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Daily: 4th December 2009 - Hello and welcome to the 4th of December 2009. It’s Gavin from Making Up The Numbers here and I’ll be your guest post writer for today. I hope that you’ve all had a good week and survived your Thursday intact – because we all know that Thursdays are RRRRubbish! But it’s Friday, so it’s all good, because it is the end of the week and I will be having my croissants for breakfast and beers with engineers after work – what will you be up to today?



Daily: 21st April 2010 - Hi, I’m Gavin, otherwise known as RubberGoat, author of the F1 stats blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’ and I am here to welcome you to Wednesday – ’Hump Day’, the middle of the week. It’s all downhill from here. Here’s some links for your reading and enjoyment...

Daily: 28th April 2010 - Hi, it’s Gavin here, author of the F1 stats blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’ – here with another daily post for your enjoyment. There isn’t much F1 news today as we are slap bang in the middle of a three-week gap between races.


Daily: 5th May 2010 - Hello there, it’s Gavin again, author of the F1 stats blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’ – which means it’s Wednesday, or ‘Hump Day’ if you are so inclined.In fact, today is my Monday because as I mentioned last week, I have been busy moving house (and cities) from Odense to Copenhagen. I have basically spent the last week moving out, cleaning the old house so well that you could have removed any existence of us living there, then moving all the stuff to the new place, building everything up, connecting up stuff and then unpacking and putting everything away. But we feel like we’ve done really well, and the new flat is really awesome, so we are very happy :D

Daily: 12th May 2010 - Hello there, Gavin here, also known as the F1 stats blogger for ‘Making Up The Numbers’. It’s the day before Free Practice for Monaco so there’s plenty to look forward to!

Daily: 19th May 2010 - Hello there, Gavin here, also known as the F1 stats blogger for 'Making Up The Numbers'. You know, I love the Wednesdays after a Grand Prix because by now, all the dust has settled and we can take a deeper look at the stories from the weekend…

Daily: 26th May 2010 - Hey, it’s Gavin from ‘Making Up The Numbers’ here, introducing you to a brand new Wednesday! It’s the Wednesday before the weekend of the Turkish Grand Prix, the Indy 500, Eurovision and my flatwarming too…


Daily: 2nd June 2010 - Kia Ora Sidepodcast, It’s Wednesday again so time for me to write another daily post. It’s Gavin here and I do hope you are all having a great week. It’s cake day in the canteen at work now, so I always enjoy Wednesdays ;)

Daily: 9th June 2010 - Good day to you, it’s Gavin again, introducing you to Wednesday yet again. But it’s not just any old Wednesday today, oh no – this is the Wednesday before a fantastic weekend of Sport, with Le Mans, F1 and the World Cup all happening, there’s something for everyone...

Daily: 16th June 2010 - Hello Wednesday, it’s Gavin writing the daily for you yet again. But it’s not any old Wednesday – it’s Christine’s birthday today!So Happy Birthday Christine, hope you have a Francktastic day ;)What’s been in the news lately?

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 10 - Good Morning People – It’s Day 10 of the World Cup. Wasn’t yesterday’s action brilliant? I may be slightly biased however, because we went to watch the Danish game at an outdoor stadium – where the atmosphere was brilliant! So many people went to see it, all dressed in red and white with flags, horns, beach balls and LOADS OF NOISE!!!

Daily: 30th June 2010 - Good day and welcome to the middle day of the middle week of the year. I do hope you are enjoying your week - we've had some great sporting action this week from the F1, the football and Wimbledon. The football is taking a rest day today, but there should be some great tennis action, with a post coming up later for it...


Daily: 7th July 2010 - W-W-W-W-Wed, W-W-W-Wednesday!Hey everybody, it’s Gavin having a go a writing the daily again. Random fact for you, 14 years ago today my family landed in NZ after emigrating there. It was the start of an awesome adventure, but that’s for another blog post I think…I do hope you enjoyed the football last night. Proper men, liquid football, jumpers for goalposts. He tried to walk it in during the second half. What about that dodgy decision by the ref? He was clearly offside. However, it was a game of two halves and football was the winner on the day.(By the way, I’m writing this post before the game starts!)Right then, have we got some links for you? Of course we have…

Daily: 24th July 2010 - Hello there, I'm not Christine, it's Gavin here ... as I was unable to write the Daily Post for Wednesday, Christine kindly offered to swap with me, so here I am then.

