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Daily: 2nd December 2009 - It’s the 2nd of December!! Lukeh here wishing a very Merry Chris-mas to all! Yes, OK, it is not Christmas Day but it is in fact the birthday of worldwide legend and much loved shy Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme!! Woohoooo!!! Chris is my favourite Muse member and there is absolutely no way I could go through this daily and not wish this absolute beast of a man a happy birthday and spread the good word of Chris-mas! But of course, we must consider other things in life.



Daily: 23rd April 2010 - We have survived Thursday!! High fives all round people! *high fives* Good morning, good afternoon and good night wherever you may be in the world reading this on the last day before the weekend! Woohoo!! Lukeh here guiding you through this much loved day, although I tend to have quite bad Fridays but enough about that, and what a week it’s been eh? Volcanos, ash clouds, bad jokes, allsorts. Oh, and there was plenty of action waiting hear how F1 got back from China – just look at this blog post from Jake Humphrey. Of course the planes once again remembered what it’s like to fly through the sky without a silly volcano making it silly for them! As you can imagine, it was quite silly. Nevertheless, let’s see what wild, wonderful and downright wacky events there are to talk about...

Daily: 30th April 2010 - It’s not quite Saturday but it’s a bit more than Thursday, which must mean it’s a Friday once again! Lukeh here once more taking through these 24 hours into another weekend of no Formula 1 and following a week of very little news (unless of course you are an avid thumb enthusiast in which F1 went into new level for excitement for you I’m sure.). Happy ‘Koninginnedag’, or Queens Day, to all the Sidepodcast fans reading in the Netherlands, hope you have an awesome celebration. I would have a Queen day myself and throw on some Bohemian Rhapsody but sadly I shall be too busy working. Enough about that though, there’s so much to discuss but Time is Running Out...!


Daily: 7th May 2010 - Gimme an F! Gimme a riday! What does that spell? Friday! Yes it’s another daily here from Lukeh to take you into that final day before the weekend and guess what?! Remember that Formula 1 sport? It’s back today after a 3 week hiatus! Wahhooo! But there’s plenty to discuss before we go rummaging off to Catalunya. There is F1 news and non-F1 news to analyse, laugh at, be confused about and point at in a scared fashion. So, what can we discuss today?

Daily: 14th May 2010 - It’s another Friday and it’s another opportunity for myself, myself being Lukeh of course, to introduce this final day of the week before another weekend of Formula 1 action. Of course, what with it being Monaco this weekend we’re all in bizarro land and practise was actually yesterday instead of today. If you’re expecting practise today then, well, you may be a tad disappointed my friends. Still, it’s Friday! So what wealth of information do we have to discuss thanks to the power of the bullet points this week?

Daily: 21st May 2010 - Hello once again, another Friday is upon us and the weekend is upon the horizon. Sadly there is no Formula 1 this weekend, however there shall be Superleague Racing but that’s then and this is now. We’ll just have to wait another week until we visit Istanbul so until then we will have to find other things to keep us occupied! So what wisdom will the bullet points bring?

Daily: 28th May 2010 - Happy iPad day to all of those getting an iPad today!! And of course, welcome to another Daily Thread from Lukeh. Yes, after the big release in America a few weeks ago the iPad is finally here in the UK, parts of Europe, Canada and Australia and I’m sure those excited about it are just begging to play along with their new gadget. A few commentors have already had theirs arrive nice and early! Nevertheless, we must return to Formula 1 (although Jake Humphrey has an iPad at Monaco!) and other topics with our nice cuddly bullet points.


Daily: 4th June 2010 - Hello once again to all visiting the wonderful world of Sidepodcast as we enter another Friday. I'm totally not getting deja vu writing my Friday posts up I swear. But it's always a pleasure to bring you guys into the last day of the week and guide you into the weekend. We're getting some glorious weather in the UK right now so I hope you're having a great time wherever you are! Now onto my favourite part of writing a daily - those lovable scamps, the bullet points.

