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Daily: 25th April 2010 - Hey everyone! Lou here, and today it’s my turn to welcome you to a brand new daily. Sunday has arrived, it's Felipe Massa's birthday, and with no F1 race this weekend we can all put our feet up and make the most of this glorious day before we are forced to return to the hustle and bustle of the working week. We won’t talk about Monday though; I’ll leave that to R.G for tomorrow’s daily. For now, we’ll look at what today has in store...


Daily: 2nd May 2010 - Hello everyone, it’s Sunday, which means it must be my turn to welcome you to this lovely day. I can’t promise it will be the warm sunny weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK lately, but I’m sure the comments will be as friendly as ever. Continuing on a theme Lukeh set in Friday’s daily post I would like to express an extra special welcome to all of the Lurkers out there and invite you to join us in the glorious world of the Sidepodcast comments.

Daily: 9th May 2010 - F1 is back!! Yes that's right it's Sunday and Formula 1 has woken from its 3 week slumber ready to provide us with an afternoon of racing. However this is the daily thread and there are other things to discuss too, such as typography, pandas or why incognito browsers are so useful.

Daily: 16th May 2010 - Wohoo! It’s Sunday at last, which can only mean one thing... it’s time for the Monaco Grand Prix! I’m very excited, I mean, Everybody Loves Monte Carlo.. right? Yesterday’s qualifying was great fun to watch, and with an out of place Ferrari and plenty of traffic to annoy the drivers, the race may be just as exciting. Then again if it’s not particularly mind blowing and no one runs to the podium, i’m sure all will be forgiven. It’s Monaco after all! I wish I could stop with the Monaco talk but there is no where better for Formula 1 to celebrate its 60th Birthday. While everyone at the track enjoys the sun, sea and shockingly loud engines sounds, what can we do?

Daily: 23rd May 2010 - Hey everyone! Another Sunday is upon us, I’m writing this earlier than usual so I hope my limited blogging skills allow me to schedule this post okay. In Britain we are set for yet another hot day, so with no Grand Prix I’m sure many people will be making the most of this weather. For those of you wanting some time inside here are a few things to think about and discuss;

Daily: 30th May 2010 - Hey everyone, and welcome to Sunday! I’m not sure about you but I’ve already had a very busy weekend, so I’m pleased it’s a bank holiday in the UK! Today is going to be very busy as well, as we have much to discuss and follow, here are a few things to start with;


Daily: 6th June 2010 - Hey there and welcome to Sunday! It’s been a busy weekend for myself, and I hope you’re all enjoying the weather/ taking it easy and enjoying the F1 free weekend. Just because there is no F1 doesn’t mean there isn’t any motorsport though, the moto gp weekend is in full swing, unfortunately without the talents of a certain Valentino Rossi who was injured in yesterday’s practice session. I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery! Aside from the Moto GP you can also catch the exciting French open final at Roland Garros, who are you supporting Soderling or Nadal? And... on with the bullet points;

Daily: 13th June 2010 - Hello everyone! It’s Sunday! I’m expecting the daily to be pretty quiet today given the amount of sport that continues over the second day of our weekend. No doubt there’ll be a thread for today’s world cup action, I’m not going to pretend I’m personally very interested in the Football but if you are there is of course a very lively place to live comment it. If you’re like me and not a fan of the football you’ll be searching for alternative sports or links to keep you interested and entertained, and that’s my job today. Let’s get on with the bullet points;

Wimbledon 2010: Day 3 - Today marks the third day of the tennis championships at Wimbledon, and so far it’s been brilliant! Yesterday three high seeders found themselves packing up their racquets and waving goodbye to the grandstands for the last time this year as the smiley Marcos Baghdatis [24], Juan Carlos Ferrero [14], and most shockingly of all Fernando Verdasco [8] were all defeated.

Daily: 27th June 2010 - Wow, is it Sunday already? Goodness me this weekend is flying by! Firstly, apologies that this daily is a little late I got a little held up watching Muse’s Glastonbury set.. they were very impressive! I’d totally recommend taking a look at the highlights of the set when they appear on the BBC Glastonbury site . Whether or not you’ve been watching the various performances from the festerval so far I’m sure you’ll agree this weekend has been crazily busy! There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to talk about, but just in case you need reminding or some light relief, on with the bullet points!