Daily: 28th July 2010 - Hello, Gavin here... It's Wednesday so it must be my turn to write the daily again. I have been out all evening playing cricket and eating BBQ so I haven't had much time to find some links - however here are a few for you to enjoy...


Daily: 4th August 2010 - Hey there! Just a quick Daily Post from me because I am writing this post at the last minute, because I had some friends over to play Kubb, Pétanque and eat pizza – and they only just left!Here are your links for today:


Daily: 8th September 2010 - Hello. I’m back writing the Wednesday Daily after a long absence due to holidays and the Spa Grand Prix. In fact, it was exactly a week ago that I returned from that epic trip, and I miss everyone I shared the experience with. You were awesome, guys!Anyway, I found some F1 links for you:

Daily: 15th September 2010 - Hello, Gavin here. I’ve just come back from a Champions League game between FCK (FC Copenhagen) and Rubin Kazan of Russia – who brought along a fearsome contingent of 12 whole supporters. It was a slow game but a decent one, and we won 1-0. The silly people next to us left early and missed the goal too. Here are the rest of the results – spare a thought for poor RG and Spurs, who blew a 2 goal lead away from home to draw against Werder Bremen…

Daily: 22nd September 2010 - Hello people of the midweek, it’s Gavin here. Ready for another smorgasbord of links? Well then, Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!!!

Daily: 29th September 2010 - Hey there, another Wednesday, so another daily beckons. I have quite a few links for you today... but mostly on one particular subject. The Lotus Stuff...The big news after this Grand Prix is that it's all about the Lotus... Which Lotus are we talking about though? It seems like this story is starting to really unfold and it seems to be quite complex


Daily: 6th October 2010 - Hey everyone - it's another wicked Wednesday. I do hope your week is going well and that you are all keeping on top of things.Because this was written on the Tuesday before a long haul race, there's not many news stories. I do have a lot of links for you though...

Daily: 13th October 2010 - Hello Everyone. How has your week gone so far? I do hope you are all having fun. Here are some links for you to read on this fine Wednesday...

Daily: 20th October 2010 - Well hello you. Are you lost? Oh, you meant to come here? Silly me, that means it must be Wednesday already.So... I suppose you want some lovely linky goodness then? Hang on one moment... ah yes, here we are. Freshly picked from the comments, Facebook, Twitter, blog feeds and other parts of the interwebs. Bon Appetit!

Daily: 27th October 2010 - Hey guys, Wednesday isn’t it? I do hope you are having a great week. There isn’t much F1 news but I do have a few links for you…


Daily: 3rd November 2010 - Good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, good night, just good really ;)We are TWO DAYS away from the start of probably the most important Grand Prix of the season. Why? Because the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos is one of those places where proper magic happens. There have been so many great races and the last 3 championships have been decided there too. The weather always plays a big part too, so as you can tell I am really excited.

Daily: 10th November 2010 - Well hello there. May I first say a congratulations to Fernando Alonso, for winning his third world championship in stunning style at Abu Dhabi last weekend. This one was the greatest of all of his triumphs......Oh wait, it's the 10th? Silly me, I've got the wrong daily! That'll teach me to pre-write posts before the actual event ;)Onto the news...

Daily: 17th November 2010 - Hello all. Have you recovered from the finale of the championship season yet? Ready for the off-season? Good, because after the craziness that was end of the season, we haven’t even had a chance to rest yet. That’s because even though most of the F1 personnel are heading home, the teams have stayed behind in Abu Dhabi for Young Driver testing… which started yesterday and Sidepodcast has all the info you need to see who’s hot and who has a big wallet…

Daily: 24th November 2010 - Hello all. How's your off season going? Are you suffering from withdrawal symptoms yet? I'm not - it's been such a long season, but I have just returned home from an evening karting with friends, which I enjoyed quite a lot thank you ;)As you can imagine, I've been quite busy today so I haven't been able to read too many links. But I do have a few for you...


