Daily: 11th April 2009

11 April, 2009 at 00:07 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

It's been a while, but in the absence of one half of Sidepodcast, it falls to me to provide the daily post this fine Saturday morning.

There hasn't been a huge amount happening in the F1 world, and after the first batch of flyaway races, this can only be a good thing. Trivia to be aware of today includes:

  • Autosport had a chat with Charlie Whiting and he revealed more information about what happened during the steward enquires in Melbourne and Sepang. It's a worthwhile read, albeit subscription only.
  • In yet more Autosport news, or should that be AUTOSPORT news (upper-case is all the rage these days), Peter Windsor is thinking about Cosworth power, while Philippe Gurdjian is thinking about faffing around with Grand Prix start times - that can only end well!
  • Outside of the Formula 1 bubble, Me and Page 22 continues to take on a life of its own, while someone in the comments (rumoured to be Steven), has started Sidepodreligion. The mind truly boggles.

That pretty much wraps up the past 24 hours, what will the next bring? On Zero Downforce, Scott has just compiled a Super Season Grid based on times from the first two races, while Christine is lord knows where, holidaying on a boat.

Me? I'll see you in the comments.

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