Wimbledon 2010: Day 7 - Hello everyone, it’s a brand new week down at SW19 and after a very special opening week let’s hope we can expect more of the same brilliant tennis matches over the next 7 days. After the traditional ‘Middle Sunday’ day off, let’s quickly look back to what happened on Saturday to refresh our memories.


2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 21 - Hi everyone, the football writing duties have fallen to me today. That’s right, I take no interest in the sport at all, but I made a deal with Mr C, so here I am. Look out for Mr C’s Wimbledon post by the way. I’ll ask that you take into consideration my lack of football knowledge throughout this post, but we’ve all got to start learning sometimes I suppose.

Daily: 4th July 2010 - Hello Everyone! I’m not sure about anyone else in Britain but I’ve got two minds about this very hot and humid weather. I’m partly very happy the sun is out and the past few days at the Festival of Speed have been exceptionally hot. While not having to carry a jumper around with me is such a lovely feeling, I’m typically British in my approach to summer and I’m not too keen on the silly humidity as it makes sleeping and general negotiating of busy Goodwood crowds much more difficult. I hope you’re all having a lovely time with the weather, be it lapping up the rays or hiding inside away from the rain. Anyway, you already know Lukeh and I are at Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, however if you’re not able to attend, and with no F1 to keep you occupied here are a few things you might like to check out;

Daily: 11th July 2010 - Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday. We’ve got another very full day of sport ahead of us, the main two events for me being the British Grand Prix, and the final of the World Cup. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to the comments you’ll probably be wondering why I’m looking forward to the football today. Well, to put it simply it marks the end of it all! I’m sure many people will be sad about it, and I’ve seen many people enjoying the atmosphere over in the comments... but it’s been a month, time for a break. However this is the daily, not the football post, which means I should really get on with the bullet points;

Daily: 18th July 2010 - Hey Everyone!! Today is my first full day back from my holiday and I’m already missing the seaside! However life goes on and I must get back to doing normal things like introducing you all to Sunday! While I’ve been away there seems to have been a lot of things going on, and it seems that even moving house can be a little dangerous- let’s hope that Mrs C’s Sunday is much less painful than yesterday. Lots of things happening today to keep us all occupied though so I should get on with the bullet points;

Daily: 21st July 2010 - Surprise!! Don’t you just love surprises! I’m not totally sure how it happened (I’m looking at you Steven) but Gavin is a bit busy so it’s fallen to me to guide you through this lovely Wednesday. With this being the middle of the week, and tomorrow being Thursday you’d be forgiven for being sad at the thought the weekend was still another 2 days away. However, don’t worry despite Mr C’s love for new daily writers (sorry I’m not new), I’m sure I can find a few links to help you all get through the day smoothly;


Daily: 1st August 2010 - Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new month! No Mr C it’s not October, August is finally upon us! How exciting! I got the distinct impression that Mr C had somewhat of a bad day yesterday . However with the summer break, Spa meetup and the start of Amy’s epic European adventure to look forward to what more could we want from a month? Has anyone got anything exciting planned that they’re looking forward to? In the mean time we must concentrate on today, so here are a few links for your enjoyment;

Daily: 8th August 2010 - Hello my friends! Welcome to the first of the three Sundays which make up the Formula 1 summer holidays. I know, the thought of no race for such a long time is a sad one, but there will be plenty of different activities that we can all take part in to keep ourselves occupied I’m sure. What are you all up to today? Exciting things I hope! Well, if you’ve not got any plans I have a few suggestions as to how you could pass some of your day;

Daily: 15th August 2010 - It’s reasonably quiet at the moment on the F1 news front, but with 11 days until the Spa GP weekend starts I’m sure it won’t be long until we get some more substantial news to discuss. I fact it’s so quiet people have started watching Football again! Come on F1 create some news for us! Speaking of Spa, while researching for topics for the daily I noticed the scary looking weather that area of Belgium is having currently. We’re going to need some waterproofs... or possibly a boat.

Daily: 22nd August 2010 - Apologies for the slightly delayed daily today, I had a bit of a spider related emergency, which after a quick note from Lukeh disappeared, however the incident saw me relocating to another room in order to complete the daily safely. Any way.. on with the daily!


Daily: 5th September 2010 - Hello my lovely fellow commenters, ahh it’s nice to be back on daily duties again. I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend so far. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had a slightly different weekend than I had last week. However in order to ease my post SidepodSpa blues I’m writing this daily to the soundtrack of rain. Ahhh it’s like being in Belgium all over again! Right then, on with the daily, what do we have to look through today?