Daily: 1st December 2010 - “…Oh the Weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”Hey guys, guess what? It’s the first of December! Which means that today is the day you can open the first door on your advent calendar, and start thinking about Christmassy things!

Daily: 8th December 2010 - Hello Midweek! I have been off with the Man-Flu, but 14 hours of sleep seem to have cured that! So I have had some time to trawl through the interwebs and look for some decent articles for you to look at, which I hope you will enjoy!

Daily: 15th December 2010 - Hello everyone! How are you all? I have just come home from a mad evening of hectic Christmas shopping. But never fear, I have all of my presents and I have been keeping tabs on the stories I wanted to link to using the brilliant Instapaper service (Cheers Giggles!)

Daily: 22nd December 2010 - Well hello there people! Not long until Christmas now, is it? With only three more days to go (two if you live on continental Europe) things are starting to get pretty hectic … and yet oddly they seem to slow down at the same time…Seeing as it’s Christmas, how about some F1-themed Christmas cards?

Daily: 29th December 2010 - Hi there. The last Wednesday of 2010 eh? What a year it has been! And while the F1 circus has been on their Christmas Holidays, there have been a few stories of note and plenty from the blogs to link to. So let's get to it eh?



Daily: 5th January 2011 - Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. -- Groucho Marx

Daily: 12th January 2011 - Hello Homepage visitor! Isn't this a lovely page, eh? Well, just to reward you for your visit I have a little Easter Egg that didn't appear in today's daily:"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. --Mark Twain"Have a great day!

Daily: 23rd January 2011 - For emergency Daily posts to be written, please break the glass and Gavin will do it for you ;) Did you guys who went to the Coal Hole enjoy yourselves? I do hope you didn't get too Bassanoed ;)On to Sunday then...

Daily: 26th January 2011 - Hello all. Wednesday, innit? Better find some links for you then:


Daily: 2nd February 2011 - It's all about Launch Day and testing has started in earnest. This part of the year is just like "Transfer Deadline Day" for F1 and I love it! I'm as excited as Jaime Alguersuari (JEJEJEJEEE)!


Daily: 2nd March 2011 - Well hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Firstly, thank you to everyone who filled in for my usual Daily Post while I was away, I did have a catch up of the SPC posts while I was on holiday and you all did a great job, so thanks for that!Now I’m back once again like a Renegade Master though, so I do hope you enjoy what I have for you today ;)

Daily: 9th March 2011 - Hey guys, did you enjoy your pancakes yesterday? Good, because today is the first day of lent, where you are supposed to give up something. Seeing as we have given up on F1 for months I think we are all ok though ;)

Daily: 16th March 2011 - Hello. Wednesday again! Not long now until the season starts, so as the teams are packing up and shipping out to Australia, there isn’t much in the way of news. I do have some good links for you however ;)

Daily: 23rd March 2011 - (To the tune of two more days to santa - kinda like a 99 bottles of beer on the wall type of song)*DEEP BREATH*Two more days to go, two more days to Melbourne, two more days until the F1 circus goes racing round Albert Park and Joe hosts an evening and Crofty gets on the radio and Amy stalks Heikki and Webber gets his hopes up and EJ annoys the viewers and Brundle talks his debut and Bernie threatens to leave and everyone goes deaf and we all get tired cause we all got up too early cause WE LOVE F1!... Two more days to Melbourne!

Daily: 30th March 2011 - Well done! You checked the homepage, which is really awesome! As a reward, you get to see this link which is not in the Daily:


Daily: 6th April 2011 - Hey guys, hope you are all having a great week. Spring is here, the days are getting longer and starting to warm up a little. Also, we have the Malaysian Grand Prix to look forward to this week! I normally quite enjoy this particular race, as the weather always throws in a random variable or two.

