Daily: 12th April 2009

12 April, 2009 at 13:48 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

I've been doing this job for all of two days, and already I'm setting new records for daily publishing lateness.

I've had a scout around for Formula 1 news this afternoon, and there isn't any. None at all. Which makes me mighty glad I'm not a news agency promising to deliver between 10 and 20 original F1 stories a day. If I'd have been dumb enough to suggest that, I might be forced to make something up.

Thankfully, there is plenty going on in the community today to keep us occupied.

  • The Sidepodaddiction page has scaled new heights, reaching Stage 7.6 which handily covers "denial". I'll likely never make it beyond Stage 6, but if you haven't done so already please do confess your Sidepodhabit to all on the wiki.
  • Apparently James Allen didn't get the memo about us appreciating his writing much more than his talking. Yesterday he published an audio slideshow of such pompous arrogance you wonder if he has any real friends, to advise and to guide?
  • An early weather report from The Red Bullog has next weekend's Chinese Grand Prix down as a cold by dry affair. Might we finally get to see the relative pace of all the cars, or will Tuesday's FIA ICA hearing muddy those waters yet further?

That pretty much cover's Formula 1's day of no news. Do let us know what you're up to in the comments, and yell if you spot any made up Sunday news. There's bound to be some when you've got to fill those quotas.

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