Daily: 12th June 2010 - Boo!!! Hope I didn't scare you, Lukeh here 24 hours later than usual to send you into Saturday after I sadly couldn't find the time yesterday to write up the daily. What better way to make up for this than to write today's daily post? There is lots of stuff to be talking about today what with every sport in the world ever created seemingly in action this weekend. OK, maybe not all of them (the mad world of Curling needs a rest here and there I suppose) but let's see nevertheless what the bullet points have to offer.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 7 - Oh my goodness. I finally have the opportunity to do a post for the World Cup posts within Sidepodcast – awesome! I myself am a football fan but the great thing about the World Cup is that you learn so much you didn’t know before, like this stat – did you know that the Jinglgjonljelly ball being used for the World Cup is round? It’s causing many arguments because it’s a ball doing ball-esque things. Fabio Capello called it the ‘worst ball he has ever seen’ – take that Jellybanana Ball! He hasn’t played with my old year 10 team I did in school, clearly. I for one am outraged it is a ball being a ball. Rugby never has this problem. Anyways, I digress, there is another big World Cup day to concentrate on.

Daily: 19th June 2010 - Saturday has arrived and another daily for us to discuss is here!! I know, I know, I said I'd be back on my normal Friday's but my daily clock clearly is out of sync. Perhaps I need an iDaily to help sync with. Alas, today is Saturday because yesterday was Friday (Hulk Hogan confirms this) and the weekend is here! I do believe Saturday is the most Saturday day of the week, therefore, let us enjoy this Saturday with the various bullet points set out to direct you to the best things around today!

Wimbledon 2010: Day 4 - This should be interesting. See, if you've been around the past few days I have admitted as much as I love Wimbledon I am not very good with remembering how tennis works. Because of this, I am going to apologise in advance if today's Wimbledon thread seems extremely bizarre. Nevertheless, Day 4 have arrived and what a day tennis fans were treated too yesterday as well as some of the tricks up their very short sleeves today! Well in their pockets really because that's where they seem to store their spare tennis balls they quite blatently stole from the Pringles-esque tubes in JJB Sports. But yes, tennis tennis tennis!

Daily: 25th June 2010 - Oh, hello. It would appear we have reached Friday again which means another Friday, another week sorted. Good times ahead as the weekend approaches I'm sure and with an absolute myriad of sport to choose from, how can we complain? Yes, folks, get the strawberries and cream out and let's enjoy this Friday first! I'm actually a little nervous today as I'll be picking up my university results and finding out if I'm graduating or not, so if I could get you to keep your fingers crossed that would be great! My present back to you lovely readers re the following bullet points that withhold many awesome things to discuss.


Daily: 2nd July 2010 - It's another Friday and that means another Daily thread from yours truly today. Although things are a little different today as I sit next to Lou, watching over my every word making sure I'm giving you is top quality. Actually she's sitting on the bed playing/shouting at Monopoly on my iPod but shh. Anyways today is an awesome day as the Goodwood Festival of Speed starts today and we will be there!! WOO!! Although there was a moving motorsport yesterday but that is a fake day, where people move. In motorsport. Fun times! Anyways, time for my favourite companion since the Doctor's friends - the bullet points.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 22 - Hello one and all to one of the Semi Finals of the World Cup! Tonight we find out which of the four teams currently left in the World Cup (Germany, Uruguay, Holland or Spain) will become the world champions within football. Can the resilient Germans go all the way? Will it be the unexpected surprise of Uruguay who keep up their fine run of form? Can the bright Dutch bring back a touch of total football to international football? Or can the Spanish Spanish who show why Spanish football may be helping the success of the Spanish team? It all sounds Spanish to me, but tonight's game will surely bring us a step closer to understanding who, as Tina Turner so evidently put it, is Simply The Best. Of course, none of these teams are because they didn't get a chance to beat/play Wales in the World Cup, so at least they will be second best.

Daily: 10th July 2010 - Why hello my friends! Apologies for not being able to keep up with my normal Friday scheduled daily post but sadly issues out of control mean I am here writing your daily for another bright Saturday! First off, a very big happy birthday to commenter Nick as it's his big day today! Yay! I love it when people have birthdays in my daily's! I'm sure Alison will be providing the cake and candles to celebrate (as well as a few drinks I'm sure) so happy birthday Nick! Formula 1 returns to it's home this weekend so let's see what homely bullet points we can throw out to entertain you lovely people

Daily: 16th July 2010 - Hello once again one and all, it's a Friday so that must mean it's my time to write up a daily and spread the good word to you all with some awesome links and some fun times for all to share. It's not been an excellent week for myself so why don't we finish the weekdays with a great Friday and have some fun? There was quite the spectacle last night as Giggles and Christine had a game of Guess Who? over the internet to some success! Fantastic stuff! RG even has a Wiki Page for this epic new championship. Onto the bullet points now though and wads of information to hopefully make your day.

