Daily: 10th July 2011

10 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Can Mark Webber capitalise on a pole position qualifying finish?

Credit: Lou

Can Mark Webber capitalise on a pole position qualifying finish?

Hello! I know you're expecting another daily from the lovely Lou but she's a little busy so I've stepped in to make up for not being able to post my daily on Friday! Hopefully I can do just as good as a job with today's daily as Lou always does taking you into the Sunniest of all the days, Sunday. Just to clarify for Mr C, it is definitely Sunday. Whilst I'm writing this Coldplay are on the BBC Red Button kicking much backside headling T in the Park and providing much inspiration. Did you know that there's a Grand Prix on today? Oh, well, it only happens to be the British Grand Prix you know! Of course, if you're not up to scratch make sure you check out yesterdays qualifying results so you know what to expect today!

I thought it was a really enjoyable qualifying session with a bit of a damp squib of an ending but nothing too disheartening, it was just a shame the incoming rain settled pole position quite early. Feel free to mention here pole was settled before it even started! But there's so much to look forward to today I reckon. You see, with Hamilton down in 10th and Kobayashi just ahead of him and even with the threat of possible rain, that should be a cracking battle. Paul Di Resta did a fantastic job to qualify 6th on the grid at his first British Grand Prix and Mark Webber has the chance to get a win over his team mate too, who starts on the dirty side of the grid with two very fast strong starting Ferrari's behind him. It should be a fascinating race, even if Rubens did disappoint me horribly with a lowly 15th but you can't fault Maldonado's strong qualifying to get 7th secured for himself. Impressive stuff.

Whilst we're still talking Silverstone, make sure you give this incredible battle between Jules Bianchi and Christian Vietoris from the GP2 supporting race yesterday as it is just brilliant! This is why I love Silverstone, the track is so free flowing and constantly fast corners with challenging moments and overtaking opportunities... don't you just love it? What a fantastic battle though. That move from Bianchi on the damp patch is absolutely crazy near the end but he does a remarkable job.

Plenty more to share too to make your day even more fun. I felt it would be quite rude to have a daily set up for Lou and not have photography related things to share. You may have known that Mr C and several Sidepodcast commenters joined plenty of other people at an Audience with Joe event run with Virgin Racing on Friday night and Mr C has uploaded a few photos from the night. I'm sure a good night was had by all and I'm really hoping we get to hear more about the event soon in the form of a cast of the pod variety. There's also a fantastic guest post from Lara Platman on the desire to get to Spa 24 Hours and get out there to do motorsport endurance photography that's absolutely worth a read, just as is Jordan F1's guest post on how a model figurine can easily be linked to Formula 1. Little bit of history involved to keep you up to date and in the know!

Finally on the photography front, why don't you give Lou's Goodwood Festival of Speed set a view from the Friday and Saturday of last weekend? I'm sure she'd love to know what you make of her photos as any kind of feedback is always welcome. Whilst your there, why not have a look at the rest of her sets too? Go onnn. You won't regret it, I promise. There's something for everyone there, whether it be tennis, local culture, animals, and lots and lots of motorsport goodiness. Yes, I am totally plugging like crazy here but if it's a crime to be very proud of what your loved one can do then I am very much guilty of this charge I'm afraid. Plus plugging is awesome.

See, there's plenty to keep us entertained today! But just because I have a few more treats, here's a few more little links to share with you lovely people:

  • Noticed this brilliant little post of famous 'glasses' over the years and it's oddly true just how certain names really are linked to these glasses! Love it.
  • Beards. Beards can be most awesome. But what about popular icons, some mainstream others geeky (Vivi Mage!!) with beards? Well that's just a winning combination.
  • If you fancy buying F1 2010 on the PC, make sure you do so today as it's 66% off on Steam today but only for today. That's just £7 in the UK!
  • Christine completed her whole 30 Day Song Challenge the other day and I was well impressed as I know it can be a lot to make it the whole 30 days. Some fun choices along the way too!
  • What would happen if you mashed up the Bee Gees and Pink Floyd together? Well, this is what would happen and I can't believe it works so well. Gobsmacking.

And that's Sunday! I'm really looking forward to the race and I geniunely hope you all come join us in the race thread later today and comment along with the race. If you've never done so before, why not live comment with us for the first time today on the Sidepodcast Dashboard? Choose your thread, and there we go, ready to comment away. I hope I see you there ready for the British GP! Have a brilliant Sunday!

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