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Daily: 13th November 2008 - One of the snippets of feedback we got about the site was that there's lots of fabulous conversation happening all over the site, and none of it particularly matches the thread it is on. Therefore, this post is the first in a trial of daily posts - a space to talk about anything at all.

Daily: 14th November 2008 - If anyone's keeping track, I'm feeling much better now but the man has caught some of the germs. Of course, they are much worse, and more man-flu shaped than mine were, so everyone give him lots of sympathy today, if you find him in the comments.

Daily: 16th November 2008 - We have just returned from the Official Sidepodcast Christmas Party. Oh, alright, it was actually my work's do at a greyhound stadium. I've never been before, and didn't know what to expect, and all I can say is that the Ted Fighting Fund has been reduced ever so slightly... quite a lot.

Daily: 17th November 2008 - We all stayed up late last night recording the fourth edition of Sidepodpanel. We managed to welcome in the new day and say Happy Birthday to Scott as the clock struck midnight. However, it's now Monday, and things are kicking off in the F1 world once again.

Daily: 18th November 2008 - We're now recovering from the shock of seeing those pug-ugly 2009 shaped wings, and starting to think a little more realistically. No doubt they will evolve before the season starts, it's just the first iteration, everything will look much better after we've slept on it.

Daily: 19th November 2008 - The second day of testing seemed to be much quieter in terms of us all jumping on the pictures and times as they became available. However, it's all still interesting information to be poured over, so hopefully day three will give us more of the same.

Daily: 20th November 2008 - It was the final day of testing today which saw some lopsided Ferrari cars, some Renault braces and Vettel on top once again. That was good stuff. Now we get to sit back and try and analyse everything we saw. It's going to be particularly difficult because everyone was running different strategies and we don't have any idea who was actually fast. Nevertheless, we will do our best.

Daily: 21st November 2008 - Things have quietened down again on the news front, with almost everybody going back in to hibernation to evaluate the results of their test. Meanwhile, I've been super busy and finally completed the transcript for Episode 69. Whilst this may sound like I'm crazily behind (which I am), that was the epic long British GP show that was well over an hour long.

Daily: 22nd November 2008 - We now know that Bernie and Slavica are set for divorce, but that's about the only news out there at the moment. Nevertheless, we still have plenty to discuss...

Daily: 23rd November 2008 - Well, what a day for Mark Webber! Just as we thought everything was calming down, the poor guy hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, there's plenty of other things up for discussion, so let's have a quick rundown.

Daily: 24th November 2008 - Fresh from our adventures into the world of Skype for the fifth and penultimate episode of Sidepodpanel, we enter a new week. The big news over the weekend is all Red Bull related, of course, with Webber's accident and DC's baby boy. It seems like any other F1 news is few and far between, so here's what's on our minds.

Daily: 26th November 2008 - The big news of the moment is Red Bull's return to two-team ownership, as Mateschitz buys out Berger's half of Toro Rosso. This raises many, many questions, and is what we've been talking about in the comments. Well, that and a game of Space I Spy, obviously.

Daily: 27th November 2008 - Bernie seems to be doing his damnedest to make himself unpopular with Formula 1 fans. Firstly the calendar shenanigans and now brazenly suggesting he's got all the teams onside with his medals idea. Some people don't think it's such a bad system, whilst others think it's completely pointless and unnecessary.

Daily: 28th November 2008 - It's been a day of strange goings on, as Donington Park announced they would be making the 2010 British GP car free. It's not what you think, they want spectators to arrive by public transport, but this is just a bizarre thing to ask for of people attending a motorsport event.

Daily: 29th November 2008 - We're heading into another weekend now, where F1 headlines tends to tail off. Last week we were confronted with the news that Webber was in hospital, so if that's the kind of off-season topics we have in store, I'd rather keep playing I Spy!

Daily: 30th November 2008 - Thankfully there are no nasty "Mark Webber breaks leg" stories floating around today, and with the revelation that "me" slept until 4pm, it's probably a good thing. Clearly at the Red Bull factory he didn't quite get enough Red Bull. Nevertheless, here's what's being discussed in the comments at the moment.


Daily: 1st December 2008 - It's December already? How time flies. There has been some consternation in the comments recently about the lack of F1 news and whether the off season is a good or a bad thing. I think that should be our first topic of discussion.

Daily: 2nd December 2008 - Monday is overwith, and there's the last in the series of Sidepodpanel for you to get your teeth into. However, if you are done with that, then there are also some good conversations going on in the comments.

Daily: 4th December 2008 - Ah-ha! I have remembered to write the post. This is a good thing, but if anyone has any tips for remembering things, I would love to hear them. My memory isn't what it used to be, or something like that. However, enough about me, there's plenty going on in F1 at the moment, as well as in the comments.

Daily: 5th December 2008 - Obviously, the only thing worth talking about at the moment is Honda's withdrawal from the sport, and that has it's own thread being speculated upon as we speak. Yesterday was a pretty awful day all round, so I'll just list a few things that might make today better, but then again, they might not.

Daily: 6th December 2008 - The shock of Honda's exit from the sport is starting to fade now, and we're just left with a lot of questions about who is going to buy the team and what it means for them. We've covered this in a couple of posts yesterday, so let's try and look at something else for Saturday.

Daily: 7th December 2008 - We've not been around much today, and have only managed to keep an occasional eye on the comments. We'll tell you more about what we've been up to in this week's emergency show. Apparently, Honda didn't like the idea of us having a holiday.

Daily: 8th December 2008 - We've been away for the weekend, and appear to have missed out on a lot of commenting fun, but normal service has now been resumed - except for that emergency Debrief tonight. Until then, there seems to be plenty going on that needs discussing, although not all of it F1 related.

Daily: 9th December 2008 - Well, this must be the latest a daily post has gone up. We're all about setting records here at Sidepodcast. It was a bit of a manic evening last night, with everything in its power trying to stop us from recording a live show.

Daily: 10th December 2008 - It's been a relatively quiet day both on the blog and for Formula 1. I think we're all recovering from the shock of last weekend, me included. I stepped out of my front door again, big mistake, and have picked up yet more germs.

Daily: 12th December 2008 - I'm on the mend! I know you're all so very glad to hear it. What have I missed whilst I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself and my poor red nose? It would seem to be quite a lot, although not as much as I was hoping from those boys testing in Jerez.

Daily: 13th December 2008 - Not sure what to write really, nothing much happened today, did it? Oh yea, except for Max's small press release that has changed the entire future of Formula 1. There's so much to discuss that it really can't be covered in a small list.

Daily: 14th December 2008 - It's Race of Champions day, and with that, plus the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards being given out, and a show today, we're going to be rushed off our feet - just how we like it.

Daily: 15th December 2008 - We're still coming down from the Race of Champions high, but now it is time to turn our attention back to Formula 1. There's more testing going on this week, so there should be plenty to keep our eye on, although it will no doubt be more of the same - not knowing who is actually fast, and who is just running 2008 rather than 2009 setups.

Daily: 16th December 2008 - Late again, oh well, I agree with Lou who said the day only starts when you wake up anyway. That should get me out of it this time. There seemed to be an entire discussion going on yesterday about ways for "me" to conceal his identity in public, including dressing up as a giant panda, as the Stig, and bizarrely, as Batman.

Daily: 17th December 2008 - It's been a quiet day, relatively speaking. Buemi is dominating the test sessions, no matter what car he's in, so there's not very much to say on that front. There are other motorsport topics in the minds of those in the know, though, including...

Daily: 18th December 2008 - There have been some interesting snippets in the Formula 1 world today, things that don't necessarily make an entire news item but get the mind thinking. There have also been some good things in the comments, especially this first item...

Daily: 19th December 2008 - Here at Sidepodcast Towers, we are still reeling from the shock of seeing Barrichello back in the news. Seriously, I thought he'd gone underground and changed his name or something. Thankfully that was not the case, and he has finally broken cover to tell all.

Daily: 20th December 2008 - Having returned from an impromptu continuation of the Sidepodtour, we're spending the evening catching up with the comments and any news we might have missed. It looks like there are a couple of things to talk about, so let's get on with it...

Daily: 21st December 2008 - Christmas is slowly creeping closer and closer, and today it's the Sidepodcast Christmas Party, or the Sidepodparty, if you will. There's plenty of planning going on behind the scenes, but feel free to add your thoughts to the Wiki.

Daily: 22nd December 2008 - Another late daily post, but this time we've got an excuse. The Sidepodparty was a raging success last night, or at least I hope it was. From our point of view, we got the show recorded, opened some presents and danced a conga dressed as a panda. What more could you ask for?

Daily: 23rd December 2008 - The fruits of our labours at the Sidepodparty are beginning to come together, as the final Debrief of 2008 has been released on the site. There's a special Christmas carol-shaped treat for anyone listening to the end of the show. Don't forget the brilliant out-take as well.

Daily: 24th December 2008 - Ah, it's Christmas Eve. There is undoubtedly going to be little F1 news over the next few days, so we are keeping each other company in the comments and finding much more important things to talk about.

Daily: 25th December 2008 - We've been live commenting Santa as he makes his way across the globe, and that doesn't stop now. He's just passed through the UK, and is heading towards the Americas. The chances of there being any real F1 news today is slim, but that doesn't stop us trying!

Daily: 26th December 2008 - Boxing Day is traditional for sitting around, eating leftovers, and watching dodgy Xmas television. If you're near to your computer while all that is going on, then is a brilliant place to hang out.

Daily: 27th December 2008 - Shh. No one will notice that this post is going up so late. In fact, things are very quiet around Sidepodcast at the moment, so perhaps no one really will. Here at Sidepodcast Towers we're working hard on some behind the scenes bits and pieces, and hurrying to try and catch up with all the year end stuff we want to do. Damn all those mince pies being so distracting!

Daily: 28th December 2008 - Ah-ha, we have some F1 news at last. Just as we were starting to wonder whether F1 had been a simple figment of our imagination, we are blessed with a serious rumour. Okay, it's nothing concrete, but it's a start, isn't it?

Daily: 29th December 2008 - Things are gradually picking up again in the Formula 1 world, which is good because we are reduced to playing golf games. Although, the golf game is quite good, so perhaps that's not a bad thing.

Daily: 30th December 2008 - With Honda Racing seemingly back in the Classified Ads, the news has died down again somewhat, but that doesn't stop us in the comments. In Sidepodcast Towers, we've been working on some of the 2008 In... series, and forward planning for 2009. I know, us and forward planning, who would have thought?