Daily: 23rd July 2010 - It's a bit more than Thursday but not quite Saturday so that must mean it's another Friday! Hurrah! Of course, with the weekend approaching it's my usual request that we all have an awesome Friday. Agreed? Excellent! Have you all had a nice week so far? Well it's the last day of the week now so how about we kick off this Friday in style by getting straight into the bullet points.

Daily: 30th July 2010 - Hello! It's Friday so I'm going to jump to conclusions here and assume you would like a new daily for this fine day. Hopefully you've all had a lovely week so I'll try my best to bring you into this day with plenty to read, talk about and jump into the comments with. For example, did you know that Kimi Raikonnen will be taking part in the Rally of Finland today? I know there are many Kimi fans out there so make sure you let us know how he's getting on! Onto the bullet points now, which are more action packed than driving a car with Takuma Sato using the pedals and Yuji Ide steering.


Daily: 6th August 2010 - Another week, another Friday and another way daily from myself to kick off a nice day of the week. Seeing as Formula 1 is on an extended break till Spa in a few weeks, there must be plenty to talk about I'm sure. Did you know yesterday was Lou's 3 year Sidepodiversary with visiting this wonderful site? On the same day she got a new phone as well, a good Thursday for Lou then! But today is Friday and we can look forward to the weekend with the bullet points of awesomeness that follow.

Daily: 13th August 2010 - Another weekend is approaching and another Friday has arrived. It's been a busy week with several Sidepodders celebrating their birthdays this past week - a belated happy birthday to Chris and Guille - but today is Friday and there's plenty more to do before the weekend arrives. In fact, I'm not feeling too well. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more bullet points.

Daily: 20th August 2010 - Shwmai pawb! That's 'Hello everybody' in Welsh, I thought I would open with something different there. Apologies to all the A-level students with hangovers who saw that and felt their brain kerplode. How are we all on this fine Friday as we continue through the latter half of the F1 summer break? It's been a quiet few weeks but the sport is slowly waking up as we prepare for Spa. I mean, just look how shocked this cat is at what happened with Rubens and Michael in Hungary! But there's lots to discuss and look and read and watch today so let's get those bullet points out!


Daily: 3rd September 2010 - Hello again!! How have you been? You right there, staring at this daily from whatever technological device you own. Another Friday has arrived and I'm back from Spa to guide you into the day. Did you know that this time last week 10 other lovely Sidepodders and myself were getting drenched by the Belgian rain? Of course you did! But that was then and we must look what wonderful, wierd and downright wacky things are worth looking at on this Friday. That can mean only one thing - bulletpoints!

Daily: 10th September 2010 - It must be a Friday because I'm back as always delivering a fresh, exciting new daily for you to hopefully enjoy and get plenty of information from. How are you today? Everything fine and dandy? Good, good. I sure hope so, because Formula 1 is on today with Free Practise Sessions 1 and 2 taking place respectively at and BST, as shown in the always useful race information thread. Amy is over there in Monza this weekend with her beloved Kindle 'Alistair' (who I am convinced is melded to her hand) and I'm sure she'll keep us updated as always. But for now - bulletpoints!

Daily: 17th September 2010 - Hello Friday-goers, it must be time for another Daily as wibbly wobbly timey wimey has ticked itself past midnight. It's only fair to start off this Daily with two very big happy birthdays in the world of Formula 1. Whilst both of these guys are English, one of them is a Formula 1 World Champion in 1997, Damon Hill, whilst the other is one of the sport's greatest drivers to never win a championship and that man being Stirling Moss. Stirling had a horrific accident a few months ago and is back on his feet driving at Goodwood Revival which starts today, so it's great to see him back and fit again. So Happy Birthday Damon and Stirling!

Daily: 24th September 2010 - Hello Friday! Nice to see you again, lovely day of the week. Nice to see you too, Sidepodcast visitors and readers alike. Today is a very special day, of course. You see, Formula 1 2010 is now finally out worldwide! Hurrah! Make sure you head over to the dedicated F1 2010 thread to see what everyone else has to say as well as letting us know how you're finding the game. Also, did you know that Honda was found on this very day 62 years ago? Ahh, Honda F1 team were stuff made of legend. Then there was the amazingness that are Brawn. Then, everything went grey and Michael. Nevertheless, maybe you did know that fact. But still, now you double know! Of course, there's plenty more to talk about today.


