Daily: 11th August 2011

11 August, 2011 at 01:28 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hi, and welcome to Thursday.

Christine has found a neat little tool which searches Google Books and shows the popularity of it over time, and you can compare terms as well. There are some interesting comparisons showing how seemingly similar terms have become more or less popular over the years. Have a go yourself!

My car passed its MOT yesterday with flying colours, always good when that happens especially when it has done a fair few miles. I keep thinking I'll change it though. Anyone want to buy a 2002 Ford Focus? :)

Kai found out the Opportunity rover on Mars has sent back some images of a big crater. This rover was only supposed to last a few months but amazingly it has now been active for years! Sticking with space, RCC found a great archive of the Apollo missions.

Over in racing, this being the summer break there aren't many interesting racing news stories around, just the usual stuff from teams and drivers either saying this year isn't over yet and they have a chance to win, or instead saying they are giving up on 2011 and looking to do better next year. You don't even need to read them, instead try throwing a dart at the points standings and imagine what they are saying.. then click the headline and see if you were right.

Here is your guide to racing this weekend. I think someone forgot to tell the Americans to have a break!

  • IndyCar - New Hampshire (first time since 1998!)
  • NASCAR Cup - Watkins Glen
  • GrandAm - Watkins Glen (with Mark Blundell)
  • MotoGP - Brno

There was talk in yesterday's Daily about Channel 4's proposal for UK F1 coverage, which looks better than either BBC or Sky. That in turn led to ideas for how C4's usual shows (or indeed any others) might be themed in an F1 style - check them out and suggest yours here!

Finally, let's wish a happy birthday to Guille today and Chris tomorrow!

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