Daily: 10th August 2011

10 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hi everyone.  I do hope you are all OK.  I’ve been rather a busy boy in the last week – enjoying the one good week of weather that Copenhagen has, then I went to the Copenhagen Classic Grand Prix.  Sadly I have had so many pictures to process that none of the ones promised will be ready until next week – where I promise a bumper edition of pictures ;)

We had a great time at the CCGP – it was held on closed roads around a big park in town and was organised really well.  There were some fantastic and rare cars on display, which looked and sounded awesome.  We had all the usual classes, with cars racing from 1947 to 1981.  We saw Morgans, Jags, Ferraris, Alfas, Ford Escorts, Volvos, Porsches, more Porsches, and even some oddballs like a Mk. I Golf and an Opel Ascona.

But the best racing of the day were the Legends – Hot-rod style plastic bodied cars powered by 1000cc Motorcycle engines.  The drivers in those races didn’t give an inch and when the winning driver forcefully overtook into the lead on the last corner of the last lap, there were massive cheers.

Also, because we had VIP tickets, I managed to bump into Emanuele Pirro at lunch in the marquee – he’s a super nice guy and we had a nice little chat.  But the funniest thing was that a few places behind in the queue was HKH Prince Joachim of Denmark, who’s a keen racing driver.  A prince queuing for his food though!  Who would have thought it?

We all had a great time and finished the day off eating a meal by one of Copenhagen’s lakes :)


F1’s a bit quiet right now, but I have found a few interesting things for you.  Of course, we should start with Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings, followed by her Tweets of the Week

Lara Platman of photofeature has posted her excellent Spa 24 Hours report – she really caught the essence of Endurance Racing, I thought.

VivaF1 have another Blogger’s Swap Shop running and it looks like a corker – remember to file your posts before Saturday, people!

Nick Heidfeld has posted pictures of the entries to his helmet design competition – and they are really quite interesting.  WTF1 has collected some great photoshops from the AUTOSPORT forums of Nick jumping, too :D

The Circuit of the Americas have posted a time lapse video of the construction work for July – keep it up, we can’t wait for the Grand Prix!

BadgerGP has some great ways to pass the summer break, but it’s not that long anyway, so keep calm and carry on!

Steven has found some obligatory Sidepodspace info for us – there’s a meteor shower on the way, which sounds cool :)

Look what this man does to his wife’s Ferrari California – Mrs Goat would kill me if I did that!

The 2012 Indycar has begun testing at Mid-Ohio this week – Racecar Engineering has the scoop for us…

Finally here’s some awesome wave photography from Hawaii – I adore these pics and I have no idea how he gets them!

So that’s all from me – I’m off Go Karting tonight, so wish me luck and I’ll see you in the comments!

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