Daily: 1st October 2010 - Pinch, punch, first of the month! No returns! How on earth is it October already? How the year has absolutely flown by so quickly. Also, how can I follow a daily as good as yesterdays? Very cool idea from the always innovative Alex Andronov but I can't promise mine will be as exciting as his was! But that was yesterday, and today is Friday so I shall try my best to provide you with some quality reading from the world of Formula 1, Golf and graphic novels.

Daily: 8th October 2010 - Hello once again to one and all as we begin another Friday together with that oh so lovely weekend approaching. This weekend is a Formula 1 weekend of course at the excellent Suzuka circuit in Japan so as always we have the pleasure of Free Practise 1 and 2 at the not so friendly time of 0200 and 0600 BST so it's back to getting up at silly o'clock for the sport we all love today! Of course there is the always awesome Race Information thread here at Sidepodcast to help out. So, what else is there worth discussing today then?

Daily: 15th October 2010 - Happy Friday everybody and welcome to another Daily form yours truly that I hope you will enjoy as much as I love writing these. Today is a special day of course, as it is the birthday of my bestest friend forever Bruno Senna! Hurrah Bruno! I met Bruno earlier this year at Goodwood and it was awesome, we had a chat and everything and he is lovely. Happy Birthday Bruno Senna! Somehow there is more to that for today, so much more to talk about in fact! Let's see what's lined up for tbhis Friday...

Daily: 17th October 2010 - Oh hello. I realise this is a bit of a surprise not having Lou writing up her always fabulous Sunday Daily thread but sadly Lou was a bit too busy to find the time to write up her thread. The past few days have been a bit hectic for her so it's totally understandable. Luckily I'm here to hopefully guide you through Sunday and bring you some snippets of information and little bits of interesting titbits to make your Sunday a little bit more exciting. In fact, did you know that today is the birthday of Kimi Raikkonen? You may have heard of that name before - I know Lady Snowcat in the comments definitely has. So a big happy birthday to the former F1 world Champion. I'm sure he'll know how to celebrate. And now for some bullet points!

Daily: 29th October 2010 - Hello there! It's time for another Friday and another cool down day for many I'm sure as we approach a weekend with no Formula 1. Don't let this deter you though as there's plenty going on, like the amount of birthdays at the moment - yesterday saw the birthday of our overlord supremo Bernie Ecclestone as he turned 184, whilst today we celebrate the birthday of Sidepodcast commentor and all-round legend Bassano! Happy Birthday good sir! I have a very strong feeling he is nowhere near the age that Bernie is but I know Bassano will celebrate in far better style. For now though, let's look at what links are around the interwebs.


Daily: 5th November 2010 - Lukeh here taking you into another Friday and man, do we have an exciting few days ahead or what? We're approaching what is easily one of the best weekend's of Formula 1 as we head down to Brazil but before we go into all of that, I want to wish a huge, huge congratulations to Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme and the arrival of baby Buster into his life yesterday! Yay! That's his fifth child now, what a guy. Time to get on with what wonders I can find for you lovely people for today.

Daily: 12th November 2010 - Oh hello again friends. It would appear that Friday has come round once more so I should really introduce today's daily despite the knowledge we are entering the final F1 weekend of the season! Boo! Although I am secretly pleased, because I feel like I could do with a break from F1 and the off-season is a lot of fun here. Nevertheless, make sure you read the always reliable Race Information thread to get to grips with the times for the Abu Dhabi GP, and once you've done that, make sure you read some of my links for today!

Daily: 19th November 2010 - Good morrow to all! It’s once again Friday and that means it’s nearly time for the weekend so let;s have a good Friday to see out our first few days away from Formula 1. How have you been coping this week after the season finished? I watched the BBC season montage yesterday again and I got all sad that the season was all done but it’s such a cool video. There's some Pirelli tire testing going on today at the eternal joy that is Abu Dhabi which I'm sure will be featuring in the comments today and isn't it just lovely to see such retro looking tyres back? Love it! Anyways, we gotta get on with today so let’s see what’s in store for your reading accompaniment on this wintery Friday.

