Daily: 10th February 2010

10 February, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Testing begins in earnest today, with all the teams we've seen already in action returning, and hopefully some new ones! We had so much information coming out of the last test that we know as much as it is possible to know, with the usual caveat of fuel loads applying. More of the same today, please!

  • Talking of new things, Red Bull are due to launch today. We're expecting big things from Adrian Newey, but I have a sneaky feeling that it's going to be very similar to last year's car, just like the Force India did yesterday.
  • King of the Twitpic during the last test was Craig Scarborough, as we discussed in this week's F1 Debrief. Now, Scarbs F1 has set up his own blog, and you need to head on over and subscribe right now. It all goes over my head, obviously, but I recommend it to all!
  • I mentioned in yesterday's F1 Minute that Jean Todt has been talking about all things F1, and whilst he drew short of making any plans, he had some interesting things to say. He's disappointed KERS was scrapped, is in favour of cost cutting but not budget caps, and won't stay forever like a certain Mr Mosley tried to.

That should do for now. We'll have threads for testing and the launch today, so I will see you in the comments.

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