Daily: 11th May 2010

11 May, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

A new week and more F1 racing to look forward to. Hopefully the rain will actually occur during the race this time, instead of after it. Actually, if volcanic ash gets rained on track, it may literally spice things up. Not that it is going to happen in reality, but one can always hope. As for today's bulletpoints:

  • A brilliant guest post by Steven Roy on dangerous innovations and what F1 is not doing about it.
  • Christine's rankings are up. I particularly admire a certain Spanish octopus driver. Maybe that's why his thumbs had to be insured? She has also posted on Franck's 2nd place at SPA. Is he becoming an after-thought when compared to Mitch?
  • Jake Humphrey has updated his blog. He brings up motorhomes, which leads to:
  • Mercedes has decided that they like living in a box instead of thinking out of one. No wonder that they chose to pander to the old rather than change for the new.
  • Meanwhile, said old driver is getting bad reviews from Jenson Button. Even Schumi's manager is slamming him, although he later backtracks by being ridiculous.
  • Moving on to another German driver, Sebastian was apparently told to give up on the Spanish race by Red Bull. I am now certain that RBR does not have what it takes to win the constructor's championship.
  • Alonso has started the mind games, and Jenson calls him out on it. I am counting down till when sparks fly in both teams.
  • F1 is being called out for being less soap-opera-ish. I don't like Max Mosley, but I'll be delighted to have Jean Todt back at Ferrari.
  • Following up on Mr. C's comment, I've done some searching and discovered that on 11th May 2008 Felipe won at his favourite circuit; 11th May 1997 was when Schumi was still dominant and won by a 53-second margin; 11th May 1986 saw a perfect race by eventual WDC Alain Prost; and on 11th May 1975 Niki Lauda won Ferrari's 1st Monaco GP in 20 years. Christine does her own version albeit 3 days late.
  • The Sidepodcast gang has been busy: Gavin's driver consistency post for Barcelona should provide some good reading, and I am looking forward to Pat's new blog.
  • I post on 'Ayrton versus Prost', both the book and the rivalry. And please try out my game if you haven't yet done so. It isn't all that wonderful yet, so comments would be awesome.
  • Lastly, here is a belated happy birthday to Nick Heidfeld. Although his chances of getting a drive with Mercedes seems a little slimmer now, I (among many others) prefer him so much more than that oldie.

That's all for today. If you have any 11th May event to share, please do guest post. Otherwise, the comments page is waiting for you. ;)

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