Daily: 26th November 2010 - *waves* Hello again! How are you? Good I hope. I was wandering along this part of this vast interweb world when suddenly I realised it was time to write my Daily thread for this week and, well, here we are and here you are! Woohoo! Of course, I must clarify this is definitely a Daily and not a Faily. Keyboards are silly. Can I interest you in a myriad of links to wet your appetite for this fine cold Friday morning? Using my expert skills to tell the weather, it seems parts of Europe are getting a bit of snow right now, and it's a bit cold. My analysis of this is that it's pretty much winter time again. YAY! I do love winter. Almost as much as I love these links:


Daily: 3rd December 2010 - Hello you! Have you noticed that it's December already? Goodness how time flies. Just last week it felt like it was November, where does the time go? I suppose that is what happens when time happens to be so wibbly wobbly. But there's just 22 days left until Christmas and 28 days until my birthday (4 weeks today!) and yes, I have decided we can all mention Christmas noe that I have seen the coca cola advert in December. Woohoo! Plus it's been snowing all over the country, apart from where I live, where we just got nothing really. Ah well, let's have better times with plenty of links to go through! Oh and by the way Mr C, remember to do the Sidepodchat today.

Daily: 10th December 2010 - Gimme an F! Gimme an R! gimme an IDAY! Don't say that last one to Steve Jobs, because I don't want an iDay. What I do want is a Friday to spend with you faithful Sidepodcast commenters as we head towards another weekend with Christmas just a fortnight away! Oh my goodness. One minute it's christmas, then it's easter, than it's Christmas again then it's Halloween then it's easter again. Not sure how I've worked that one out. I will be honest chaps, I'm absolutely drained writing this tonight so I will do my best to make it the usual excellent standard you get from my fellow daily writers!

Daily: 17th December 2010 - Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me. Is there anybody home? oh there is? Well that's just wonderful, I'm glad you are because it's Friday and we've got a fun day of positivity and good times ahead today so we're all going to have a good day! In fact, did you know that it was on this very day in 1987 that The Simpsons debuted as a prime time cartoon show? It only felt right to include today's festive picture as a scene from 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire', the very first episode of which was shown all those years ago today. Can you believe it's been so long?!

Daily: 24th December 2010 - Congratulations on visiting the homepage! You have found my secret message. I welcome your decision to address Sidepodcast by coming here first because Mr C very much likes people to use the homepage and I try to help out any way I can to help it get more attention. Whilst you should definitely join us in the Daily by clicking the link above, please do visit the homepage more because it's full of good info and lots of good blog posts, and look how lovely it is with those images and classic podcasts and the factbyte factbox. Lovely!

Daily: 31st December 2010 - Hello once again friends, and welcome to the very last day of 2010. It's been quite a year hasn't it? Of course today is Decemeber 31st and whilst it is indeed my birthday today (Happy birthday me!) it is more importantly New Years eve and I'm sure many of you are preparing for celebrations to go into a fresh new year of good times and F1 racing. Of course, the comments will always be here so you're always welcome to come share this final day of 2010 with all the commentors in this fine e-stablishment.



Daily: 7th January 2011 - Helloooooo!! It's a big fresh new year for us all to enjoy and my first daily of 2011, how exciting. I hope you all have had a good New Years celebration and have all duly recovered by this point, but what with everyone returning back to work and whatnot we're all wanting to be positive around these parts and so the positivity shall continue today, hurrah! After all it is Friday and the weekend is nearly here already. In fact did you know today is Lewis Hamilton's birthday? A big happy birthday to him, although with all things in the world he has I bet he doesn't have a pack of Chewits so someone should buy him some for his birthday. Now, onwards with the Daily!

Daily: 14th January 2011 - A big hello to all you folk out there wherever you may be and welcome to that day of the week that the gods of ancient past called 'Awesumus Dayus ofthy Weekus', also known as Friday. You may be in Birmingham for the Autosport International or you may be somewhere else on this fine day but I can guarantee you plenty of good times and links to share out in this daily. It's also a good chance to share out the birthday wishes as Formula 1 celebrates the birthdays of Giancarlo Fisichella and Narain Karthekaiyan today! Which is awesome! And I spelt Narry's name right! Yesss!! It's a good day already.

Daily: 28th January 2011 - Hey! Hello! I'm sorry, it's been so long since I last wrote a daily for you that I fear you may have forgotten about me. I';m still here, honest. It's Friday again and I'm back to ease you into the weekend as usual with a myriad of links and interesting things for you to read and watch. Can you believe it's 28th January already? It's utterly absurd, it feels like it was the 27th January just yesterday! Oh how time flies. Of course today is hugely important because it's the birthday of one of F1's biggest drivers ever - Takuma Sato!! Happy birthday Takuma! You should celebrate by playing F1 2010 and doing this again. Good times.


