Daily: 10th July 2010

10 July, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Why hello my friends! Apologies for not being able to keep up with my normal Friday scheduled daily post but sadly issues out of control mean I am here writing your daily for another bright Saturday! First off, a very big happy birthday to commenter Nick as it's his big day today! Yay! I love it when people have birthdays in my daily's! I'm sure Alison will be providing the cake and candles to celebrate (as well as a few drinks I'm sure) so happy birthday Nick! Formula 1 returns to it's home this weekend so let's see what homely bullet points we can throw out to entertain you lovely people:

  • I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Silverstone is the playground for the next round of Formula 1 action this weekend! Yay Silverstone! Drivers still seem a bit mixed about the new section that occurs during the infield but I suppose we'll find out just how good it will be. Of course, we could be at Donington this weekend but we all know how that went. Anyways qualifying does indeed take place later on today so make sure you check the dates and times here at Sidepodcast and join the comments when qualifying occurs later today! I've no idea who is going to be getting pole but it's almost definitely going to be Rubens Barrichello. In other news, my prediction skills are almost as good as Luca Badoer.
  • Just seven days ago I found myself touring the grounds of Goodwood House with Lou as we enjoyed ourselves to a huge degree being part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Now I know it's been mentioned quite a lot this week what with the quite excellent occurence of the Sidepodcast banner but I finally got round to writing up my thoughts, feelings and memories of this fantastic experience. What a couple of days! If you've never been to Goodwood then you must go in 2011 - that's a command, soldier!
  • What's all this nonsense then with Bruno Senna, eh? What a complete joke! I know this was coered in yesterday's daily but I'm still very disappointed at what occured with HRT. Yamamatontomtomatotoyotamatosato, or Mr Saxon, seemed quite disappointing in practise although what can you do with that car I suppose, but as Bruno is my newest bestest friend then I have no reason but to be upset at this stupid news to be quite honest. What awful timing! What an unjoyful act! It's been rumoured that Bruno will get his seat back after this weekend though. He'd better or some fist shakes may commence at HRT. *shakes fist anyways at them*
  • And now for some very quick lovely links to share with you peoples. First off, how very sweet is this picture from Rubens' children? They seem the sweetest kids ever! I also noticed this picture on Twitter earlier today I loved featuring Hill, Stewart and Oliver back in the day, just a nice little photo and glimpse of a different time. Finally for something completely different. If you're Monkey Island mad like myself then you may like to know that Monkey Island 2 is now available all done up and modernised for your entertainment for the iPad, iPhone and iPod! Now I'm a massive fan of the series and these games do a wonderful job bringing them to 2010 whilst keeping it true to it's original form and a must for those that love the games!

That seems about right. Kimi Raikkonen finds himself rallying again this weekend in the country of Bulgaria so the best of luck with explaining this mishap. I'm sure he'll do fine really, go Kimi! Of course yesterday evening several commenters, including our loved hosts, were spending their time as I write this at an evening with Joe Saward listening to his always-wise responses and definitely enjoying themselves I'm sure. Not that I'm jealous I'm not there, of course, ahem. Anyways, I'm sure we can expect something back from this meet-up and plenty of fantastic info and hopefully a post about it! Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy qualifying today and have a lovely weekend!

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