Daily: 11th March 2011

11 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Oh hello again, what a coincidence it is to meet you here on a Friday in the Sidepodcast daily post. You should come here more often, it's a very nice place. Have you ever visited the homepage? There's all sorts of cool stuff there for you to look at but make sure you could back here too. Are you back yet? Good, let's crack on with today. Can I quickly say how sad I am to see that Adie's had to pull the plug on F1 Weekender? Enjoyed reading his magazine-style updates throughout 2010 but he hasn't got the time sadly to continue, a huge shame indeed to see it go. Let's see what weird and wonderful tidbits I can share with you guys from elsewhere too...

Paddock News

Rubens Makes a Good Point I Surprisingly Agree With, See - Yes, pick up your jaws and recover from the shock that I agree with Rubens. It is not my fault though that he makes sense and is awesome, it is just a fact. The moveable wing idea is one I am still not fussed over at all, it all seems a bit too much to me but I suppose we haven't seen it in action yet. I suppose like many others it just worries me in regards to how much the drivers will be fiddling with as Rubens suggests. Also, the great Brazilian has been skirting around talking about the pecking order but he is looking particularly impressed with Sauber's performance and pace it seems. Clearly he is trying to get in RG's good books and who can blame him? Sauber are looking promising but let's hope for their sake it's not a repeat of 2010 testing...

Have a choccy digestive, a cuppa, have a sit down with Jake and company - Part 2 of the BBC season previews in the Match of the Day studio went up today and it;s another interesting watch and listen from Jake, Martin, DC and Spikey Wig. This time out the guys go into the subject of the new rules for 2011 and new regulations and features like KERS, tyres, and general bits and bobs around the sport. It's another interesting bit of viewing and really makes me want F1 to be back now even more!

Marussia Virtual Racing - Here's something a bit different from Virgin Racing and also very cool if you're into this sort of thing. The team are launching their own virtual championship over the next season based on F1 2010, whether it be on the PC, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, you can get involved by submitting your best lap times on that weekend's circuit and it'll all go towards a championship. It sounds really fun for a team to be doing especially and fabulous publicity for Codemasters too. Sadly my rubbishness at the game would probably result in me falling behind HRT cars despite driving a Ferrari. But hey, last place is better than no place right? Right?! Someone?!!


We're All Looking from the Yellow Sunglasses, the Yellow Sunglasses, the Yellow Sunglasses - If there's one thing I love about Formula 1 fans it's some of the brilliant ideas they can come up with and this is no exception. Yellow_shades, or Heather if we're going by those name things people keep associating with humans, is working on her Art masters degree at university and as part of her studies she is getting as many F1 related personnel to wear her yellow shades in a photo for her work. It's brilliantly unique and very funny too, plus there's been some big names so far including Karun Chandhok, Timo Glock and Martin Brundle. Please do check out her twitpic gallery of stars wearing the infamous glasses because there's some brilliant photos in there!

DiLicious delights for Di Grassi's devotees - We've been spoilt by some fabulous guest posts from Bridget and she's contributed another worthy post as she discussing her surprise and feelings at Lucas di Grassi not being part of the 2011 grid as well as his future. He seems a good enough young driver for the sport and reputedly had some fantastic developmental skills with the car so I'm sure we'll see him back at some point but nevertheless it's really worth giving Bridget's guest post a read and perhaps contributing your feelings about one former member of the Brazilian mafia of F1.

Bringing Back the Graphs - If you're a long time reader of Gavin's 'Making Up the Numbers' I'm sure you'll remember his excellently summarised and represented posts looking back at qualifying sessions and races with his graphs and whatnot, something I've always missed reading since the rule changes led to Gavin being unable to make these posts. Luckily our favourite New Zealand-ish-british-ish-Italian-ish-Dane-ish-awesome fella' here has returned with the start of a series of posts accompanying Pat's Too Much Racing popular motorsport-based game. Yay!

Even Smaller Wings that the new Regulations in F1 - Angry Birds is quite addictive, isn't it? Yes, it can be. But I'll be honest - I've grown a bit tired of Angry Birds, it's gotten everywhere and it's a bit old now. That's why I want to introduce you to Tiny Wings, the game I feel will be the next Angry Birds because it's beautiful, brilliant, simple and alarmingly addictive. It's just 59p or $0.99 too so it's just as cheap. But I really do love it, as yesterday I found much of my day as I tidied up going back to Tiny Wings and getting really addicted and distracted. It's so relaxing too! Fabulous little game.

You'll pay for your Crimes, and also the rest of the game - I always feel a bit guilty self-advertising in my dailies but a few of us where yesterday talking in the comments about the modern era of gaming being so full of patches, bugs and problems and it eventually led into me blogging about downloadable content which in itself is a whole different subject! DLC is just extra content that you can download for free or at a premium price from developers of games and can be a hugely controversial topic for gamers but it made for a good discussion topic on my blog so if you have anything to say about DLc feel free to pop on over and come and have a chinwag about it.

And Finally

DUH DUH DUH DUHHH DUHDUH!! As you can quite clearly see that is the end of the Crystal Maze theme song there in bold, it makes sense to me somehow. But I just wanted to add my own little tribute to this fabulous gameshow from the 90's here in the UK because we got talking about it in the comments and a sudden nostalgia rush overcame me. Awesome theme music, awesome presenter, awesome challenges, everything is just awesome about it. Basically you had different types of challenge rooms for a team to undertake and if you didnt get a crystal by solving them in time, you got locked in. All the crystals went towards the Crystal Dome at the end in which you had to catch your prize money. Awesome. Not like that silly Fort Boyard on Channel 5. Although we all know that Richard O'Brien is the true presenter not Ed Tudor Pole, yes? Good, good. Just making sure. I can't begin to describe how much I would love to get a big see through box, get a leaf blower blowing into it and then throw monopoly money inside to have my own Crystal Dome finale as such from the show. Ahh, good times. Here's a classic clip for you that is just brilliant.

And that's me done for this week. I'll see you guys over in the comments below and I hope you have a lovely Friday.

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