Daily: 31st December 2008 - So here we are, the last day of 2008. It's been a bumper year, packed full of highs and lows, and we've been making our way everything that occurred in our end of year series. The F1 news is slowly picking up though, and soon we will be diving head first into 2009.



Daily: 1st January 2009 - It's arrived! No more nostalgia from us, we can now look forward to the year ahead with anticipation and I would almost say glee. There is no excuse for quiet F1 news days anymore, either, with launches happening throughout the month, then testing, then the season begins. I get ahead of myself, though. Here's what's going on at the moment.

Daily: 2nd January 2009 - I hope everyone had a good New Year's Day. We've just heard some fireworks going off, meaning that someone is celebrating exactly 24 hours too late. Bless them. It's been a quiet day in F1, which means there's only one news story to talk about, but we've been filling our time with other things.

Daily: 4th January 2009 - Today was looking to be pretty low on F1 related fun, until we discovered that Fantasy Racers was up and running for 2009. There was suddenly a flurry of action as we tried to think up some new team names, decide that our old names will do, create the Sidepodcast league, and get all signed up.

Daily: 6th January 2009 - As if by magic, the entire Formula 1 world woke up yesterday and the news stories started pouring in. Mr C found the difference amazing, after surviving on a holiday diet of GMM waffle, re-experiencing some proper journalism from Autosport felt like heaven.

Daily: 8th January 2009 - Is it too early in the year to start moaning that it's going to fast? 7 whole days of 2009 have passed already, and we're heading swiftly into the 8th. For those wishing the season to hurry up and get here fast, I think it might just do that.

Daily: 9th January 2009 - If there was a drought of Formula 1 news before, then the flood gates have well and truly opened today. Autosport International kicked off for the press, and we've heard from a few paddock people already. It's not just limited to Birmingham, though, there's news coming in from all over the world.

Daily: 10th January 2009 - For both of us at Sidepodcast, it is a long day's trek to Birmingham for Autosport International and Bloggers Karting. More of that later, as there will still be plenty to talk about in the F1 world...

Daily: 11th January 2009 - We had a packed day yesterday, with the trade show and the Bloggers karting. Both were fun in their unique ways, and we'll be telling you all about them later in today's show. Before that, though, there are plenty of things to discuss, as plenty has been happening whilst we've been out and about.

Daily: 13th January 2009 - We are well and truly into the 2009 season now, with launches and an official entry list to kick start the year. From a drought of F1 news, January has become a flood of teams and drivers talking up their chances for the coming season. We are pretty much recovered from Autosport now, and can start concentrating on what 2009 has to bring.

Daily: 14th January 2009 - Having recovered from the sight of the Ferrari, we're now eagerly anticipating the Toyota launch. They're rolling out the TF109 tomorrow in spectacular online fashion. Apparently. Anyway, here's what's going on in and around the comments.

Daily: 15th January 2009 - Over the hump of the week and it's all downhill into the weekend from here. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty much ready for another car to launch now. Oh, lucky us, there is one about to drop today.

Daily: 16th January 2009 - What a fun-filled day we have had today! It's gratifying to know that even a big company like Toyota can underestimate how much pressure they'll put on their servers, and everything can fall down around their ears too.

Daily: 17th January 2009 - Phew. A hectic week of launches has come to an end, and whilst it's great to see some F1 action, I'm glad for the weekend! We've seen a sleek Ferrari, a similar Toyota, and a sexy McLaren, I can't wait to see what else is on the horizon.

Daily: 18th January 2009 - Saturday turns into Sunday, and it's the return of the live Debrief show. Unlike last week, there is no chance that karting can be used as an excuse to postpone the show. That's not to say there can't be some other bizarre reason, but fingers crossed everything goes to plan.

Daily: 19th January 2009 - Argh! One Debrief later and my whole schedule has gone wrong. Today we're looking at a couple of launches and some testing in Portugal - although Ferrari decided against it because of the weather. Plenty of pictures should be heading our way, then, so keep your eye on the comments for that and more.

Daily: 20th January 2009 - Another launch today, and this time it's the turn of BMW. They've been keeping us amused with teaser videos, but now it's time to see the real thing. Let's hope it's slightly better looking than the ones we have seen so far, as our recent admission that "the 2009 cars are not so bad" is looking a bit shaky.

Daily: 21st January 2009 - Yesterday seems to have been a pretty important day, all things considered. Not because of the BMW launch, either. Thankfully, there are no more launches this week, as I think we can only take so much ugly at a time. Now we need to concentrate on the testing going on, albeit completely useless as a tool for comparison.

Daily: 22nd January 2009 - The inclement conditions seems to be clearing up for our boys out there testing. That's good because I was starting to get worried about poor Trulli having to don his wet weather gear. Nevertheless, testing continues for just one more day, so we have that and more to discuss...

Daily: 23rd January 2009 - On the face of it, yesterday was a pretty dull day. The weather brought proceedings in Portugal to a halt, and the teams all packed up and went home, their testing finished with. However, elsewhere, little tidbits of F1 news were beginning to surface.

Daily: 25th January 2009 - We were out and about yesterday, and missed out on any news that might have been happening. Thankfully, though, it looks like all was quiet on the F1 front. A1 GP seems to have got it's fair share of comments yesterday, and here's what else was going on...

Daily: 26th January 2009 - Another week begins as we roll into Monday, and it looks like it's going to be a pretty quiet week. There are no scheduled tests or launches, as far as I know, although chances are the teams need time to recover from their windswept adventures during the week just gone.

Daily: 27th January 2009 - It's been a quiet day today, with no testing or launches, but it seems as though the credit crunch is hitting more than ever.

Daily: 28th January 2009 - The month of January is drawing to a close, and whilst we were concerned about a particular Honda-shaped deadline approaching, a spokeswoman has told us not to panic. So, we won't, and we'll look at what else is going on in the F1 world.

Daily: 29th January 2009 - What news will keep the Formula 1 conversation flowing today? There was plenty to discuss yesterday - Renault found a new partner, the Malaysian GP is heading into darkness, and the Pussycat Dolls approve of Lewis.

Daily: 30th January 2009 - Yesterday saw an impromptu field trip to catch the new Renault in action. I don't think today will be quite as exciting, but we can try our best.

Daily: 31st January 2009 - The end of the first month of the new year is upon us and we will rapidly be heading into February. Supposedly, Honda's deadline is today, but they've been playing that down all week, so let's see what else is going on...


Daily: 1st February 2009 - February is here, and we are looking forward to a busy day at Sidepodcast Towers. However, that doesn't mean we'll leave you with nothing to discuss. Here's what's going on at the moment...

Daily: 3rd February 2009 - With the possible return of in-season testing, and the news that Singapore will finally have a safe pit lane (boo about the bumps), yesterday was a good day in Formula 1. Let's hope today brings us more, but for now, here's what Sidepodcast stuff we're talking about...

Daily: 4th February 2009 - So here we are for another day. The snow seems to be gradually disappearing, and is therefore not such a topic of discussion as it was previously. Ah well, the good ol' British weather saw us out for two days, can't ask for more than that.

Daily: 5th February 2009 - Now that snow really isn't dominating the headlines anymore, I'm not sure what we're going to talk about. Just kidding, there's still plenty going on in the F1 world. Here are just a few topics...

Daily: 6th February 2009 - Personally, I had quite a bad day yesterday, but then news came in that cheered everything up. Let's hope we get more of the same today, because it's always good to end the week on a high.

Daily: 7th February 2009 - The weekend is finally upon us, and I personally couldn't be happier about this. Two whole days off, apparently being buried in the snow, so let's talk about Formula 1 instead.

Daily: 8th February 2009 - We're racing towards some new F1 action, with a launch and some testing due next week. Until then, we can bathe in the relative silence of a weekend, that is, until the live show begins later tonight.

Daily: 9th February 2009 - It's launch day yet again, with the RB5 expected at some point today. That will lead on to a week's worth of testing, so it's all go again. If you want to keep up with what's happening, don't forget to check out the calendar on F1 Minute.

Daily: 10th February 2009 - After the RB5 hit the ground running yesterday, we're now ready to see it in action as the test in Jerez gets underway. In fact, we really do need to see it in action, as it got cut off after only 14 laps.

Daily: 11th February 2009 - We're heading into the second day of testing now, and I think all the teams will be hoping for better weather - even those that escaped to the desert trying to avoid a lack of running. It's still quite annoying that we've got a 2008 car littered amongst the 2009 ones, but it's still fun trying to work out who's fast and who isn't.

Daily: 12th February 2009 - A sandstorm! Who would have thought? Of course we are all laughing hysterically at the fact that the teams raced off to the desert to avoid the weather and have been halted by... the weather.

Daily: 13th February 2009 - Here we are then, the first Friday 13th of the year. This is supposed to mean bad luck for everyone, but if you don't believe in superstitions, then this is the place for you. Here, we talk about much more important things...

Daily: 15th February 2009 - After a day of being nice to each other, Mr C and myself are looking to get stuck in with Formula 1 news and gossip. Has there been anything of late to keep us entertained? Let's see.

Daily: 16th February 2009 - Another week begins and we are faced with yet another Monday morning. Let's hope there will be plenty of F1 news flowing today, so we can take our minds off the Monday blues. Here's what we've been talking about over the weekend...

Daily: 17th February 2009 - So far, we have all the signs of a slow news week, but as it is only Tuesday, things could soon pick up. Most of the stories we heard yesterday were speculation and rumour - but when has that ever stopped us?

Daily: 18th February 2009 - It really was a slow news day yesterday, with just a glimpse of testing in Bahrain to keep us entertained. Let's hope for more today, but until then, here's what we've found to talk about...

Daily: 19th February 2009 - Over the hump of the week now, and we're heading towards the weekend. Still an entire Thursday to go through first though, and Thursday's are rubbish. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping an eye on F1 news to keep going.

Daily: 20th February 2009 - Friday at last. It's been a relatively slow news week, but things might be picking up again now. Whatever happens though, we can always find things to entertain ourselves with. Here's what we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 21st February 2009 - Saturday at last, and we have had a week filled with testing, Honda rumours, Danica speculation, and talk of Bernie getting involved with as many deals as possible. Meanwhile, we continue to talk and discuss...

