ll see what games become available over time. I hear it has Angry Birds, which is good as it only really ever appears on every single format every created and known to mankind.

And finally...

Just a few little things to round it all off...

And that’s it for another Friday. I hope you’re entertained enough for today and have a brilliant final day of the working week. I’ll see you in the comments!

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