Daily: 10th May 2011

10 May, 2011 at 09:11 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Hello there, me again! Many thanks to Gavin to publishing an emergency daily, but I'm here to fill us in on the details. What shall we do today? Let's have a list of ten things. Five Formula One items for discussion, and five not so F1 related.

F1 all the way

  • Motorhomes. I like this F1 Big Picture, obviously, that's why I posted it. It makes the Mercedes GP motorhome look very welcoming. What did you make of the motorhomes this weekend? There were only a few that were particularly exciting. I quite liked it when there was a race on to have the best motorhome as well as the best car, but cost-cutting affects all areas of F1, I suppose.
  • Rate the Race. Yesterday we posted the latest F1 Debrief show, and with it came our ratings for this race, plus a quick mention of driver of the day. After the episode went up, I gathered our findings in a post, which means you can let us know your rating and top driver as well.
  • Joe has posted his thoughts on Turkey, and remains adamant that we won't be going back to the circuit any time soon. I can see what he means, but the track really grew on me yesterday. I suppose you can't base a ridiculous 17 year or somesuch contract extension on one race. Or can you?
  • The debate over the new regulations that help overtaking rumbles onwards, and I quite liked this post from Autosport that gathered together thoughts from various people in the paddock.
  • Also from Autosport, the excellent Paddock Life that talks many of the things I've mentioned here, but also Vettel being a bit naughty on the podium. Read on!

Outside motorsport

  • Firstly, the big countdown to Eurovision is on. It takes place this Saturday, and we'll be live commenting and Factbyte Factboxing all the fun and games here on Sidepodcast. RG has some fantastic coverage on his blog, though, and recently listed why the UK could win. It won't happen, but yay for optimism!
  • I'm not sure if we have promoted Lukeh's Summer Portrait blog here or not yet, but it's worth doing it again anyway. I think it's fair to say we were all stunned at the quality of the sketching, and it's such a nice idea. It makes me feel all happy and summery. I wish I could draw!
  • I know I linked to this in the comments yesterday, but it is still boggling my mind a little bit. Samoa is going to skip a day in an effort to match timezones with Australia. I can see why they're doing it but are you really allowed to just wake up one day and say, nah, I want it to be tomorrow? Because I could make great use of that!
  • If you like what you see when you come and read a Sidepodcast daily post, why not sign up to try your hand at writing one? We've got regular slots available but always welcome the one-off post as well.
  • The last thing I will say is that I am away for four days now, and whilst I will still be popping in to Sidepodcast all the time, I am going to be leaving Mr C on his own. If you see him in the comments, make sure to look after him. You know what he's like.

That will do it for today. Again my thanks to Gavin for jumping in, and all that is left for me to say is to wish you a great day, and as always, I'll see you in the comments.

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