Daily: 22nd February 2009 - Sidepodchat day dawns, but there's plenty to talk about before then. Things are all quiet on the F1 front, so here are some tasty links from around the blogosphere.

Daily: 23rd February 2009 - Monday rolls round again, and this week we are anticipating plenty of announcements regarding teams and their futures. If they're anything like Honda's previous statements, it will simply be a delay until further announcements, however, we shall wait and see.

Daily: 24th February 2009 - So, after my predictions of a fun-filled week, it was a quiet Monday to get us started. However, that just means there's all the more to enjoy today. Topics we're talking about at the moment, include...

Daily: 25th February 2009 - We're heading to the halfway point of the week, and we now have our USF1 announcement, but nothing from Honda as yet. Let's see what else is happening in the F1 world...

Daily: 26th February 2009 - Uh-oh, it's the dreaded Thursday. Last week I had to stare at pictures of baby panda's all day to make it bearable. If only I had a baby panda, that wouldn't be necessary. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, F1 discussions...

Daily: 27th February 2009 - Friday at last, and the massive news week I predicted seemed to come to nothing. However, there were plenty of things to discuss yesterday, that will keep us going through today.

Daily: 28th February 2009 - A nice, relaxing Saturday in store for Sidepodcast Towers. I intend to spend a good hour or so reading through F1 Racing before getting on with the usual weekend stuff. What are you guys up to?


Daily: 1st March 2009 - Here it is at last, March is officially Grand Prix month. Okay, we still have a good few weeks left, but isn't it nice to say the racing starts this month rather than next? Here's what we're keeping ourselves occupied with at the moment...

Daily: 2nd March 2009 - We are thrown headlong into another week, but at least we have testing to keep us amused. The guys were throwing it around the track at Jerez yesterday, with Vettel fastest, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on them throughout today as well.

Daily: 3rd March 2009 - Testing was a bit underwhelming yesterday with a few showers causing problems for the teams. Ferrari decided not to venture out at all so we can all start making fun about the red cars hating the wet weather again.

Daily: 4th March 2009 - Testing continues today, so we should have more in the way of times and pictures to share with each other, just like yesterday. Other things that are on our minds at the moment...

Daily: 5th March 2009 - Just one more day of testing to tide us over until next week, but it's been a pretty interesting ride so far. Here's what we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 6th March 2009 - Each week that goes by, I am getting more and more proof that Thursdays are evil. However, it is now Friday so it is bound to be a good day. Here's what we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 7th March 2009 - It's a momentous day today, as this will be the first post on Sidepodcast written wholely on the G1. A bit of an experiment in our mobile capabilities. However, there's plenty going on elsewhere...

Daily: 8th March 2009 - After our adventures out and about yesterday, we're now settled in for the day. There's plenty to catch up on, although we have noticed a few things dominating the comments...

Daily: 9th March 2009 - The start of another week, and we've got more testing to watch. The teams get going in Barcelona today, and this time, it's testing with added Brawn. Thankfully, though, there are other things to talk about than just ex-Honda these days...

Daily: 10th March 2009 - Day two of testing in Barcelona, and what a lot we have had to discuss so far. The first day, with all the teams in the same place, running their 2009 cars, was particularly interesting.

Daily: 11th March 2009 - We were out and about yesterday, and missed out on a lot of the action, so today we will have to study the testing action in Barcelona to make up for it. There's plenty going on out there, though...

Daily: 12th March 2009 - Testing continues in Barcelona, and we're really starting to see a pattern in the times, even if we can't trust that Brawn GP are topping the timesheets and McLaren are at the bottom. Whatever they're doing, at least they are consistent.

Daily: 13th March 2009 - For the second month in a row, we are faced with a Friday 13th. At least it's a Friday though. Testing has finished now for this week, and we are still trying to come to terms with what we've seen. Here are some of the things we have been discussing...

Daily: 14th March 2009 - Today we are on the hunt for a solution to our mixer problems. We shall probably live comment a shopping trip, and that will be enormously fun for all involved. Meanwhile, here's what we've been talking about recently.

Daily: 15th March 2009 - Our weekend has been ruined by the hunt for a mixer that actually works, and we are completely behind schedule. But that's no different from normal, really! Here's some of the things we're talking about at the moment...

Daily: 17th March 2009 - We're still keeping a strict eye on those testing in Jerez, but also getting rather excited about the teams that are moving onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards?) to Australia. Here are some of the things up for discussion today...

Daily: 18th March 2009 - Obviously the majority of conversation yesterday was dominated by the FIA regulation tweaks, and who am I to try and buck the trend? Here are some of the things on topics right now...

Daily: 19th March 2009 - The fallout from the new FIA regulations is still reverberating around the world, and who are we to be any different? We're starting to get reactions from the paddock now, though, so there's plenty to mull over.

Daily: 20th March 2009 - Friday at last, and it is just one week until we will be discussing the goings on in Free Practice. I know many of you out there are about to pop with excitement (me too) but there's still plenty going on to keep as amused as we count down the hours.

Daily: 21st March 2009 - It's Franck day today! Racing gets going this weekend in Sebring and a live commenting post will be along later. It'll be good practice for next week. Meanwhile, in F1...

Daily: 22nd March 2009 - Oops. This is the latest a Daily post has gone up. I'm still sulking that Franck didn't win, but hopefully I'll have cheered up by the time we get podcasting. So let's take a look at what's happening in F1 instead...

Daily: 23rd March 2009 - Monday morning swings around once more, but it is the last Monday before we have some racing to discuss. We're still recovering from last night's double podcast stint, and it's a busy week in Sidepodcast Towers as we prepare for the Australian GP.

Daily: 24th March 2009 - Time is ticking onwards, and I have spotted a lot of people starting to get restless and impatient for the season to start. It's so close now, though, and we have waited so long, a few more days isn't going to do any harm.

Daily: 25th March 2009 - In an attempt to distract from the potential diffuser row that could ruin all semblance of racing in Australia, it's time for a daily post that is all about the shameless plug.

Daily: 26th March 2009 - It's so close you can almost feel it, we're starting to get atmospheric pictures from the Sidepodcommunity on the ground in Australia. There's just one more day before things kick off, if you can count tomorrow as a full day.

Daily: 27th March 2009 - Well, we have now seen our first Formula 1 action, and it was as chaotic as was expected. Actually, it was good to see so many cars out on track because we were worried that there would be little running. Boy, how wrong we were.

Daily: 28th March 2009 - Qualifying is over, and it's safe to say we're all blown away by how dominant Brawn GP really were. At no point did it look like they would be anywhere else but the front row, and it turns out they locked it out. Roll on the race!

Daily: 29th March 2009 - That's it, it's over, but what a lot there is to talk about! We have just enjoyed the first race of the 2009 season, and it was a corker. Safety cars, overtaking aplenty, this will keep us going for... well, until next week I guess.

Daily: 30th March 2009 - Although we are still reliving the joy of Australia, it really is time to start looking forward to Malaysia. I've already seen some preview quotes from the teams sneaking out, and the action gets underway again in just four days.

Daily: 31st March 2009 - The end of another month already? Time is just flying, especially now the season has started. Monday is out the way, and the countdown clocks are already showing under three days until Free Practice 1 in Malaysia gets going.


Daily: 1st April 2009 - If there's anything I dislike more than Thursdays, it's April Fool's Day. I don't remember the last time I saw a really good, original fool that got everyone talking. However, it could happen, so keep your eyes peeled.

Daily: 2nd April 2009 - Now that April Fool's is completely out the way, we can start taking the stories we see pop up today seriously. Well, you know, within reason. Here's what's been catching our attention...

Daily: 3rd April 2009 - We're heading straight into the Malaysian GP weekend now, with Free Practice already under our belts. Having stayed up the majority of the night to watch it, I can safely say I'm tired! However, I can't wait for the action to get going again.

Daily: 4th April 2009 - Qualifying day in Sepang then, but we've got a good few hours before the excitement begins. Hopefully, we'll be catching up on some sleep today and there will be no extra-curricular press conferences to keep an eye on.

Daily: 5th April 2009 - Race day once again, and we're certainly looking forward to this one. We desperately didn't want rain in Australia so we could at least attempt to see the natural order of things. Although really we are still clueless, I'm not so against a downpour or two in Malaysia this weekend.

Daily: 6th April 2009 - Monday morning again, and time to recover from another weekend of racing action. Although, given that the GP was cut short, we had plenty of time to do that yesterday as well. Here's what's on topic today...

Daily: 7th April 2009 - Now that Monday is out the way, it's time for Tuesday to arrive, and Easter is creeping ever closer. Is anyone expecting any chocolate this coming weekend? Anyway, here's what we've been discussing recently...

Daily: 8th April 2009 - All talk at the moment has been on McLaren and the FIA, and that looks set to continue until their hearing is over later this month. As a refreshing change, then, here are some of the Sidepodcast goodies going on at the moment...

Daily: 9th April 2009 - News was very slow yesterday, which actually makes a nice, refreshing change as it doesn't seem to have stopped since well before the season actually started. With that being the case, here are some of the other things we're discussing at the moment...

Daily: 10th April 2009 - This is it, my final daily post before I head off into the sunset... for a few days. I am leaving you in the capable hands of Mr C, and that should be scary for us all. No mention of pandas, or Franck, or Le Seb. How will you all cope?

Daily: 13th April 2009 - I leave him for just four days and find that the daily post has shifted to arrive just five minutes before the next day begins. I am back now and order will be restored. Because I have no idea what's been going on and Mr C tells me I have missed nothing in F1 news, I will simply regale you with tales of my holiday.

Daily: 14th April 2009 - It's not long now until the Sidepodscience meetup gets underway in London. However, before we get there, we've got a few news stories to discuss first...

Daily: 15th April 2009 - It's D-Day all round for everyone, as we should be getting the results of the diffuser hearing, and we're also heading to the science museum for the meetup. So, chances are those two items will dominate discussions today...

Daily: 16th April 2009 - Ah, the meetup yesterday was brilliant and expect to hear more on it soon. Meanwhile, plenty has been happening in the F1 world, and although I haven't had a chance to catch up with the comments yet, I imagine these are the things under discussion...

Daily: 17th April 2009 - We're into the race weekend now, with Free Practice already done and dusted. There'll be plenty to talk about this weekend, as the teams start adapting their cars depending on how their performance has been of late.

