Daily: 11th June 2011

11 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Amy Fulton

Has it really been four weeks? Have we really had two more races? Just where is the year going?

F1 moved back to Western Europe and with that came Heikki’s best qualifying of the year, 15th in Spain! In my last post I wrote that I should be focusing my attention onto the team getting into Q2 so clearly I’m going to take all the credit for it. Unfortunately he ended up retiring from the race but I didn’t mind him crashing in Spain simply because it wasn’t as bad as his crash in 2008. That was a terrifying one!

Monaco was next and Heikki came in 14th, his best finish of the year. If only a few more people could have issues on a Sunday, points are so close. Seriously, what is with the reliability out there! The bookmakers seem to think he’s not far away because the odds I’m getting on my $2 bets for a points finish every race are getting lower and lower. We’ve now headed to Canada for the weekend and Heikki has so far been 18th in FP1 and 12th in FP2. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings, I love this track! I’m planning on paying a visit in 2013 which is rather far away so don’t worry, I’m not doing any actual planning yet.

After Turkey, Heikki took a trip to Bratislava to watch Finland take on Sweden in the ice hockey world championships final. Finland won and Heikki took away some inspiration from their victory. I’d quite like to become an ice hockey fan, I don’t know much about it but the people I know who like ice hockey all seem to be F1 fans! Heikki then headed to Spain where he rescued a bird from his hotel room. These drivers certainly get up to all kinds of things.

Also on Heikki’s agenda in the last four weeks was a scenic looking road trip to Monaco with Catherine, an appearance in the Amber Fashion Show and a new computer from Team Lotus partners Dell.

As well as trying to arrange a golfing outing with Rubens and pro golfer Ian Poulter, Heikki has been tweeting about an awful lot of sports. Golf, athletics, football, tennis, and MotoGP. He’s definitely quite a sports fan and gets big points from me for watching tennis and saying nice things about Roger!

Heikki is still doing a brilliant job of replying to his fans on Twitter which I like to see but unless you pay a visit to his Facebook page you may not realise he also replies very often on there too. If you’re on Facebook and haven’t yet liked this page, maybe now would be a good time to start!

Prior to the on track action this weekend, Heikki was one of the drivers in attendance at the FOTA Fans Forum in Montreal. There is a full transcript available on the FOTA Website. I haven’t had a read of it yet so I’m not sure what Heikki had to say but I’ll be more prepared to read when it’s not 4am. These time zones aren’t the best! If you were a fan who attended let us know how it went. There are two more fan forums planned for the UK and at Monza this year and if you’re interested in attending you’ll find all the details here.

That's all from me, have a great weekend!

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