Daily: 10th January 2009

10 January, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

For both of us at Sidepodcast, it is a long day's trek to Birmingham for Autosport International and Bloggers Karting. More of that later, as there will still be plenty to talk about in the F1 world:

  • Sébastien Buemi, affectionately known as Mr Potato Head, has been officially confirmed at Toro Rosso for this year. We all knew this already, and it's barely news, but the secrecy still remains over who will be his team mate. Obviously I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Bourdais, but others may prefer Sato to return. Things have been a bit quiet on the "other driver" status recently, I wonder when we'll find out.
  • Some big news from yesterday was Renault's failure of two crash tests. Autosport reckon that a chassis was completely written off during one of the tests, presumably meaning there's some serious structural work to be done. The engineers are on the case, apparently, but who'd bet against there being a DC-like self-combusting engine at the start of the season?
  • Meanwhile, Kimi Räikkönen is taking his off-season duties very seriously for Ferrari by... taking part in a rally competition. He and fellow Finn Mika Häkkinen will be rallying around at the end of January. I don't know much about rallying, but to do it in the ice and snow sounds pretty dangerous to me.
  • Finally, it's Friday, which means it's time for another Sidepodcast Diary. This is the second show of the new year, which means my New Year's resolution has so far lasted ten days. I hope you are impressed.

Normally at this point I would put the voting images up and encourage you to give us some clicks, however, it's time to face the music. We're losing, terribly. There's no shame in it, as we said initially, we're honoured to be nominated. However, even we don't believe the Weblog Awards guys when they say those magnificently out in front can still be beaten. So, the links to vote are in the sidebar if you desire to do so, otherwise, I will be in and out of the comments during the day. Hope to see you there.

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