Daily: 10th September

10 September, 2011 at 01:18 (GMT+01:00)

By Stuart Taylor

Monza, Monza, Monza. A mini Le Mans, where 80% of the lap is spent with your feet up, doing the crossword and the other 20% is spend absolutely terrified because your car isn't set up for corners. Full power straights lead to tight chicanes, with every breaking zone an opportunity to attack... and to make a terrible mistake.

To understand Monza's terrifying nature, you can try simulating the experience the following ways:

  1. Go sky diving with a velociraptor
  2. Ride in the front carriage of a rollercoaster, but attempt to make your way to the rear carriage before the ride is over
  3. Ride around your bathroom on a bicycle. A rocket-powered bicycle.
  4. Tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that you didn't much care for his performance in Junior
  5. Fly in a plane piloted by Kobayashi and designed by Nick Wirth
  6. Read Katie Price's new magazine

Speaking of Katie Price's magazine, I have to share with you a scan of her 'Recipes' page:

Lazy Katie!

Amazing, amazing stuff. She cooks the way HRT design cars (in fact, they the HRT and Katie are both built in the same factory, I believe).

Tragically, I won't be able to watch qualifying or the race live this weekend, so I guess I'll call this a test run of 2012. I'll see you on the other side, guys!

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