Daily: 5th February 2011 - Hello once again lovely people, Lukeh here ready to guide you through Saturday after Pamela needed to swap days due to not being able to write today's Daily. Now I know what you may be thinking - around these parts, Saturday is usually Australian Saturday here in the daily. We get some fabulous dailies from Amy, Pamela, Paul and Jeremy as they swap their duties about but as you can imagine I am not Australian, but rather of the Welsh variety from Wales. I do live in South Wales though, and there is a New South Wales in Australia so it kind of works out. Anyways as you can see I have decided to selotape my area of living to Australia and now I can proudly take part in Australian Saturday. All is well again! Hurrah!

Daily: 11th February 2011 - *runs down the stairs through the studio audience* Hello, hello, hello there!! How are you? Hello!! Hello and welcome to Friday my friends, the weekly daily that comes once a week just after Thursday and just before Saturday. On today's daily we have a fab guest post from Leigh, news about Ferrari and Kubica, a lego Jenson Button and the demise of the Guitar Hero series! Lots to get on with so let's click the above button and get on with it!

Daily: 18th February 2011 - Hello my lovely friends, it's Friday again! Time goes so fast these days, but here we are about to end another week. How has yours been? Personally it'd been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, with ups and down that Hermann Tilke could only dream of incorporating into his tracks but as the weekend is approaching it's good to stay positive and look forward to it by having a good Friday. Not the Good Friday good Friday, although that is a good Friday, just our own little good Friday. Is that good? Good! also, how awesome was Alex's daily yesterday? I wish I could even offer something anywhere near as creative but I hope this is good enough!

Daily: 25th February 2011 - Good morning, afternoon, evening and night and welcome to another Friday. It's been another odd week and it seems only fair that we go into the weekend with one last day, right? Well I'll help your day be a little bit better if I can because I've got plenty to share out today. First off, although he'll never see this yesterday Rubens celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with his wife Silvana, congratulations to them! Fabulous achievement with hopefully many more anniversary's for them.


Daily: 4th March 2011 - ***********************-----INCOMING MESSAGE-----Whoever reads this, don't be alarmed, don't be scared. This is a public announcement for the day of 4-3-11, a day that provides a daily that includes news about Jackie Stewart, a recap of the 5 Live F1 show and an engrossing story about a hacker but don't let these few examples fool you. There is so much more, and you are our only hope of making sure all this is read. There is lots for you to do stranger, but I have belief in you. Your mission is to read the daily, and join in with the comments, adding to the conversation and keeping our community so vibrant and welcome. I know you can do it. Oh, and whatever you do, don't blink. Good luck.-----END MESSAGE-----***********************

Daily: 6th March 2011 - Ohh, hello again! This is a bit of a surprise me turning up on a Sunday with another daily but I have a funny feeling Lou may have forgotten to write this week's daily so I'm volunteering to step in and make sure we're safely guided into Sunday. It's OK, we're no longer stuck in a never-ending Saturday! Phew! Although I don't think I'd be able to create anything anywhere near as genius as Christine's poem daily last Sunday. Hopefully I can include just as much useful linkage as Lou usually does and you won't even notice the difference.

Daily: 11th March 2011 - There once was a post on SidepodcastThat appeared after midnight so very fastOn the 11th of the ThirdIt was almost absurdThat this daily would happen to be so vast!

Daily: 18th March 2011 -

Sidepodcast, Sidepodcast
What a place, it's oh so vast
See this site, there's just no fight
When all competition lacks that bite

See this page, it's helps them gauge
Whether Sidepodcast is all the rage
With Asides and Chats and Debrief
Quality content is their motif

You've got Christine, who can be seen,
FBFBing like a machine!
But her voice is so delightful
Approved by Rob, it is just rightful!

Then Mr C, we cannot see,
but you'll love his work, I guarantee!
On the 'casts or doing coding,
Also hugs that'll cause exploding!

So please do go and explore,
You'll be begging them for more!
Sidepodcast! Sidepodcast! Siiiiidepodcast!

(Delicately placed to the theme of See My Vest)

Daily: 25th March 2011 -

To quote the Futurama birthday song...

What day is today?
It's Formula 1 day
It's a great day for some F1
Let's all have some cake
(and you smell like one too)


Daily: 1st April 2011 - I couldn't think of an April Fools to put in here, so instead, here are some baby penguins.

Daily: 8th April 2011 - If Rebecca Black's advice is anything to go by, today is the day we go out and party, as it's Friday, Friday, Friday Friday Friday.Apparently it's Friday you know. Yay!

