Daily: 10th May 2009

10 May, 2009 at 00:49 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Yesterday was a surprising day in F1 land, as we saw Ferrari show improvements and make the same old mistakes. However, there were other things rumbling on outside of the Barcelona action that caught our eye:

  • We have now had Toyota, BMW and Raikkonen all suggest that if the 2010 regulations head they way they appear to be going then they might not make an appearance next season. Perhaps it is easy to say we could lose Kimi, as there are plenty of drivers waiting in the wings, but are there two big teams ready to step up to the budget cap plate?
  • Adrian Newey has spoken out again regarding the double decker diffuser and how hard it will be to get it to integrate with the Red Bull. Ollie has a great post about this over at Blog F1, although the title leaves little to the imagination!
  • We're still pondering the F1 Mole blog on the BBC, and how un-mole-ish it seems. Surely the idea of a mole-type blog is that one gets to the bottom of things, anonymously, and can therefore cover articles that other non-mole journalists cannot? This doesn't seem to bear any of those moley hallmarks, and we're wondering whether it should just be rebranded as another blog, rather than taking credit from the real moles.

That'll do it for today. We've got a race and much podcasting goodness to enjoy today, so hopefully we will see you at some point in the comments.

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