Daily: 13th April 2011 - So what’s been going on in the F1 world? Well, considering it’s the Tuesday after a Grand Prix, there isn’t too much news – so today we will have more blog links, which is more awesome anyway!

Daily: 20th April 2011 - Hey there folks! It’s the Wednesday before Easter! Did you enjoy the Grand Prix? I hope you did, I thought it was fantastic! If you haven’t had a chance to yet, check out the latest debrief…

Daily: 27th April 2011 - Well hello dear Sidepodders! Did you have a great Easter? I sure did ;) Sounds like the weather was good in a lot of places and people really took advantage of it.


Daily: 4th May 2011 - Hello all! It’s Wednesday again! Hope your week is going well… I am incredibly busy but at least I’m not bored ;) DID YOU KNOW: Emus cannot walk backwards? Neither did I!

Daily: 11th May 2011 - Hey guys, after subbing in yesterday it’s time for my proper Daily today. And how are we all? Have you ever felt like writing a Daily Post for Sidepodcast? You have? Well you are in luck, because some spaces have opened up. Why not check out this post, which should tell you all that you need to know…

Daily: 18th May 2011 - Hi there! Hope your week is going well? Mine is fine, thank you. I do hope you are looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix? It won't be boring this time - honest!!!

Daily: 25th May 2011 - Hey guys – hope your week is going well. Happy birthday yesterday to Ivan Capelli and while we are on that subject, Congratulations to Sidepodcast for reaching ONE MILLION COMMENTS! That is an awesome achievement!


Daily: 1st June 2011 - This pic is a lovely sunset from our balcony last night. Here's another smorgasbord of links to get you through hump day. Enjoy!

Daily: 8th June 2011 -

Daily: 15th June 2011 - Hello everyone. I hope you are all over your motorsport-related hangovers? I was knackered today so I decided to go for a run in order to reset the body clock a bit.

Daily: 22nd June 2011 - Morning everyone! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, did you sleep well last night? Because it was the longest day of the year.

Daily: 29th June 2011 - Well hello there. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been rather busy, what with a big project at work and all. Managed to fit in writing a post for you all though ;)


Daily: 6th July 2011 - Hi everyone! How are you all doing? There’s not too much F1 news out there as the teams are busy preparing for Silverstone, but here are some links you might enjoy...


Daily: 3rd August 2011 -

Daily: 10th August 2011 -

Daily: 17th August 2011 - Hey guys, how has your week been so far? Are you enjoying the F1 ‘summer holiday’? If you are missing your fix of F1 action, I may have some links to help tide you over…

Daily: 24th August 2011 - Right, so F1’s back on this week and the teams are heading to Spa as we speak. Check out the Tweets of the Week and Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings to see what else they have been up to. Also, listen to the Debrief if you haven’t already!

Daily: 31st August 2011 - Hi Wednesday! Hope you are all well!


Daily: 7th September 2011 - Hello New Daily! How are you all? Since last time I wrote, I went for a run, which made me a bit tired so I had a restful weekend. I did go to Tivoli Gardens though. Then on Monday, I went for a family day out with work to the Zoo, which was lots of fun and we saw Lion cubs! We then had a lovely dinner and then went home. We got quite lucky too because we’ve had a awful lot of rain lately!Some links? OK then…

Daily: 14th September 2011 - Hi there. Hope you are well. Got some links for you today!

Daily: 21st September 2011 - Hey there folks! Hope you are having a great week. I have been busy, and Copenhagen is pretty quiet right now because they have closed off all the roads in the city centre to hold some sort of bike race – I went out to see it yesterday but it was a bit meh. A police bike, a cyclist and then a station wagon barking orders at the cyclist. Then nothing for a while, then repeat!But on Sunday I will visit a friend’s house to watch the proper part of the cycle race. Also this weekend I am going to a Kiwi pub to watch the All Blacks play France and go to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. So much to look forward to!

Daily: 28th September 2011 - Hey guys. Hope you have been well. I watched the race late on Sunday as I had been to a friend’s house to watch the cycling… we even got on TV :) Oh, and a McLaren won the race ;) Apparently the F1 race was quite boring but I enjoyed it.