Daily: 15th April 2011 - You know, I think it's time I came clean. I have to confess otherwise it will stay on my conscience forever but here we go. I hope you can look at me the same way afterwards.I never caught all 150 pokemon on Pokemon Red. I didn't even get 100.I know, I know. Don't look at me! Actually, I'll make it up to you by bringing you an action packed daily with lots to talk about and plenty to see.

Daily: 22nd April 2011 - Friday's are always good, but today is double good because it's Good Good Friday. Doesn't that sound great? No, it sounds good. That's why it's called Good Friday. Great! I mean, Good.

Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut - I'm over 900 years old, I really like Fez's, I've had more makeovers than a house in an episode of DIY SOS and I can be found eating fish fingers and custard - 'Who' am I? Oh hoh, that's a clever one that. It's time for some Doctor Who!


Daily: May 6th 2011 - If you're reading this on the homepage, well done you. The homepage is a fabulous place with lots of pages in a homely environment. If you're reading this on Facebook or an RSS source or whatnot, then head over to and join in with the comments. If you're reading this from the future, tell me what tomorrow's lottery numbers are. Cheers!

Daily: 13th May 2011 - This daily was brought to you through the power of Giggles Cupcakes following an argument lovely discussion between myself and mum about who should have the last cupcake. As I am a true gentlemen, of course, I ran off mid discussion and the cupcake was mine. However, I felt bad so I gave mum the wrapper. Maybe a hug too. And that really we shared it. But shhhhh.

Daily: 20th May 2011 - I promise you that I can bring pie to this daily. First off, you have to promise not to be disappointed. Secondly, it could just be 3.14. Thirdly, you can't eat it. Fourthly, I'm just distracting you from the disappointing pie. Well, I like the pie. It's an awesome pie. Very charty.

Daily: 27th May 2011 - There's a lot to live up to today as this week we've had some brilliant, brilliant dailies from both old and new daily writers so let's make today as awesome as possible. I elect we rename Friday to Worldwide Day of Awesome, and that every hour on the hour we all get to swig a drink of our choice. Sadly, this may result in many not remembering Worldwide Day of Awesome.


Daily: 3rd June 2011 - It's Friday so I am here to make your Friday even more awesome. There's F1 and games and music and allsorts in the Daily today. I hope you like it, I've tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doe... oh, I'm turning into a Linkin Park song. Quick! Avert this madness by trying to find the subtle link hidden in today's Daily Post...(In all honesty I really like that song, so don't come after me with your pitchforks and your angry shaking fists!)

Daily: 10th June 2011 - So when I was in work yesterday I noticed it was sunny, then rained, then sunny again, then had a bit of the two, then rained, then sunny again. How is it that the weather knows that Wimbledon is just around the corner? Sue Barker is up to no good. Maybe she needs to be in F1 to stop Bernie's sprinkler idea.

Daily: 17th June 2011 - Today's daily was prescribed by a Doctor with a handful of F1, some gigapixel supplements, managing that with some racing gaming, a lot of cool links to keep the temperature down, a few pumpkins to smash and topping that off by cutting down on the e-numbers. You may even get the Giggles from this prescription!

Wimbledon 2011: Day 2 - As Noddy Holder once famously sang, 'So here it is Merry Wimbledon, Everybody's having fun, Look to the future now, It's only just begun'. I believe that's what he really meant anyways as we're into Day 2 of the 2 week Wimbledon fun times!

Daily: 24th June 2011 - Gimme an F! Gimme an riday! What does that spell?! Well it spells two different works, F and Riday, neither are an established word so to speak so it's all gibberish really. Unless we rename today to Fandriday, which sounds like a Scottish town more than a day really.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 8 - How can you follow up a day like that at Wimbledon? Well, I have an idea - how about more awesome tennis to behold and enjoy? Yes, whilst yesterday was an absolute mammoth of a day with big names falling out and some huge matches being played today is no different and there's plenty to look forward to down on the hallowed greens of SW19.


Daily: 1st July 2011 - Why did the man cross the road? To get to the GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED!! Well, he had to cross quite a few roads because it's quite far out and not in the hippy sense. Although it is quite far out, man. But seriously, it's quite far out. What I'm trying to say is, welcome to Friday 1st July.

Daily: 10th July 2011 - I hope you're just as excited for the British Grand Prix as I am because it's going to be awesome! I'm not talking about wings or diffusers or any of that nonsense, today it's all about racing and having a brilliant Sunday!

