Daily: 12th April 2011

12 April, 2011 at 06:45 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

Yes. Fifty years ago Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. Just in time before they did it too. :-)

But let's go back to earth and see if there are some news, links and things. Much has been said about the race, penalties, winners and losers so I want repeat it. I might only say that in my opinion the penalty for Lewis and Fernando was simply ridiculous. Joe has his opinion too, but I stick to mine. And Alonso could have reached the podium if he stayed a little bit cooler in his stubborn Spanish head ...

Anyways, Ferrari announced they will make some aerodynamic changes for Turkey.

Some think Sergio Perez might replace Felipe Massa next year. Hummm ...

In the previous week this commercial made quite a career on the internet and elsewhere, but have you forgotten this fabulous Renault advert featuring Alonso (who else? ;D)? Or to be more precise: his bottom. Can you find it? ;-)

In football there's been ... goals. Nice one too. Very nice. Like this 3 beauties Dirky and Andy scored yesterday against Manchester City. Joe Hart was close, but not close enough. There where some more, see yourself in here. Is Arsenal back in the title race? I very much hope so although one cannot trust Arsenal ... Great team, very much likable, great potential, but ... They're that kind of team who lead 4:0 and lose the match anyway ...

Zlat has been banned for the matches for swearing at the linesman. So has been Arjen Robben: two-game ban after insulting the referee. Is this becoming a fashion thing in football? Tattoos aren't cool enough anymore?

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Jose Mourinho. Tomorrow night, in match against Tottenham, he will become 500 matches old. This explains the grey hair.

So. That will be it. I shall leave you right now and head to my office, but before I do it a quick reminder: Tweets of The Week and a spacey F1 Debrief are waiting to be read and listened to. Not here, here or here but only here. :-) And after you've done that listen to this too.

Have a lovely day and be good!

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