Daily: 18th April 2009 - What a brilliant qualifying we have just witnessed. I don't know about anyone else, but I wasn't expecting great things from China, and all things considered it looks like it's going to be a good race. Here are some of the things that will keep us chatting today...

Daily: 19th April 2009 - Another race under our belts, and it's almost time to look forward to Bahrain, as the back-to-back racing continues. However, there's still time to relive what we've just witnessed as we enjoy all the reaction...

Daily: 20th April 2009 - The Monday following the race before, but there's no time to relax as it's time to start thinking ahead to Bahrain. What will we see in terms of performance? Will there be any more diffusers present? Will KERS ever return to those who have dumped it?

Daily: 21st April 2009 - Another day closer to the Bahrain Grand Prix, but we're still getting to grips with what happened in China first. These back-to-back races are not popular in Sidepodcast Towers. Anyway, here are some of the things up for discussion today...

Daily: 22nd April 2009 - Halfway through the week, and apparently it is Administrative Professionals' Day. According to Wikipedia, this is a holiday celebrated in the States to recognise the work of receptionists and the like. Don't tell me that Sidepodcast never teaches you anything.

Daily: 23rd April 2009 - Following on from yesterday's discovery of what kind of holiday it was, today I can tell you it is St George's Day. It's not a bank holiday, though, so it's off to work as normal for us at Sidepodcast Towers.

Daily: 24th April 2009 - The action gets underway in Bahrain today, and we're looking at a dry race, at least. The prospect of a sandstorm seems to increase the more we talk about it, so we'll see what happens. Here are some of the things we're discussing at the moment (but they'll soon be outdated by FP1 and 2)...

Daily: 25th April 2009 - Things really should be all about the racing right now, but there are certain elements of the politics of F1 still hanging over our shoulders. The Donington Park saga still rumbles on but there is plenty more to talk about.

Daily: 26th April 2009 - Ah, it was an eventful day yesterday both on and off track in Bahrain, and back here in Sidepodcast Towers. Here are some of the things you might have missed...

Daily: 27th April 2009 - It's been a rough weekend in Sidepodcast Towers what with The Case of the Disappearing Doohickey, and Mr C's Illness: The Return. However, we're into a new week so things must be looking up already.

Daily: 28th April 2009 - Continuing my trend of recognising random holidays, today is apparently World Graphic Design Day - celebrating... well, graphic design, obviously. Therefore, we will have to encourage lots of pictures and artwork today.

Daily: 29th April 2009 - I would continue the tradition of pointing out what special day it is today, however it can only be the "day where McLaren face the FIA." It's bound to be on the minds of everyone, but are we expecting an answer today or will the governing body need a day or so to think about it?

Daily: 30th April 2009 - Last day of April, and we're expecting the last bit of news from the FIA for the month. They already essentially cleared McLaren to race for 2009, and now they'll discuss how things will shape up for the future of the sport.


Daily: 1st May 2009 - We are starting a brand new month today, and for those of us in the UK we're heading into a bank holiday weekend. That means the weather is no doubt going to be bad, but that's okay. We're used to it. Here's what is on our minds at the moment...

Daily: 2nd May 2009 - Heading into the weekend now, apparently it's David Beckham's birthday today. Good to know, hey, fact fans? Anyway, it seems to be a quiet time in F1 at the moment, as teams have a rest before Spain, and digest the budget cap information.

Daily: 3rd May 2009 - Well, there really is no F1 news at the moment, which is only fair, as we're taking a nice break and I guess the F1 people are as well. That being said, here are some of the other motorsport news happening at the moment...

Daily: 4th May 2009 - It was a really quiet day yesterday, so we had to come up with other ways to amuse ourselves, like record a panel and debrief show. With it being a beautiful bank holiday in the UK, these should both be edited and available later today, but no promises, as I am coming down with the sniffles.

Daily: 5th May 2009 - It's back to work then, if you weren't already, and now we can start turning our attention to the Spanish Grand Prix. Preview quotes are beginning to emerge from teams, and there's plenty of chatter about what to expect once we get going again in Barcelona.

Daily: 7th May 2009 - I am taking back the reigns of the Daily post, thanks to Mr C for covering. We're both still under the weather, if we're honest, but we're soldiering on because there's some good racing around the corner, I just know it.

Daily: 8th May 2009 - Free Practice gets underway today, so we will finally get back to the racing action. It's been a good couple of weeks, so it'll be nice to see those cars going round and round again. Meanwhile, here's what we've been talking about...

Daily: 9th May 2009 - Free Practice was probably about what we were expecting - Piquet wasn't particularly impressive, the BMWs were hit and miss, and Alonso was doing his best to show off for the crowds. Here's to more of the same today.

Daily: 10th May 2009 - Yesterday was a surprising day in F1 land, as we saw Ferrari show improvements and make the same old mistakes. However, there were other things rumbling on outside of the Barcelona action that caught our eye.

Daily: 11th May 2009 - With the Spanish Grand Prix over, there's a lull in the action before Monaco in two weeks time. It's good for us as we get a rest, but there'll still be news to discuss, such as...

Daily: 12th May 2009 - The teams are threatening to pull out of the sport and we're hearing complaints about the budget caps all over the place. However, it's time to look to the positives, and see what else is happening following the Spanish GP...

Daily: 13th May 2009 - We're halfway through the week now and it's far from the quiet news week I thought it might be. Nevertheless, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th May 2009 - I was browsing the Wikipedia entry for May 14th for some kind of interesting fact, and found that Stirling Moss won the Monaco GP on this day in 1961. The people's encyclopedia also says that Moss removed the side panels of his Lotus to help keep him cool. Crikey!

Daily: 15th May 2009 - Apparently today is the 'International Day of Families' and this year's theme is 'Challenges in a Changing World.' Nice and fitting, as we heard this week about Felipe Baby actually having a baby. Anyway, here's some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 16th May 2009 - We're heading into the weekend now, so it's about time you told us what you're up to. I'm writing this at 2am on the morning of the daily post, with a little rosé under my belt. No doubt I'll be asleep by the time you read this.

Daily: 17th May 2009 - For those who have been expecting a mini series this week, I apologise that there isn't one. We contemplated taking a weekend off (shock, horror!), but decided to do a live show instead. If you're around about 7pm tonight, then tune in, and you never know what we'll be up to.

Daily: 18th May 2009 - We've had a pretty good, relaxing weekend at Sidepodcast Towers. Always busy, but nothing hectic, so we approach this week with trepidation. The Monaco GP weekend is fast approaching and the schedules will be mixed up with Free Practice on a Thursday.

Daily: 19th May 2009 - I did not realise this, but apparently we are into the second day of Spock Obsession Awareness Week. Who knew there was such a thing, and was the Star Trek movie released to coincide with this? Anyway, here are some of the things we're discussing in the F1 world...

Daily: 20th May 2009 - Halfway through the week, some would call it hump day, I think, as it is all downhill from here. Plus we are now only one day away from getting to see those cars in action again, which will brighten up all our weeks.

Daily: 21st May 2009 - It's Free Practice day in Monaco today, and it's confusing me greatly, because I am not supposed to like Thursdays. Nevertheless, the action gets underway, and thank goodness for that! Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 22nd May 2009 - It's the quiet before the storm now, with Free Practice under our belts and a whole day of confusion before we get to see qualifying. Hands up who thought it was the weekend today? Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 23rd May 2009 - It seems as though all the talking that the teams and Max did yesterday has cheered them up a little, even if they haven't come to any kind of conclusion yet. This is good as we're heading straight back into the racing today, with Free Practice and Qualifying.

Daily: 24th May 2009 - It is race day in Monaco, then, and we have lost Joe again for the second time in two days. Damn, we are careless with this man. Must try harder. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we've been talking about...

Daily: 25th May 2009 - We're recovering from Monaco today (and the Indy 500 if you partake of such things), and thankfully in the UK we have another bank holiday to make the most of. Others are not so lucky, but let us know what you're up to either way.

Daily: 26th May 2009 - For those of us that enjoyed a bank holiday yesterday, it's straight back into the working week now. Nevertheless, there is plenty going on this week for us to discuss, and here are some of the things we've been talking about recently...

Daily: 27th May 2009 - Halfway through the week and the fun is just beginning. Lukeh discovered that FOTA are meeting again today to discuss whether they will be entering 2010 or not... and time is running out.

Daily: 28th May 2009 - Well, the big news is all about Williams, of course, but until we start to see reactions from the other teams, or find out more about what FOTA discussed in their meetings today, we have little else to go on. Therefore we are discussing other things...

Daily: 29th May 2009 - The end of the week is upon us, and so, almost is the end of May. I'm not entirely sure where the year is going - I'm convinced someone is stealing it but I have no proof. Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 30th May 2009 - We're into Saturday now, which is quite a relief because it really has been one of those weeks. For whatever reason, four day weeks just seem to be harder than their five-day counterparts. Anyway, let's see what's happening in the world of Sidepodcast...

Daily: 31st May 2009 - And so we come to the last day in May. At least I think it is. Yesterday, I managed to head up my daily post with the wrong date and confuse everyone in the process. Fingers crossed I am more factually correct today.


Daily: 1st June 2009 - Apparently, not only is it the first day of a brand new month, it is also International Children's Day. With that in mind, we should be very aware of the cry "Won't somebody think of the children?" which has been used a couple of times in the comments already this week.

Daily: 2nd June 2009 - And there it was gone. The first day of the new month has passed us by already, and we are well on our way to the Turkish Grand Prix weekend. It was a much quieter news day yesterday, with the only revelations being teams not signing up for next year.

Daily: 3rd June 2009 - Wednesday already, and according to Wikipedia, it is also Dave Richards birthday. I guess he will be holding off any massive celebrations until next week, when the 2010 entrants are revealed. Happy birthday anyway, Mr Richards.

Daily: 4th June 2009 - Welcome to the fourth day of the sixth month of 2009 - the 155th day of the year, with 210 to go before the year end. It was a relatively quiet day yesterday, the quiet before the Turkish storm, you might say.

Daily: 5th June 2009 - Free Practice Day is upon us at last. Perhaps it is just me, but it feels like an age since we were watching those cars wind their way through the streets of Monaco. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action once again, but slightly worried that the weekend will be overshadowed by nonsense.

