Daily: 10th June 2011

10 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Ohhhh, Caaaanada.

Credit: Lukeh

Ohhhh, Caaaanada.

As Bruce Forsyth would say, it's nice to see you, to see you, nice! Why hello there, again. It's Friday which means it's time for me to round up some goodies to share with you, but as well as that, it's an F1 weekend starting right here today! Woohoo! How exciting. We're at Canada this weekend with the race information thread being Sidepodcast's hub of all that is informative for this weekend, with Free Practise Session 1 at 1500 GMT today and Session 2 at 1900 GMT. Getting home after work on a Friday and watching F1 and the tennis too that's on at Queens... what a blissful combination!

Paddock News

Vettel expects to fight for victory? - Do you reckon?!!

So rich he can remake his own calendar! - Bahrain chat still goes on but the FIA have finally realised they are numpty dumptys sat on a wall, and asked Sir Bernard of the Ecclestone variety to remake his calendar because March is so Autumn right now. In all seriousness, thank goodness they're reconsidering the Bahrain appointment. Nothing else needs to be said apart from F1 needs that common sense injection after last week's decision.

Speedy Gonzalez' Speedy Recovery - Very, very pleasing to see Sergio Perez is fit and healthy for the Canadian GP after that very scary crash at Monaco a fortnight ago. Luckily the awesome little Mexican chap is back and raring to go and I'm sure he'll be ready to make RG a very happy bunny by scoring some points, hopefully he'll get a high points finish so we'll have another awesome super happy voicemail on the next Debrief!

18 to 81 - there's no one quite like Sir Stirling - He's only 81 years old, he's still a better driver than I'll ever be but Sir Stirling Moss has called time on his racing career that has gone on for pretty much all his life. What a legend, having had the pleasure of meeting him at Goodwood twice he's just a lovely man and an absolute legend. From 18 to 81, what a career, man!


Finding a way to make the most of a minute? There's an app for that - This is just awesome. Christine's fabulous work on F1 Minute has now managed to make it's way into a super duper cheap but totally worth it F1 Minute App for you to buy for iOS. I mean, it's 59p, for quick f1 news and awesome Christine commentary what's not to love? Even Giggles has recorded a short video of why it's awesome. Make sure you check out the post that Mr C put together pretty much telling you everything you need to know about the new F1 Minute App. Frankly Steve Jobs should've highlighted it in the WWDC conference earlier this week. Come on Steve!

Several Reasons Why Sidepodcast is the only place to be today - Right, there's plenty to share here on the site and I'm not gonna skip by them! First off, make sure you give Stuart Taylor's analysis of the Bahrain blame game being passed around at the FIA with Bahrain, as per usual of course, plenty of points worth backing up why people are so amazed at the FIA's lazy decision. Next up we've got an absolute treat from Bassano as he has provided a special Sidepodchat of Asif Kapedia, director of Senna, at a recent Q&A Bassano attended. 35 minutes of worthy responses about the film and the making of it. and don't think you Le Mans fans are forgotten - there should be plenty over the weekend for you to post in and contribute to, woohoo!

Some say it'll be the best racing game... in the world... - if you know my previous stuff here on Sidepodcast, you'll know I have an affinity with Forza Motorsport. I just love it, the realism, the creation of liveries, the whole series to date has been awesome. But Forza Motorsport 4 just looks Forzwesome. That's right. Forzwesome. Up there is a clip of the game from E3 of the Top Gear Test Track which I know was in GT5 but as I am very vain with these type of things, this has the camera positioning from the TV show! And it just looks mindboggling, so well done and just... ugh! I want it NOW! Here's some more video and news of the game from E3 away from the Top Gear track to absolutely blow your mind. It does look staggering.

Itty Bitty Links

Excellent news as both Lewis and Jenson will be at Goodwood again this year as expected, with Jenson on the Saturday and Lewis on the Sunday. Woohoo! Also, can we give points to tracks? Montreal deserves plenty of points for the brilliant driver boards above the pit garages. I love the drawings! I want to own that board so much it's not even funny, I would do my ironing on it.

Bon Iver's latest album is now available over on the Guardian website to stream and listen to, and it's really rather lovely. Go and check it out and prepare some relaxing times. Released on June 21st in shops and online and all that jazz. Talking music, our resident DJ Mr Giggles is famous for some of his epic puns. If there's one thing I love about terrible jokes it's the ones Giggles loves to share and still manage to be hilarious, so much so he's made a whole blog post out of terrible jokes and wants your input in his comments too!

It's a truly historic day too. Hold onto your horses as Duke Nukem Forever is finally released today after first being announced in 1997. Only the 14 or so years then, no rush. Check out it's long winded and legendary history! Cancelled, uncancelled, releasing, not releasing, and it's finally got there. Also, what do we reckon about the Wii U? Interesting name. Weeyooo. I do like the concept of the console being so dynamic in a TV or handheld but it's gonna be expensive me thinks. And finally from me, Christine shared this earlier in the week but I had to post it in here - some of the best behind the scenes shots from films ever. Just an awe-inspiring collection of classic films like you've never seen them before!

To end, the perfect way to play Rachmaninov. Absolutely genius! made me smile to no end and I reckon you guys will love it. Have a brilliant day, chaps.

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