Daily: 10th March 2011

10 March, 2011 at 01:53 (GMT)

By Pat W

Hello everyone. Today I have a few bits of news, some podcast links, and a few bits of music to check out.

F1 News

Testing continued in Barcelona. I'm fed up with testing though, perhaps it is because Bahrain was supposed to be this weekend and I've spent months building up to this week as the start of the season, but I just can't wait any longer. I just want the season to start now! Christine and Leigh have wrap-ups.

Speaking of Leigh's site, do check elsewhere there for testing results from Formula 3 and GP3. I liked this post in particular. He'll be covering British F3 from the circuits themselves this year.

Pedro de la Rosa has rejoined McLaren as 3rd driver after leaving Pirelli, shunting Gary Paffett back down to simulation work. I wonder if Pedro will be getting a Christmas card from Gary this year.

But the biggest news of the day? An Aside With Joe makes a return! It is a great show too, and what's more, there's a 2nd part to come. If after that you need more journo chat and you missed it last week, do check out the conversation with Naoise from Manipe F1.

Other Racing

News in brief from elsewhere:

European teams have arrived in America in readiness for the 12 Hours of Sebring next weekend. If you're curious about how racecars outside F1 are freighted around the world, take a look: Oreca; Rebellion; unloading.

Mike Conway made his return to the IndyCar cockpit with his new team Andretti Autosport in a test on the short course at Sebring. Read his thoughts here. Word is he was fastest today unofficially. Sebastian Bourdais was there too.

Meanwhile the IndyCar teams are trying to convince Firestone not to quit. I hope they succeed or another quality supplier like Michelin comes in instead.

Racecar Engineering have a nice piece about Chip Ganassi Racing's wind tunnel, which is housed in an actual abandoned tunnel! Completely separately, if like me you like the Retronaut site, when you've watched the YouTube video do link through to the clips of the abandoned Turnpike, and the 1953 video of the drive along the road. At least as fascinating as the wind tunnel, but in a very different way.

The final bit of IndyCar news is that they are looking to bring in NASCAR's "lucky dog" free pass to give a lap back to the first car a lap down in each caution period. Not one single fan on Twitter tonight is favour of this move, myself included. Nobody should be given a lap back for free. In positive news the restart line at Indy will be moved to 300yds from the flag stand rather than being way off at turn 3, which should help keep the field bunched and racy on restarts.

This Week's Racing

Slim pickings this weekend, obviously this was the week we originally expected the Bahrain GP to take place. The only thing happening is the continuation of the F1 test, and NASCAR Trucks are at Darlington on Saturday night (I'm sure Nelson Piquet Jr will be there). The other two NASCAR series aren't running. A great week to take a break and do something else!

Things really pick up next weekend when we have the 12 Hours of Sebring, NASCAR at Bristol (including DP's debut at the track in the Nationwide event), MotoGP at Qatar, and GP2 at Imola. The week after that? F1 and IndyCar.


I love this video. The song may not be the most uplifting ever but it is a good one and I really like it. The real reason for posting it is the video which I've liked for a long time. You might want to listen to the earlier version linked below, before this one.

Two weeks ago following my last Daily, Mr C and I had a discussion about the production of music. The interesting thing is this version above is not the first version I heard of this song. It comes from his 2009 album 'Bears', but for two years beforehand I (and a small group of us) had been listening to the original release - and the original version of the video - from his 2007 EP 'Sticker, Star and Tape'. The new version came as something as a shock and I didn't like it for ages, it was good but it just wasn't the same, but what's weird is that I've just listened to both back-to-back after not hearing either for a few months and I now prefer the 2009 version. How odd!

If you like this do also check out Carbon Dating. I can't find the 2009 version but for this song it goes the other way, I prefer the 2007 version here. (the YouTube uploader has confusingly stuck the 2009 album cover on to that video).

You can buy both the 2009 album on iTunes or via his site for £6, and the 2007 EP (the red one) via his site for £4. DO IT.

Sadly, Sam has given up making music. I'd seen him live just the once, that was in a pub in Weymouth in December 2006. After seeing him there I thought he'd be big, then when 'Bears' came out I thought it would make him huge. It got him noticed by the BBC and the title track was used on an ep of 'Chuck', but it didn't seem to get the attention he deserved, so tired of fighting a losing battle he just stopped. A loss to music, I sometimes wonder what he's doing now..

Lukeh found this great sketch about Radiohead (might be geolocked?) and see his post about his heroes too.

That's all from me, I'll leave you with this great quote posted on Giggles' blog. Have a great day!

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