Daily: 6th June 2009 - We're into the weekend now, and I realise I haven't asked what you're all doing? Our plans are naturally structured around the Formula 1, but perhaps there are others out there who might be... gasp... going outside or something. Let us know, anyway.

Daily: 7th June 2009 - Race day in Turkey, and we're looking forward to it in Sidepodcast Towers, it's been a good weekend so far and hopefully the race will live up to expectations. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 8th June 2009 - With seven races under our belts, it's looking more and more like the championships will be sealed early. However, the points margin is still attainable and it's just a matter of another team mounting the charge and getting the job done. Is anyone capable?

Daily: 9th June 2009 - The 9th June is the date that Johnny Depp was born, and Charles Dickens died. I do not think the two events were related, but that is just a bit of useless trivia to start your day off well. As it turns out, Sidepodcast has been distracted from all things F1 with all things Apple, so here's a couple of things to redress the balance...

Daily: 10th June 2009 - You know it is a slow news day when the daily post reverts to telling you what kind of public holidays are being celebrated on the date in question. Today, 10th June is Portugal Day in... well, Portugal, obviously. I don't know what kind of celebrations take place on a day such as this, but I like it.

Daily: 11th June 2009 - It's qualifying day at Le Mans, which means that today is a mini-Franck day (and anyone else who might be driving). Saturday/Sunday will be the big Franck weekend, so be prepared for some obsessive-ness over the weekend.

Daily: 12th June 2009 - Friday at last, and I now have another joinee to my 'Thursdays are bad' club. Thankfully, we are heading straight towards the weekend now, and not before time. Here are some of the things being talked about at the moment...

Daily: 13th June 2009 - Some important things happened yesterday in the world of Formula 1, but if you were anything like me, you were busy hiding out in the daily thread thinking happy thoughts. Sadly, they have run out now, and it is back to the politics in F1. Thankfully, it doesn't matter because it is Franck Day!!

Daily: 14th June 2009 - We are right in the middle of live commenting Le Mans, so if you haven't joined in yet, then get over there and start talking (up until 2pm). For those not interested in the endurance event, here are some F1 things to discuss...

Daily: 15th June 2009 - Here we are, Monday once again, and the Le Mans weekend is over. It wasn't the result I was hoping for, naturally, but it was still a good race, and a really fun thing to experience with all our Sidepodfriends (coined by Jeremy).

Daily: 16th June 2009 - Usually, I would have a look at Wikipedia and dig out what kind of special day it is today so that I can share a random fact with you good people. I don't need to do that today, because I know what day it is - it is an important day in the Sidepodworld.

Daily: 17th June 2009 - It's the day after the night before and I can only imagine what kind of sugar hangover I will have after all that Milky Bar. Nevertheless, the week goes on, and here are some of the things we're talking about at the moment:

Daily: 18th June 2009 - It's Thursday now, which is never a good thing, but more importantly, it is Waterloo Day. This is to do with the battle and not to be confused with April 6, which is the Abba day. Anyway, here are some F1 related things to talk about...

Daily: 19th June 2009 - Thankfully it is Friday once more, and not only does that mean that Thursday has passed, but Free Practice gets underway in just a few short hours. As ever, the politics continues to cast a shadow over it all, as does the fact that this is Silverstone's last Grand Prix, but we won't let it get us down.

Daily: 21st June 2009 - It is the longest day, today, the height of summer. It will also be a very long day for our guys out on track, and no doubt for us as well. Also, from here on in, the dark days of winter will be drawing in and it feels that way for Formula 1 as a whole as well, doesn't it?

Daily: 22nd June 2009 - We weren't expecting to be incredibly behind schedule this weekend, but that's exactly how it turned out. There are two F1 Digest shows expected out later today, however the Debrief is already up! At least something is going right.

Daily: 23rd June 2009 - I have finally caught up with all the British GP podcasting goodness, but it has, in turn, made me a day behind on all things Wimbledon. Yesterday I watched a preview, today I hope to consume as much as possible to be back on track.

Daily: 24th June 2009 - We're in the middle of the week now, and I promise not to mention Wimbledon once. Oops, I just did. Never mind, today is supposed to be the next big thing in the journey to the end of Formula 1, so perhaps I should focus on F1 for a bit.

Daily: 25th June 2009 - Whilst searching for any reasons today might be notable, I discovered that it is Johnny Herbert's birthday. The former race winner is 45 today and, according to Wikipedia, was last seen in the Speedcar Series. Meanwhile, things are stirring in the F1 world...

Daily: 26th June 2009 - It was all going much too well, and then Max came along and ruined it. It was bound to happen on Thursday, because that is never a good day, and now we are left with the repurcussions once more. Bah. Instead, I will talk about other things going on in F1...

Daily: 27th June 2009 - It's the weekend! It's been a long old week (aren't they all?) and I don't know about you but I am looking forward to some downtime. Whilst there is no racing for a couple of weeks, I'm pretty sure there'll be enough F1 nonsense to keep us going.

Daily: 28th June 2009 - It is Sunday. Mr C and I enjoyed a nice day off from Sidepodcast yesterday, which involved watching the tennis, blogging a bit, catching up on RSS feeds, and commenting. Okay, technically not going completely cold turkey but we have already established that isn't possible.

Daily: 29th June 2009 - It is Monday once more and we are thrown headlong into another week. With the extended break before Germany, though, we are not counting down to a race weekend, but rather another 'off' weekend. Still, as it is only Monday, that would be looking quite far ahead, wouldn't it?

Daily: 30th June 2009 - The last day of June has rolled around (already!?) and it is Ralf Schumacher's birthday today. Yes, him, the other Schumacher. I wonder what he will be doing to celebrate his 34th birthday. Anyway, here are some of the things we've been talking about...


Daily: 1st July 2009 - It is essentially the halfway point of the year today, with 182 days gone, and 183 still to go. On the one hand, this year is absolutely flying and it's ridiculous that it is July already. On the other, I feel like June went really slowly and Le Mans seems like eons ago.

Daily: 2nd July 2009 - It's Thursday already, and whilst this is not a revered day amongst the Sidepodcommunity, we are hurtling towards the Goodwood weekend. A few people are heading to the Festival of Speed, and I bet the excitement is building. Don't forget to leave us a voicemail from the grounds, if you are going: 0121 28 87225.

Daily: 3rd July 2009 - It is young Sebastian Vettel's birthday today, so I suppose he is one year less young now. I wonder if he will ever not be "young" Seb? Anyway, the first person to mention Little Britain gets a lifetime ban from Sidepodcast (this sentence not included, obviously).

Daily: 4th July 2009 - It is Independence Day today, although Mr C and I also recognise it as the day Will Smith helps save us from aliens. Bruce has got the meteorites covered and Will knows what he's doing with those UFOs, what could go wrong?

Daily: 5th July 2009 - We are now celebrating Goodwood Sunday, plus Wimbledon Finals day for the men's game and... actually, I think that's about it. Still, it is set to be a good day, and we are having a pretty good, relaxing weekend at SPC Towers. Finally, we are sitting back and taking stock of what we have got, and trying to improve things rather than bring new technology on board.

Daily: 6th July 2009 - With both Goodwood and Wimbledon over and done with, it's time to regroup and turn our attention back to Formula 1. Sadly, there is little going on at the moment, but things should be ramping up towards the German Grand Prix as the week progresses.

Daily: 7th July 2009 - Today is the seventh day of the seventh month, and things are looking up in terms of Formula 1 news. Teams and drivers are starting to look forward to Germany, and in that case, so should we.

Daily: 8th July 2009 - I hope everyone is having a good week so far, but if not, it's the mid-point today - Wednesday. Things can only get better, and if they don't get better then we're closer to the weekend than we were before.

Daily: 9th July 2009 - It's tough being an F1 fan at the moment. If you're on Twitter, all you need is the hashtag #f1happyplace and you'll be fine. Whilst you're having a look at that, here are some SPC things to chat about...

Daily: 10th July 2009 - Apparently, according to the people's encyclopedia, Dublin was founded on this day in 988AD. If ever there was cause for a celebratory Guinness that would be it, but get this - Odense in Denmark was founded on the same day. Double the fun!

Daily: 11th July 2009 - Qualifying day, and if you're anything like us, this is the best day of the weekend. We're very much looking forward to watching the battle for pole position, and hope you'll join us when the live commenting threads appear.

Daily: 12th July 2009 - I am writing this as we record during the live rehearsals, so forgive me if it doesn't make any sense. We thought we would try practising some more stuff, so if you want to see what happened, then check it out here.

Daily: 13th July 2009 - It's Jarno Trulli's birthday today, the Italian hitting the grand age of 35 years old. I wonder if he will have any of his wine to celebrate the day, or if he will be sulking over finishing the German Grand Prix in 17th place, whilst his pitlane starting friend in Glock ended up 9th. Poor Trulli.

Daily: 14th July 2009 - On this day, six years ago, the US government confirmed the existence of Area 51. I know this isn't even remotely F1 related, but I do find the relation between potential extraterrestrial life and certain paddock regulars an interesting concept.

Daily: 15th July 2009 - Middle of the week time again, and already attention has turned to Hungary. The rumours are that Piquet won't keep his seat at Renault, but haven't we been saying that all year? Anyway, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 16th July 2009 - Here we are then, hideous Thursday, although today is quite cool as it's the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. I know we have quite a lot of Sidepodspace fans, so that one is for you. Here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th July 2009 - Friday has arrived at long last, and we are well on the way to getting to the weekend. There is news aplenty in the F1 world, so let's see what's going on...

Daily: 18th July 2009 - As it's the weekend, it's time to share the love and see what people have been blogging about. In fact, there are a lot of good posts doing the rounds at the moment, so here's just a few of them...

Daily: 19th July 2009 - It seems to be a weekend of no news so far, which is on the one hand a bit of a relief, but on the other, makes the daily a little bit tricky. That means I have to fall back to Wikipedia for news, and apparently today is the day that the Mary Rose sank off the coast of Portsmouth in 1545. Now you know.

Daily: 20th July 2009 - It was a terrible day in the world of motorsport yesterday, but here's hoping today is a better one. We've got lots going on in the world of Sidepodcast, which is good as we ramp up to the Hungarian weekend.

Daily: 21st July 2009 - Monday is over already? What happened? Where did it go? If it wasn't such an unpopular day, I would ask for it back already. Oh, well, I guess I must turn my attention to Tuesday instead. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 22nd July 2009 - Apparently it is rat-catcher's day today, which is not a pleasant thought to start the day with, but it does commemorate the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which makes it slightly better. Wikipedia says it is just like Secretary's Day, but presumably with more rats.

