Daily: 10th December 2009

10 December, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Hello all. It is apparently Human Rights day for the United Nations, and also International Animal Rights Day. I am going to combine these two, and suggest that I have the right to have a baby panda, and a baby panda has the right to come and live with me. Sounds like the proper way to observe these events to me. Now, on to the Formula 1 stuff:

  • Jake Humphrey has finally blogged again, after leaving us hanging following the final race of the season. There are thoughts in there about interviewing the drivers, finding out about Button's move to McLaren, and of course, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Mr Humphrey is hosting, and says he'll have lots of backstage gossip for us.
  • Ollie has written up an interesting post about the noise coming from the Monaco Forum at the moment. It's all about media and how Formula 1 portrays itself to the fans, and at the moment, it seems like a real nudge in the ribs to Bernie. Will he pay attention though?
  • F1 Wolf has posted another liveries post - lots of lovely pictures of cars from 1991 and their beautiful colour schemes. Eh-hem. I have to say hurrah for the off-season allowing bloggers times to delve into these great topics.

That should do it for now. Let us know how your week is going, and as ever, I will see you in the comments.

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