Daily: 11th June 2010

11 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Surprise! Lukeh is a little tied up at the moment and thus I am here to bring you your daily post for Friday. Can I just say, TGI Friday has never been more appropriate? No time for complaining though. Last time I wrote a daily, I talked about the many sports we appear to be following, and today seems to be the day it all collides. F1, Le Mans and football. It's gonna be a busy one.

  • Starting with Le Mans, then. Autosport have a really good dedicated section of the site with all things endurance. I particularly enjoy the driver snaps as Anthony Davidson has access to the Peugeot garage. I'm sure you can guess who he finds.
  • In F1 news, Schumacher has decided that the rest of 2010 can be preparation for a better year next year. Firstly, how very pessimistic of him. He isn't normally one to give up in such a fashion, is he? Although having said that, that's probably the wrong description, because he's not giving up at all. 2011?? Oh dear.
  • The World Cup kicks off today, and I would like to point towards two blog posts about them. First is RG, who has predicted exactly what is going to happen throughout the entire tournament. Good old RG predictions. The other link is some self-promotion, a post on my personal blog. Are there any other bloggers in the know that we should be keeping an eye on?
  • Finally, good luck to all the people who are going bowling today or in the near future. It appears to be making a comeback as a popular pastime, so go on and hit some strikes... or something.

As I have been granted access to a daily post one day ahead of schedule, I would like to take this opportunity to abuse my power and wish a happy birthday to my mother for yesterday. That should do it for now, I will see you in the comments!

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