Daily: 23rd July 2009 - Thursday is upon us already, and the only way to sum it up is the day between the F1 Digest Preview, and the F1 Digest Free Practice show. However, there are some interesting things rumbling along in the F1 paddock, and here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 24th July 2009 - Friday is here, and that can only mean it is Free Practice day in Hungary. Now Free Practice is usually the least exciting day of the race weekend, and if you multiply that by being at the Hungaroring, we're not expecting much.

Daily: 25th July 2009 - Qualifying day is always the best one of the weekend here at Sidepodcast Towers in terms of F1 action, and then Sunday is better for podcasting fun. However, I get ahead of myself. Having seen some Free Practice laps today, are we in a better position to know what to expect?

Daily: 26th July 2009 - Of course today all our thoughts are with Massa, and we're hoping for more good news updates from the hospital. However, it is still race day and we should still enjoy what we can of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Daily: 27th July 2009 - We're headlong into another week now, and facing several of them without races. For us here at Sidepodcast Towers, this is good as we can get round to all those things "on the list" that have been put off for breaking F1 news. However, we will endeavour to keep you entertained during the summer break.

Daily: 28th July 2009 - We are at Tuesday already, which means it's time for another daily post, and that means more links and news to keep you going. The good news is that this weekend's Debrief is edited, so if you haven't already, you can hear the condensed version.

Daily: 29th July 2009 - We're midway through the week now, and apparently it is National Anthem Day in Romania. I don't quite understand why an anthem needs a day dedicated to it, and I can only imagine that it means the song gets played a lot.

Daily: 30th July 2009 - Yes, it's all true. Sidepodcast is on hiatus. This daily thread is here to keep you all occupied whilst Mr C and I take a break from anything Formula 1 related, which includes this site.

Daily: 31st July 2009 - We are still on hiatus, but it's a new day which means it's time for a new (scheduled in advance) daily post. I wonder what topics you are all talking about.


Daily: 1st August 2009 - Wow, it's a new month already. Hasn't time flown this year? Unreal. By now you'll know that we're on hiatus, so this is your pre-scheduled daily post to keep the conversation flowing.

Daily: 2nd August 2009 - The ever-lasting hiatus continues as Sidepodcast Towers takes a break from all things Formula One. Here is your daily thread, that was written days in advance, so will contain no information of relevance.

Daily: 3rd August 2009 - Hello one and all! I have missed you, and I have missed writing these little posts every night. We have only been away a few days but we are back... sort of. Check out our explanation of what went wrong for us last week, and what we're doing to try and fix it here.

Daily: 4th August 2009 - Morning all. Today is the day that Dom Perignon supposedly invented champagne way back in 1693. I wonder what the podium ceremonies would be like if that had never happened. We have replacement champagne these days but what if the bubbles had never been invented in the first place?

Daily: 5th August 2009 - We are halfway through the week now, and it seems as though things are getting nasty in the world of F1. Piquet's having a go at Renault, Ferrari are having a go at Williams, who's next? Meanwhile, here at Sidepodcast, we're being nice to each other!

Daily: 6th August 2009 - Here we are again, horrible Thursday, but I won't let it get me down, and neither should you. There's plenty going on to distract from what day of the week it is, so let's get right down to the F1 stuff.

Daily: 7th August 2009 - It's Friday at last, and that means we're heading into another weekend. We know that Jon is busy this weekend, and will most likely return sans voice, but what are you up to? Let us know.

Daily: 8th August 2009 - According to Wikipedia, it is Andy Priaulx's birthday today. What's he up to these days? I mean, probably he'll be celebrating today, but in racing terms? Anyway, here are some of the things we're discussing at the moment...

Daily: 9th August 2009 - Sunday rolls around, and it's worth noting for anyone wondering that there won't be a live show tonight. However, we'll be around all day for comments, so you can still come and talk to us.

Daily: 10th August 2009 - We've reached and passed the mid-point of the summer break, which means it's all downhill from here. Things are quiet with the factories closed, but we are still managing to keep ourselves amused.

Daily: 11th August 2009 - It is Lucas di Grassi's birthday today. The Brazilian is 25 years old today, and must be sad that the factories are all shut, because it means he won't get a cake. Still, with so many new teams turning up next year, does di Grassi have a shot at a race seat?

Daily: 12th August 2009 - Yesterday was a good day in Sidepodcast Towers, and whilst I would usually be dreading the appearance of Thursday tomorrow, instead I am still happy about the great Tuesday we had yesterday. Let's see how long this lasts.

Daily: 13th August 2009 - It is that day of the week again, but we'll pretend it isn't and maybe it'll be a good day anyway. Apparently it is also International Lefthanders Day, in which we celebrate those who use their left hands and recognise the inconveniences of a dominant right-handed world.

Daily: 14th August 2009 - Friday at last, and it is the final F1 free weekend of the summer break. I know a lot of you are missing the racing, but make the most of the time off and do something exciting. Maybe even go outside? But make sure you stay in touch, it's scary out there.

Daily: 15th August 2009 - It's the weekend, and also Carl Edwards birthday today. He's a NASCAR driver, I know, but we seem to be branching out all the time, so that shouldn't worry you. Here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 16th August 2009 - We are into Sunday now, and Mr C and I are recovering from our afternoon at Giggles' house. There is plenty to look at on the live streaming playground, if you missed any of the fun. We were still investigating the Qik possibilities and there's still a lot to be learnt.

Daily: 17th August 2009 - The start of another week, and for myself at least, a good one. I am not at work this week, and can spend my days doing leisurely things, such as editing podcasts, and sorting out Sidepodradio bits and pieces.

Daily: 18th August 2009 - We're into Tuesday already, and it's time to start turning our attention to the European Grand Prix. Many of the teams have released their GP previews already, and they are all starting to talk up their chances in Valencia.

Daily: 19th August 2009 - It's my Dad's birthday today, so I'm abusing my powers to say Happy Birthday to him. I am taking him out for the day to celebrate, and that means going into the big, wide world. Expect comments and pictures as we go.

Daily: 20th August 2009 - It's Thursday once more, but it should be a better day for me as I'm off work and enjoying a week at home. We'll see though. Let me know how your Thursday goes, and check in with the comments often, so we know it's going okay.

Daily: 21st August 2009 - Here we are then, finally we have reached our first Free Practice Friday for about a month. I have already forgotten how to do the Digest, so I'm curious to know if I'll be able to get everything ready throughout today.

Daily: 22nd August 2009 - Free Practice was a bizarre thing to be hold. The morning session was even less interesting than I thought it was going to be, whilst the afternoon more than made up for it. Goodness knows what today is going to bring.

Daily: 23rd August 2009 - You may know this as the day of the European Grand Prix at Valencia. Here at Sidepodcast Towers, this is known as Franck Day! The Frenchman will be lining up 8th on the grid at Sonoma tonight. There is no way I'm going to be able to stay up to watch him, but I will try my very best.

Daily: 24th August 2009 - With Valencia out of the way, we will already be turning our attention to the next race at Spa. I thought we had got all the back-to-back goings on at the beginning of the season, but apparently it is not so.

Daily: 25th August 2009 - We're into Tuesday already, and that means just minutes after finishing up the F1 podcast goodness for the weekend in Valencia, teams are already producing their preview quotes for Spa. Not exactly easing us back in gently after the summer break.

Daily: 26th August 2009 - Halfway through the week already, and almost at the end of August. Time is ticking ever onwards, and we've just got six races left to go. Is it all still up for grabs, or are the winners as obvious as when the season started?

Daily: 27th August 2009 - It is Mark Webber's birthday today, and he was born in 1976 which makes him 33 years young. Webber will be spending his day preparing for the upcoming race in Spa, so will he get cake? We can only hope so. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about at the moment...

Daily: 28th August 2009 - Free Practice Friday again, already, and hopefully we will see more enjoyment today than we did this time last week. Actually, that's a given because we're not in the land of concrete. Anyway, here are some of the things we're discussing...

Daily: 29th August 2009 - Qualifying day is upon us and with all the Free Practice action we saw yesterday, we are none the wiser about who will do well. It looks as though McLaren are back on form, but perhaps the final practice session this morning will help us get a clearer picture.

Daily: 30th August 2009 - No one could have predicted the qualifying order from yesterday, and I wouldn't ask you to have a guess at what's going to happen in the race today. It was great fun though, and am expecting more of the same.

Daily: 31st August 2009 - We are at the very last day of August now, and for those of us in the UK that means a Bank Holiday. We are still recovering from what was an excellent Belgian GP, though, so I don't imagine we will be up to anything exciting.


Daily: 1st September 2009 - A new month is upon us, and this is the month of Sidepodradio. Don't forget to keep your eye on the wiki and get involved. Some new slots have opened up on the schedule, so perhaps you'd like to come up with a show - F1 related or otherwise?

Daily: 2nd September 2009 - Today is Olivier Panis' birthday, and that is a name I vaguely recognise from my early days of watching Formula 1. If I recall correctly, Panis left Toyota as test driver making way for Franck to test there, and I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Daily: 3rd September 2009 - Well, it was all go yesterday. Even when there is not a huge amount of F1 related news, we still find plenty to blog and talk about. Here are some of the things under discussion at the moment.

Daily: 4th September 2009 - Friday at long last, and even though we were lucky enough to have a bank holiday on Monday, it has still felt like a long week to me. For those returning to school, it is probably even longer, so let's talk about something else. It's Friday!

Daily: 5th September 2009 - The weekend is upon us, so it's time for you to let us know what you're up to. It's a non-race weekend, so I hope you're all doing something exciting. We want to know about it. Don't forget about the inaugural Sidepodfilmclub showing of Talladega Nights later, as well.

Daily: 6th September 2009 - There was little in the way of F1 news yesterday, and by little I mean absolutely nothing. Hence there was no F1 Minute either, which is annoying, because I do like doing those 60 second snippets.

Daily: 7th September 2009 - I don't know about anyone else, but that weekend went way too quickly for my liking. One minute I was counting down the hours to hometime on Friday, the next it is time to wake up for Monday morning. Boo.

Daily: 8th September 2009 - Today is apparently National Literacy Day, so... why not read a book, or something? Anyway, useless fact of the day out the way, here are some of the things we're talking about at the moment.

