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27 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Stuart Taylor

I've been on holiday for a bit and so has F1, so there's not much to report on, so it's time for...

Answers to The 7th Hardest F1 Quiz Ever

There may be some contention about some of these, so see me in the Stuart's Steward's Box afterwards if you feel I've got anything wrong!

1) How long was Juan Manuel Fangio's longest pit stop at the 1951 Belgian Grand Prix (to the nearest minute)?

  • 4 minutes
  • 8 minutes
  • 14 minutes
  • 17 minutes

14 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact! No blaming Intertechnique in those days!

2) What year was the last Italian Driver's Champion crowned?

1953 - Alberto Ascari

3) Who was Frank Williams talking about when he said, "I worshipped the guy. He was totally adorable. Everybody in motor racing turned out for his funeral, and there were plenty of red eyes from the hard guys"?

  • Piers Courage
  • Gilles Villeneuve
  • Stefan Beloff
  • Roland Ratzinger

Piers Courage died at the 1970 Beligan Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

4) What in 1999 caused Eddie Irvine to say, "Now I have to start thinking like a title contender"?

  • His maiden win at the very first grand prix
  • Team mate Schumacher, breaking his leg at Silverstone
  • Irvine winning at the very next race, following Schmi's injury
  • Irvine taking the lead in the championship

After Eddie Irvine won in Hockenheim (thanks to supersub, Mika Salo moving over) and Hakkinen not finishing, Irvine found himself leading the championship 52 - 44

5) How many F1 constructors have there been whose name started with an S?

13 (deep breath): Sauber, Scarab, Scirocco, Shadow, Shannon, Simca-Gordini, Simtek, Spirit, Spyker, Stebro, Stewart, Super Aguri, Surtees

6) What was Stirling Moss's highest ever placing in the Monte Carlo Rally?

He came 2nd in 1952 - ah the good old days when racers raced across categories!

7) What is the difference in average race speed (of the winner) between the British Grands Prix of 1963 and 1996?

  • 12.81 mph
  • 16.67 mph
  • 24.22 mph
  • 27.34 mph

107.34 mph vs 124.01 mph

8) What colour was Honda's 2006/2007 winter testing livery?

Black! After tobacco sponsorship was banned, people wondered what the new Honda would look like... Earthdreams *shudder*

This livery!

9) Who was the last driver to get his debut win at the same time as achieving the team's debut win?

It was Vettel for Toro Rosso at the 2007 Italian GP

10) Who took this photograph?

Who took this?

It was F1 photographic legend (and the inspiration for my GCSE project), Rainer Schlegelmilch

11) Who, upon waking in hospital following an accident asked, 'Was it my fault?' ?

  • Rubens Barrichello
  • Mika Hakkinen
  • Felipe Massa

Mika crashed in practice in Adelaide and was saved at the track by Prof Sid Watkins, to whom he spoke the words above

12) Who is this?

Who is this?

It's Niki Lauda at the Nurburgring in 1975 during qualifying. He got pole with a lap he described as 'ultimate madness', scoring a lap record for F1 at 6:58.6 that was never beaten (in F1).

13) Williams were once asked by F1 Racing Magazine to design the ideal F1 car, if rules restrictions didn't apply. Which of the following featured in its design (choose all that apply)?

  • A Mid Wing
  • An F Duct
  • Four Small Front Wheels
  • Four Small Rear Wheels
  • Sliding Skirts
  • Tiny, Non-Separated Front Wing
  • No Rear Wing
  • No Driver (remotely controlled)
  • GPS Controlled auto-differential
  • Closed Cockpit
  • Automatic Steering
  • Wedge Shaped Body

You can find the scan of the article here - it's a great read.

14) Bruce McLaren said, "To be killed in an accident with a Formula 2 car is almost unacceptable" about which F1 driver?

Jim Clark. He was killed at Hockenheim in an F2 car after a rear tyre deflation.

15) What caused Alain Prost to get completely drunk 'for the first time in [his] life'?

  • Winning his first championship
  • Ayrton Senna beating him to the championship by crashing him off in Japan 1990
  • Senna's death
  • Securing his first F1 race seat
  • Winning his first Monaco GP

This race is probably better known for Senna's race through the field to ultimately finish second in his first season. He was catching Prost, but the race was stopped early, due to rain (take note, Mr C - it's not just modern F1!)

16) At top speed, an F1 car can travel along a ceiling

  • True
  • False

This is a bit of a trick question. An F1 car does indeed produce downforce over and above the weight of the car (i.e. enough to hold it to the ceiling), but the engine can not function upside down, so the car cannot actually drive on a ceiling.

17) This guy is well known for doing something related to a previous F1 team. But what?

This guy does something related to a previous F1 team

(Hint: He doesn't actually do anything to do with F1 itself)

That man is Garrison Keillor, and he's the distinctive voice of the Honda adverts. (This may be too tenuous a link to F1, so feel free to grumble)

18) Which former British F1 lead presenter has also competed in the World Rally Championships?

Lee McKenzie is an internationally licensed co-driver and has competed in WRC events, including Rally GB - she has also been the lead presenter for F1 on the BBC.

19) How many legs are on the entire 2011 F1 field of liveries? Only count one car from each team.

(20 points for an exactly right answer, -1 point for each one out, minimum zero)

Okay, are you ready for this?

Red Bull: RedBulls(4 legs) x (2 on the badge + 2 on the nose + 2 on the cockpit + 2 on the headrest + 2 on the engine cover + 2 on the rear wing) + Singha-Lion(4 legs) x (1 on the monocoque) = 52

McLaren: JohnnyWalkerMan(2) x (2 rear wing, 2 mirrors) = 8

Ferrari: PrancingHorse(4) x (2 monocoque, 2 engine cover, 3 headrest, 1 badge) + Puma(2 visible) x (2 airbox) = 36

Mercedes = 0

Renault = 0

Williams = 0

Force India: W&M-Lion(2 legs) x (4 front wing, 2 nose) + UB-Pegasus(4)*(2 airbox, 1 nose) = 24

Sauber: Madcroc(2) x (2 bargeboards) = 4

Toro Rosso: RedBulls(4) x (2 nose, 2 badge, 2 endplate, 2 monocoque, 4 bargeboard, 2 headrest, 2 engine cover, 2 rear wing) = 72!

Lotus = 0

HRT = 0

Virgin: Kappa-People(2) x (1 headrest, 2 front wing) + LDC-Horse(4) x (2 nose) = 14

Total = 214!

20) Which former F1 driver's helmet colours were used for the character Beau Brandenburg in the movie Driven?.

Juan Pablo Montoya

Main pic - Brandenburg, inset - Montoya

So those are the answers! How did you do?

And, of the people bold enough to enter, the winner was... Sladex with 25.5 points (he got the half for naming all the details of the Lauda photo... except for Lauda!) Congrats, Sladex!

Now everyone... to the comments!

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