Daily: 11th September 2010 - Hey everyone, happy Saturday! Our lovely site owner Christine has agreed to swap daily duties with me this weekend as I’m moving into my university accommodation tomorrow (eek!) If you’ve got any advice about university life feel free to add them in the comments, I’m starting to get very nervous! However it’s not just a big weekend for me, it’s a big weekend for us all because this weekend Jenson will get his 10th win … I mean… it’s the last European race of the season before the circus flies off to Singapore. Anyway, lets not talk about the future, lets talk about today. Not sure what to talk about? Well I have some ideas to get you started;

Daily: 19th September 2010 - Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a nice day? I hope you’re all up to something interesting. I’m going back to university this afternoon while I try and complete my first mini project on carte de visite photography. Anyone a fan of ‘ye olde’ photographs like that? I’d love to know what you think!Aside from making my journey back I’ll also be trying to tune in to Giggles Radio at 4pm, make sure you join me, it’s going to be a great show! However maybe you’re off to the last day of the Goodwood Revival? If you are, or have been this year please please please keep us updated with your thoughts on the day, I would have loved to have gone!So, what if you have no plans today, or if you get some time at one point? Well I’ve found some ideal links for you.

Daily: 26th September 2010 - Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday. It’s the last day of the week, and I hope you’re all spending it relaxing and enjoying the break. I’m not sure about you but the last 6 days have gone very slowly and I’ve been rather grateful for a quieter weekend. However it’s an f1 weekend, which means lots of time being spent in front of a computer, no change there then. Although this weekend the cars are all sparkly and stuff so definitely worth checking them out. While the F1 circus (plus Amy) enjoy the humidity and darkness of everyone’s favourite night race, those of us unfortunate enough to be stuck at home must occupy ourselves with something. Which is of course what the bullet points are for;


Daily: 3rd October 2010 - Hello my lovely Sidepodfriends, I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday morning. Have you all got plans for today? Well it’s the opening of the Commonwealth games in New Delhi today, which means no Jake Humphrey next weekend for BBC coverage of the Grand Prix which is sad, but that’s a whole 7 days away. In the mean time we can sit back and enjoy these lovely images of the preparations for the games, as collected by the boston big picture.

Daily: 24th October 2010 - Hey everyone! I hope you're all well, I'm back from a rather unanticipated 2 week break, and on that note a quick thanks to Steven and Lukeh for filling in for me last minute. Today, as with most good Sundays, is of course race day! Wohoo! The race we all thought would never happen is about to erm happen.

Daily: 31st October 2010 - Hey all, I hope you’re all well this fine day. Today is Halloween , so I hope you all have an enjoyable day carving jack-o'-lanterns or whatever you’re meant to do on Halloween. Personally I’ll be working but I’m sure you’ll all be doing much more exciting things than that!


Daily: 4th November 2010 - Hey everyone! Please don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t Sunday just yet, I’m just here filling in for Pat. It is, unfortunately that day of the week again, Thursday. Don’t panic, things will be okay, it’ll be a good Thursday today I’m sure. If it isn’t well... at least we have lots of things to look forward to in the coming days such as the Brazilian GP! Always a favourite race, with some great racing, how brilliant is it to hear it’ll be the 2011 season finale, returning it to its rightful place. I can’t believe it’s over a year ago since Jenson won the Championship!

Daily: 21st November 2010 - Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Sunday of the off season.. just 16 more to go! I hope you’ve all got lots of plans to keep yourself busy so that the withdrawals don’t set in too soon. Just make sure you don’t injure yourself on any electrical appliances, I hear they can be dangerous. So stay clear of those hair dryers and have a lovely day, but first here are a few links to help you fill your time today.

Daily: 28th November 2010 - Good day to all of you out there in Sidepodland! How are you all? Having a nice day? Do let us know what you’re up to, whether it be making the most of the snow, household chores or just doing a bit of Christmas shopping we’re always interested in the comments.


Daily: 5th December 2010 - Hey everyone! Lou here to bring you yet another Sunday countdown to the start of the 2011 season. Only 14 weekends left! yaaayy! Just 98 days to go before we get to see that gaggle of cars all line up on the grid in .. erm.. Bahrain.