Daily: 9th September 2009 - We are midway through the week now, which will make Mr C happy as he thought it was Wednesday yesterday. He's gained a day! Meanwhile, the rest of us know what day of the week it is, and are talking about more sensible things.

Daily: 10th September 2009 - Ahhh, it's was 09/09/09 yesterday and I missed marking it? Today it is 10/09/09 and that's not special at all, is it? Rubbish. Anyway, on to more Formula 1 shaped things.

Daily: 11th September 2009 - Here we are then, it is Friday, it is Monza, and it is Free Practice day. The racing action gets underway once more, and as ever, we'll be live commenting every session. I hope you can join us throughout the day. Meanwhile, here are some of the things that have caught our attention...

Daily: 12th September 2009 - We're into Saturday now, and it's qualifying day - we continue to argue this is the best part of the race weekend. Let us know if you disagree! Anyway, there is plenty going on in the paddock, not all of it confined to the track, so here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 13th September 2009 - Race day once more, and at Sidepodcast Towers that means nachos, plus the diet Coke I sent Mr C out for yesterday. What will you be enjoying today? Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th September 2009 - With the race weekend out the way, we are now starting to realise that Sidepodradio is only week away. Argh! In the true spirit of Sidepodcast, we will bury our heads in the sand, and reminisce about the weekend that was...

Daily: 15th September 2009 - Apparently, it is the International Day of Democracy today. I don't really know how you would go about celebrating something like that, but it certainly seems like the FIA should try and do something to observe it. At least then we'd know they understand what democracy is.

Daily: 16th September 2009 - There were breakout threads all over the place yesterday as the news kept on pouring in. Personally, I'm hoping for a bit of a calmer day today, but you just never know with F1. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th September 2009 - Thursday is upon us again, and as ever, it was not a quiet day in the world of Formula 1 yesterday. I am sure I mentioned hoping for a bit of peace, so if I do that again today, what on earth else will happen?

Daily: 18th September 2009 - Yesterday went by without a single breakout thread, which means it must have been relatively quiet in the world of Formula 1. Suddenly, it is Friday, and the end of the week already, which is always a good thing.

Daily: 19th September 2009 - The countdown is on to the big Sidepodradio event tomorrow and I don't know about you but it is all go at Sidepodcast Towers, scurrying around trying to get things completed in time. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th September 2009 - Here we go then, the day is finally upon us and it is all about Sidepodradio. Doesn't matter if there is any F1 news going on, we've got a whole host of shows to keep you occupied. I imagine the majority of today's conversation will be in the upcoming threads, but for now, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 21st September 2009 - So... that happened. Quite tired. More later.

Daily: 22nd September 2009 - It was a big day in F1 news yesterday, as we saw both the Renault hearing done and dusted, plus the announcement of the 2010 calendar. I wonder if today will be any quieter?

Daily: 23rd September 2009 - Halfway through the week now, and it is Robert Doornbos' birthday. The former Minardi/Red Bull driver was last seen (by me anyway) driving around in the IndyCar series, probably getting in the way of Franck.

Daily: 24th September 2009 - We have reached Thursday already, and today is IRL driver Ryan Briscoe's birthday. I've kind of heard of him, but only through vaguely following Franck through a couple of races. I think I preferred it when it was Montoya's birthday, but there you go.

Daily: 25th September 2009 - We have reached Friday and it is Free Practice day in Singapore. Things have been about Renault all week, so it would be nice if some other teams got a mention.

Daily: 26th September 2009 - It is both qualifying day and Franck day today, as there is the small matter of a Petit Le Mans race to attend to later. Before that though, I am looking forward to my first lie in for a while. How are you guys spending your weekend?

Daily: 27th September 2009 - All eyes are still on Singapore, as the racing gets underway today. It's been an interesting weekend so far, with plenty to talk about, so hopefully there is more to come.

Daily: 28th September 2009 - Monday is upon us again, and we have only the briefest amount of time to recover from Singapore before turning our attention to Japan. However, it is still all about the night race, and here's what we've been talking about.

Daily: 29th September 2009 - Sorry, can someone tell me where Monday went? I must have missed. I can't really say I want it back, you know, it is Monday, after all. It went rather quickly for me, what about anyone else?

Daily: 30th September 2009 - It's the last day of September, which means there are just three more months until the end of the year. It also means all the shops are looking at Christmas already, which is ridiculous.


Daily: 1st October 2009 - It's October, a brand new month, and things are showing no signs of slowing down in Formula 1. In fact, it's all gearing up, as the championship could be over this weekend.

Daily: 2nd October 2009 - It's Free Practice Friday, and we'll be up in just a couple of hours to watch the first action in Japan. The drivers are all bigging up the weekend, so let's hope it lives up to expectations.

Daily: 3rd October 2009 - We're all feeling the after effects of staying up/getting up to watch what was essentially a non-existant Free Practice session. Well, I say "we" but I slept through all bar one installation lap from Alguersuari.

Daily: 4th October 2009 - Hands up who knows what went on yesterday? Could you explain it to the rest of us? It was madness, and whilst I know we haven't yet unravelled it all completely, I'm kinda hoping for more of the same today. It's about time we had a race that wasn't straightforward.

Daily: 5th October 2009 - It's been quite a manic weekend both on and off track. The Japanese Grand Prix held plenty of surprise, not all of them good. Meanwhile, Sidepodcast Towers began their first weekend of moving house.

Daily: 6th October 2009 - We are into Tuesday already, which means Monday is well and truly gone. I don't know about anyone else, but I found it to be quite a stressful one. Turning towards today instead, then, here are some of the things we're discussing.

Daily: 7th October 2009 - We are midway through the week now, and apparently this is the 280th day of the year. That is quite a lot of the year gone already, huh? Still, here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 8th October 2009 - It's turning out to be quite a difficult week at Sidepodcast Towers, as we stumble from one disaster to the next. That being the case, I would like all comments today to be happy and fluffy. Don't make me start going on about rolling meadows and whiskers on kittens and stuff like that.

Daily: 9th October 2009 - Yesterday was a relatively quiet news day, compared to those we have seen over the past few days. Things are slowing down momentarily, just before everything ramps up again for Brazil. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about.

Daily: 10th October 2009 - Apparently today is the Day of Finnish Literature in Finland, of course, which should make Amy very happy. Perhaps we should challenge her to read a Finnish book or something. Anyway, we are busy moving house (again) but here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 11th October 2009 - It was a quiet day on Sidepodcast yesterday as we were (and are still) in the process of moving furniture about. There was some racing in the evening though, so plenty to keep you all occupied.

Daily: 12th October 2009 - It's Lou's birthday today! Lou has been commenting on the site since August 2007 and I know that everyone will want to wish her a happy birthday. Today is the day to do it. We're also talking about some F1 related things today, though.

Daily: 13th October 2009 - Monday is over and done with then, so we're onto Tuesday. Things are ramping up towards Brazil as teams start releasing their preview press releases and we start looking at the weather forecasts. Here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 14th October 2009 - Today is World Standards Day, and supposedly this is to celebrate those who create and uphold standards in organisations. Do we need to come up with some Sidepodcast standards? For instance, pandas must be mentioned at least once a day? Or Mr C must bake a cupcake at least once a year and document it on a live show? What do you think?

Daily: 15th October 2009 - We have reached that dreaded day of Thursday, but it turns out that some people have been experience Thursday symptoms on a Wednesday and sometimes, more annoyingly, on a Friday. We are going to have to do more to contain it, I think. Anyway, here are some F1 related things to discuss.

Daily: 16th October 2009 - Free Practice Friday has reached us once more and we are in Brazil, this time not for the last race of the year. It feels very odd to think that there's another race after Brazil, and it will feel even stranger if the championship is decided this race.

Daily: 17th October 2009 - Friday turns into Saturday and there is one more Free Practice session to enjoy before the best part of the weekend is upon us. Qualifying for this crucial championship race will be something to behold, I'm sure.

Daily: 18th October 2009 - Yesterday was something to behold, wasn't it? For those of us watching qualifying, we had quite a long time to wait to get to the results. For those who didn't, the highlights will sum it all up for you in a much more sensible amount of time!

Daily: 19th October 2009 - Naturally, we are still recovering from the events of yesterday, not only a massive championship-deciding race, but also hosting the debrief into the late hours. Still, that doesn't take any shine off what was another awesome weekend in F1.

Daily: 20th October 2009 - Roll on Tuesday then, and it appears that yesterday I missed the opportunity to wish Heikki Kovalainen a happy birthday. I must say a belated Happy Birthday, then, and also a #sorryAmy.

Daily: 21st October 2009 - Apparently it is Apple Day today, and that is not to do with the iPod people, but more to do with apples and orchards. Once again, I don't know how you are supposed to celebrate these things, but I think a good apple crumble is on the cards. Meanwhile, F1 related stuff.

Daily: 22nd October 2009 - Here we are at Thursday, and it's time to start thinking about the weekend. It's the last free weekend before the end of the season, when there will be weeks without racing, and we'll finally be able to get stuff done.

Daily: 23rd October 2009 - We have reached Friday at long last, and it is, of course, FIA elections day. I have no doubt it will be impossible to avoid it, and we may even have another breakout thread at long last! Still, I would like to reserve the daily as my F1 Happy Place, thank you.

Daily: 24th October 2009 - The news we were waiting for yesterday was not as exciting as one might have expected, as it wasn't really a surprise, was it? Nevertheless it has captured the imagination of many.

Daily: 25th October 2009 - We spent quite a lot of Saturday finishing off our move, but at least we are done now. All bar the unpacking of the boxes this end. I'll save that for another day though, eh? Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about at the moment.

Daily: 26th October 2009 - Lo and behold, we are now entering the last week of the 2009 season, with the build-up to Abu Dhabi starting now. Even though the championships are no longer at stake, there's still some racing to be had.

Daily: 27th October 2009 - It is the 300th day of the year today, which is a nice round number. I approve. It's also Tuesday, which means we're well underway in the week now. Here are some of the things we're talking about.

Daily: 28th October 2009 - It is Wednesday, and that means we are about to start properly talking about Abu Dhabi. I mentioned it on Monday, but it still doesn't seem like it's really happening yet. Hopefully, when the schedule appears, it will seem more exciting.

