Daily: 11th January 2010

11 January, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

How can it possibly be Monday again? Not only is it Monday, but it is a double driver birthday, with both Nakajima and Sutil celebrating the anniversary of their births. Kazuki turned 25, whilst Sutil hits 27 - hurtling towards 30, but don't tell him that! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about:

  • Apparently, the organisers at Bahrain are hoping they might regain some of the F1 testing that they have lost to Europe. They appear to be hoping for bad weather conditions in Spain to give them a shot at hosting the teams as they evaluate their new cars. Have they forgotten the last test session they hosted though? Talk about bad weather!
  • Over on VivaF1, Maverick has a post about what he's expecting from the cars this year, in terms of aerodynamics and sneaky diffuser designs. It's an interesting post, but all I can think is the cars can't possibly be as ugly as they were this year... can they?
  • The official F1 site are running a multi-part series of posts, reviewing the season through the news that was breaking during each month. They've just posted July to September, which was a particularly difficult time of the season for pretty much everyone, I reckon. Still, it's a good way to review the season, with one more part still to come.

That's all for now, let us know how your Monday goes, and as ever, I'll see you in the comments.

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