Daily: 12th December 2010 - Hey all of you wonderful people, how is your day going? I first must start by wishing my Dad a very happy birthday, he doesn’t read Sidepodcast but if for some reason he doesn’t get my card at least I can say I tried.

Daily: 19th December 2010 - Hello Everyone and welcome to another Sidepodpositive day, it’s Sunday today and well what’s not positive about such a wonderful day of the week! Despite the snow, and disruption it can cause let’s look on the bright side. At least we can all snuggle up at home this weekend! Duvet days for everyone!

Daily: 26th December 2010 - Hello everyone in the lovely Sidepodland. I hope you had the most fabulous Christmas day yesterday, what did you do? Many left overs? Tell us in the comments, we’re always interested to know! So today is Boxing day, the day we put things into boxes or something. The only thing I know that’s happening today is the cricket. So if you’re into cricket I suppose you may be watching that, but other than that maybe people have just planned a quiet day in? Or maybe you’re braving the shops for the traditional manic sales! – good luck if you are!



Daily: 2nd January 2011 - I hope you’ve all recovered from New Years Eve by now and are enjoying your well earned rest this weekend. Have you been up to much? I bring brilliant news…"70 days, 11 hours and 58 minutes until the Bahrain Grand Prix. #f1" Yes that’s right, 70 days!! That’s just 10 weeks! We’ve still got a loads of things between now and the start of the season, however maybe it’s best to concentrate on the present for a bit so you’ve all got interesting topics to talk about/ read about over today. So lets get on with the links.

Daily: 9th January 2011 - Welcome to ‘Smiley Sunday’ yes that’s right another day of smiles please, there is nothing better than happy comments. Why don’t you all tell us what has made you smile today? I’ll go first - We now only have 61 days until Bahrain FP1, that’s just 8 short weekends without F1! Yipeee! Speaking of F1, we’re now out of the silent/ holiday part of the off season and news agencies and journalists are starting to type out many lovely stories to keep us all ticking over until testing starts.

Daily: 21st January 2011 - Hello all! Surprise! I must first apologise for the lateness of my daily, and secondly for taking Lukeh’s wonderful Friday daily away from you. However I have good news, he’ll be back covering for me on Sunday, so you wont have to wait long. Oh my goodness!! 51 days until the Bahrain Grand Prix!! So that means tomorrow we can start the 50 day countdown! The off season really has flown by this year. Anyway, on with today rather than the countdown


Daily: 13th February 2011 - Hello… remember me? Apologies for my neglect towards the Sunday dailys of late. You know what it’s like, real life can pop up and get in the way of things sometimes. However I’m back now, and I’ve missed you all, so lets get on with the daily and have a good old catch up!

Daily: 20th February 2011 - Hey everyone! I’m not going to start with my usual countdown to the Bahrain GP because as I’m sure you all know there is currently a question mark over whether or not it will happen. Instead I will simply say this;


Daily: 13th March 2011 - Hello everyone! I’m back! I’m not sleeping this time, I’m awake, and here to give you a bumper daily as a way of apology for forgetting about you last week. So hold on to your screens and brace yourself for the amount of links;

Daily: 20th March 2011 - Hey all! Guess what? You’ll never believe what I have to tell you…7 DAYS UNTIL THE START OF THE SEASON!!

Daily: 27th March 2011 - Hello race fans!! Oh my goodness can you believe it, the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship has finally started! I’m not sure about you all but I’m super excited about this season, goo Jenson!!


Daily: 3rd April 2011 - Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and are treating your lovely Mums this brilliant Sunday. Off anywhere nice for dinner? Or bought her some nice flowers? Whatever you’re doing I hope you have a great time.

Daily: 10th April 2011 - Good morning race fans! How are you all today? Its race daaayy, how exciting! Yesterday bought an amazing qualifying session, meaning the stage is set for a brilliant race today. The ever present promise of rain, and the small margins between the top 4 drivers could equal the perfect formula for a wonderful morning of racing.

Daily: 17th April 2011 - It's race day!!

Daily: 24th April 2011 - Happy Easter!!


Daily: 1st May 2011 - Happy Sunday everyone! Yes that’s right (I hope you’re paying attention Mr C) it’s Sunday... and it’s May!..I think. So now that has been established we can continue.

Daily: 8th May 2011 - Hello everyone! It’s race day and what an exciting prospect, we’re back to normal timing and we can finally settle down into the season.