Daily: 15th July 2011 - Oh, hello there. Funny seeing you round these parts! Thing is. I don't have the internet at the moment (thank you unnamed internet provider of whom are related to an F1 team) so this may be a bit of an odd Daily. It is me, Lukeh, I promise you. Luckily with these internet issues Christine has very kindly published this for me. Nevertheless it is of course Friday and all of this daily has been put together using a HTC Desire, 3G and a lot of patience. Hurrah!! So let's see what awesome there is to share today.

Daily: 22nd July 2011 - Heyyy! It's you! You made it onto the homepage! Well done you. Have a pat on the back. Have a cookie. I had one here for you but it disappeared. It later reappeared. Then I ate it. But hey, it's the thought that counts. The taste, too. But well done you for coming to the homepage and/or reading this on an RSS feed or Facebook. If you are one of those people, shame on you. Also, visit

Daily: 29th July 2011 - Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday. On today's show... who's birthday are we celebrating? What famous TV show has managed to get into a video game? And are the rumours true - is there a new member at Sidepodcast HQ? All this and so much more, and a little bit more than than, all in the daily thread!


Daily: 5th August 2011 - T-minus 3 weeks until Formula 1, Muse and Doctor Who clash all on the same weekend. Oh my god I may just explode. 3 weeks to prepare but let's make the most of this Friday. Why not come in and enjoy today's daily in the comments? You won't regret it. We have cake. That's right, Jenson. Lots and lots of cake.

Daily: 12th August 2011 - It's Friday! Happy Birthday, Chris! And happy birthday Friday as it celebrated it's 1,20384,043i84squajiullionth Friday. Something near that anyways. We ran out of candles, luckily there was just enough for Chris' cake.

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Reading Festival 2011 - We may be approaching the end of the summer and most festivals may be out of the way but there's always time to sit down, kick back and enjoy some good music at the Reading Festival. I'm sure you will soon understand why we have this live thread from myself - you see, headlining on the night of the 28th is a certain band called Muse! Hurrah!


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World Cup group stages - After much waiting, it's finally here. The FIFA World Cup 2014, held all across Brazil, begins with the eight groups of four teams that have qualified across the globe over the last few years. Of course the first match of the tournament involves the hosts Brazil going up against Croatia but this is only the start - the group stages go on for two weeks with the top two teams of each group qualifying for the knock out stages over two or three matches being played every day one after the other. With the altitude and temperature of South America to deal with just as much as the squads' talents, we could be in for some upsets and surprises as teams from all over are welcomed by the football-mad country of Brazil. Will they and their youthful squad succeed as hosts? Can Spain breeze through a potentially awkward group on their way to retaining the World Cup? Will England be as dismal as everyone seems to expect? To quote Alan Partridge; the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding, in this case, is football.

Glastonbury Festival 2014 - It's that time of the year again to get out the wellies for the summer and to slide in muddy fields of good music as Glastonbury comes around for the biggest festival of the year. Glasto provides several days of music excellence from everyone you could possibly imagine and this weekend provides no lack of quality with three massive headliners. On the Friday night, Canada's finest in Arcade Fire make their Glastonbury headlining debut in what (from first hand experience) I can promise will be a memorable set. On the Saturday are British rockers Kasabian, following after the recent release of their newest album 48:13. Finally the weekend ends with the surprising headline debut for Metallica despite their 33 years in the heavy metal spotlight. Put these massive headliners along the likes of Dolly Parton, Elbow, Royal Blood, The Pixies, The Black Keys, Metronomy, Lily Allen... there really is something for everyone and that's only naming a tiny amount! The BBC will be providing coverage all weekend on BBC 2, 3, 4 and online too for those in the UK. I know I'm excited - make sure you join us for the TV coverage over the weekend and join in the music greatness!

World Cup knockout stages - We are down to the last 16 in what has been a fairly fantastic World Cup so far with plenty of shocks, surprises, upsets and even a little nibble along the way. It was an underwhelming tournament from reigning champions Spain, going out before they even got going, and of course we all saw the likes of England, Portugal and other big names were eliminated whereas the likes of Costa Rica and Algeria impressively qualified for the final 16. It's going to be a fantastic bracket of matches with many big names still going towards the final - will Messi push Argentina to the top with a continuation of his impressive goals so far? Can the USA keep up an impressive run of form? And will Uruguay be able to react to the loss of star man Suarez? Let's hope they don't get caught snacking...