Daily: 22nd May 2011 - Hello everyone. I must first make a huge apology to Christine, Mr C and everyone at Sidepodcast, this daily is so late (maybe the latest in a very long time) and well, I can only hope that you’re all to excited for the Grand Prix to mind too much.

Daily: 29th May 2011 - Happy Monaco Grand Prix day!! Hello to you all! I’m every so excited, there is nothing better than sitting down on a fabulous Sunday to watch our most famous race. Everyone loves Monaco right?


Daily: 5th June 2011 - Hello everyone, are you enjoying this lovely Sunday? I hope so. Well I’ve got lots of lovely links for you all to help you with your day anyway.

Daily: 12th June 2011 - I hope you are ready for another wonderful day of sport! We have F1, tennis, Moto GP and Le Mans 24hour! Woah how on earth are we going to fit in things like eating, and well sleeping!

Daily: 19th June 2011 - Hello everyone! Welcome to Sunday, and what a lovely day it is too! Can you believe it’s been just 7 days since Jenson’s epic win? I’m still recovering! I hope you’re all well today and off to fill your days with awesome things. I’m hopefully off to Brands Hatch tomorrow to see some F3 action, any lurkers/commenters going too?

Wimbledon 2011: Day 1 - Hello everyone, Lou here bringing you day 1 of everybody’s favourite grass court grand slam! It may be the only slam played on grass, but it’s certainly many people’s (especially the players!) tournament of the year.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 5 - Despite the rain we had another fabulous day of tennis yesterday! Join us today for more lovely tennis action.

Daily: 26th June 2011 - Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the delay of this post for which I blame Coldplay for. I’m going to have to get this out of the way now, but my goodness I’m one happy and proud Coldplay fan tonight. A perfect mix of old and new. There are no words. Anyway I wont go on about how much I love them for much longer. I do however want to mention that if you like coldplay too, you can buy their new EP on itunes now.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 9 - Yesterday was Women’s quarter- finals day, sadly I didn’t get to watch much of the tennis, but I hear weather caused a number of frustrations with cancelled/ postponed/ delayed play everywhere at SW19. Notable performances include Sabine Lisicki, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova all defeating their opponents to make it into the Ladies’ Semi Finals day on Thursday.


Daily: 3rd July 2011 - Hello everyone! Goodness me I’ve had a busy few days, and because of my adventures (pictures and blog posts coming soon) I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Daily: 17th July 2011 - Hey everyone! Welcome to Sunday, I hope you’re all having a lovely day whatever you’re up to. As it’s not a Grand Prix Sunday I thought I’d focus on finding some fun links for you this week.

Daily: 24th July 2011 - Hey all, hope you’re all okay on this lovely race day, and that your Sunday is full of wonderful things! It is of course time for the German Grand Prix, so why don’t we have some predictions to start the day, unless you’re reading this after the race then well maybe ignore this bit.

Daily: 31st July 2011 - Would you look at that, last day of July already! The months are just flying by! Today isn't just the last day until we head into the hopefully warm days of August, it's also the last before the 2 and a half F1 summer holidays. I wonder where the likes of Stefano Domenicali, Christian Horner and Martin Whitmarsh, along with the hundreds of others that grace the paddock will be spending their time off?


Daily: 7th August 2011 - Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, this week has just flown by! Fingers crossed the next few weeks pass quickly too so we can get back to some F1. However just because it’s the off season doesn’t mean we don’t have any news or links for you all to enjoy on this beautiful day.

Daily: 14th August 2011 - Hello everyone! How are you on this fine Sunday? Enjoying the break from F1? No, neither am I. However I have a plan to help us stay happy and smiling on this second Sunday of our holiday. To help on this F1- less day here is a cute little link. Everyone loves baby animals right?

Daily: 21st August 2011 -

Daily: 28th August 2011 -


Daily: 11th September 2011 -

Daily: 25th September 2011 -



US Open Tennis 2013 - Tennis is back! It’s the final Grand Slam of the year, and this time we find ourselves heading to Flushing Meadows in New York for the US Open. We’ve had lots of great matches this year, and the US Open never disappoints. Serena Williams and Andy Murray look to defend their Championships from 2012, but there are plenty of great players that stand in their way. It’s set to be a fabulous fortnight of tennis, with lots of great matches lined up!