Daily: 29th October 2009 - Can it really be Thursday already? Oh well, Thursday it is then. We are just one day away from seeing the brand new Yas Marina circuit in action, and I don't know about anyone else, but I am intrigued to see how that pit lane exit works out for everyone.

Daily: 30th October 2009 - At last we have reached Friday. Yesterday was another rubbish Thursday for me, so I am glad we have finally made it to the end of the week. It's also Free Practice Friday, and we get to see the brand new track in action.

Daily: 31st October 2009 - It's Halloween!! Well, it will be at this time tonight. Are you going to any parties? Dressing up? Or simply eating a lot of sweets? I know what sounds good to me. I carved a pumpkin once and it was gross. Anyway, here are some F1 things to discuss...


Daily: 1st November 2009 - It's a brand new month, and we are looking at a brand new circuit for the final race of the year. Abu Dhabi has looked stunning but so far the action has left quite a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, there is plenty to talk about as the season draws to a close:

Daily: 2nd November 2009 - That was it then! Not exactly the season ending cliffhanger that we all wanted, but I suppose it was a nice relaxing way to round off the year. Now the off-season begins in earnest and I can't tell you all the stuff we have planned to keep you entertained. It'll be great.

Daily: 3rd November 2009 - It is Tuesday and we are still talking about the Grand Prix at the weekend, although seemingly not for very good reasons. However there was plenty going on yesterday to keep us going. It won't be like that all off season!

Daily: 4th November 2009 - It is Jacques Villeneuve Sr's birthday today - brother to Gilles and uncle of the baggy-overalled Jacques we know and love. Eh-hem. He was also a race driver too, and took part in a couple of years worth of F1. What a family!

Daily: 5th November 2009 - If you were hoping for a quiet off season, you will need to wait just a little bit longer. It is Bonfire Night tonight, and we have certainly seen fireworks in Formula 1 for the past few days. Ahh, I like being cheesy about it.

Daily: 6th November 2009 - It is the day after Bonfire Night, so hopefully it is all peaceful now the fireworks have been used up. Unless there are going to be more at the weekend. Oh dear. Well, it's Friday today, Thursday is done, so nothing will get us down. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th November 2009 - It is Saturday morning and I am already fifteen minutes late writing this daily post. Oops. Still, this is the first real day of my off-season, and I am determined to enjoy it. What about you?

Daily: 8th November 2009 - We have reached Sunday, and it is the first weekend of the off season. No racing to watch, but at least a chance to have a lie in, and relax. There was talk of feeling depressed at the lack of action yesterday, but there is no need for that. We have a great doohickey, lovely people to talk to and plenty of fun and games planned for the next few months. Be happy and savour the down time so the action is even better when it gets going again next year.

Daily: 9th November 2009 - Today is apparently Inventor's Day in Europe, which is a day set aside to celebrate all things independent and inventing. This is good, as we have a wiki page setting out all the things the commentors want invented. If anyone is good with a hammer and stuff, then dive right in!

Daily: 10th November 2009 - Monday flew for me, so we are on to Tuesday already. Over the weekend, I said that the site hadn't gone down since the redesign, and yesterday it fell over twice. So, what can I jinx today? Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 11th November 2009 - We are in the middle of the week now, and it is Gil de Ferran's birthday today. Part time racer, part time director, we're a fan of Ferran after meeting him at the Honda quiz a few years ago. Anyway, here are some of the more F1 related things we're talking about:

Daily: 12th November 2009 - We have reached Thursday once again, and it seems to have been a bit of a trying week for a lot of commentors so far. Let's hope that Terrible Thursday isn't too bad this time round. What we'll do to ward off the evil spirits, is talk about Formula 1!

Daily: 13th November 2009 - Friday at last and we have survived another week. It was quite a busy day on Sidepodcast yesterday as we told you some of our plans for the off season, and then came up with a brand new one as well. It's all go here, I tell ya! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th November 2009 - The daily thread is an entire year old now, and we would have missed it if it hadn't been for RG's eagle eyes. Check out the celebratory blog post here, and let us know what you think of the good ol' daily. Meanwhile, here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 15th November 2009 - We have reached Sunday and it is Doctor Who day! Eh-hem. Please excuse any Doctor Who excitement in the daily thread today, but we have been waiting a long time for this! Of course, there are plenty of F1 things to talk about. Well, I say plenty, there are a couple of things.

Daily: 16th November 2009 - We had quite a relaxing weekend at Sidepodcast HQ, and I hope yours was of a similar nature. We are into a brand new week now, with Monday dawning probably quite dark and maybe even a little bit stormy. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th November 2009 - Today is Tom Walkinshaw's birthday, and if you're like me and feel like it's a familiar name without recollecting why - he's a racer/team manager. Mr Walkinshaw purchased the Arrows team and bought Damon Hill on board and together they scored a podium.

Daily: 18th November 2009 - Here we are, halfway through the week, and the news has been pouring forth over the last few days. What else can there be to come over the next few? Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 19th November 2009 - I am declaring 19th Nov to be LCLT day - the day when we give the much-ignored Live Commenting solution some love. I know it does have it's hard-core fans, and that is excellent, but I think we need to raise awareness to the Live Commenting single-thread goodness. Perfect for tracking each conversation separately, and more importantly, posting your thoughts in the right place.

Daily: 20th November 2009 - We have reached yet another Friday, and that means it is the end of the week. Hurrah for Fridays. We had a nice quiet non-news day yesterday, which is exactly what we all needed, and I am hoping the weekend will hold more of the same. Meanwhile, here's how we're keeping ourselves occupied...

Daily: 21st November 2009 - I am slightly late with this daily post, as Mr C and myself were caught up playing the new Wii game. On the strength of Lukeh's review, we went out and bought it and then hijacked our inlaws for their console. Apologies for that. Elsewhere...

Daily: 22nd November 2009 - I had a bit of an idea, concerning the daily, in that guest writers could come along and take over the threads for a while, promoting their work and linking to the stories of the day that they find fascinating, rather than you always hearing from me. I've set up a wiki page for volunteers, and although the details are sketchy at the moment, let us know if you'd like to get involved.

Daily: 23rd November 2009 - Here we are then, another Monday is upon us. Don't forget that if you would like the chance to write a daily post at some point in the future, then the option is there! I am taking volunteers for a series of guest written daily posts, and it's a good excuse to plug your own blog, or links that you like. We've had a great response so far, but there's always room for more.

Daily: 24th November 2009 - It was Ross Brawn's birthday yesterday, which I missed mentioning thanks to all my moaning about it being Monday. He had quite a good day though, announcing the first of his new drivers. What a way to celebrate the anniversary of your birth! More on that in a moment though.

Daily: 25th November 2009 - Apparently, according to Wikipedia, there was a great storm on this day in 1703. It was called the Great Storm of 1703. Catchy. The wind got up to 120mph and thousands of people died. I don't think things are that bad yet, but I would certainly suggest the weather is commemorating this day in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, on to the F1 news...

Daily: 26th November 2009 - Thursday has arrived and although it is an unpopular day amongst Sidepodcast readers, I am determined we should all make the most of it. To help us along the way, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 27th November 2009 - Ah-ha, the end of the week at last, and another weekend just around the corner. It's been a nice slow end to the week in terms of F1 news, but I have a feeling (and Joe said) it's all going to start kicking off again next week. Meanwhile, here's what we're focusing on instead...


Daily: 5th December 2009 - Hello everybody, it's me again! I am plunged back into the world of writing the daily. Thanks to everyone who took part in the takeover week, I hope it was fun to write and read, and perhaps we can repeat the process again soon. Meanwhile, I am back and it's time to talk about Formula 1 again (maybe)...

Daily: 6th December 2009 - We have arrived at Sunday, and it is Susie Stoddart's birthday today. With her boyfriend as a significant investor in Williams, what are the chances of her getting a foot in the door of Formula 1 for her birthday? Probably very small, actually, so let's move on to some F1 related things instead.

Daily: 7th December 2009 - Monday has arrived, and with it brings Robert Kubica's birthday. The Polish driver turns 25 years old today, and I hope he's throwing a big party to celebrate his drive at Renault. Oh wait, that might not be secure as he hopes. Hmm. We might be finding more out about that today, watch for breakout threads.

Daily: 8th December 2009 - The big news of yesterday was about Silverstone and the fact that the future of the British Grand Prix is now secure. I am mostly happy about this news because it means we don't have to talk about any more deadlines. I like it when things get settled. Meanwhile, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 9th December 2009 - Hello there. Here is your useless fact of the day, according to the people's encyclopedia. Today in Sweden and Finland, it is Anna's day - a day that celebrates anyone called Anna. Isn't that a bit mean to people who aren't called Anna? I assume there is a reason but I cannot find out why. A mystery. Anyway, here's some F1 stuff...

Daily: 10th December 2009 - Hello all. It is apparently Human Rights day for the United Nations, and also International Animal Rights Day. I am going to combine these two, and suggest that I have the right to have a baby panda, and a baby panda has the right to come and live with me. Sounds like the proper way to observe these events to me. Now, on to the Formula 1 stuff...

Daily: 11th December 2009 - Hello to all! It was a busy day yesterday, wasn't it? All that Formula 1 news sneaking out as we were busy digesting the last lot! That is good for my daily post though, it means lots of lovely self promotion. Let's get on with that now...

Daily: 12th December 2009 - It's Saturday at long last, and the day of the Sidepodmeetup/real life Christmas party. We know many of you aren't able to make it to the party itself, but we'll keep it as interactive as possible, and I'll be glued to the comments, as usual. Anyway, it was a busy week in F1, so here's some related stuff we're talking about:

Daily: 13th December 2009 - I'm writing this slightly ahead of schedule as I have no way of knowing when we'll be back from the Sidepodxmas party. That means I only have half a days worth of goings on to share with you, but I will do my best. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 14th December 2009 - Another week is beginning, then, and we are here at Monday. As I have been paying very little attention to Formula 1 over the weekend, I think it's time to take a glance around the blog world and see what everyone has been writing about. Let's take a look...

Daily: 15th December 2009 - We have arrived at Tuesday, and my first job is to remind you that the deadline for the season review submissions is up! Technically it was yesterday, but I forgot to remind you, so I've extended it by a day. If you haven't already, and want to call in your thoughts on the season just past, there are more details here. Now, let's get on with the good stuff...

Daily: 16th December 2009 - Today is apparently the Independence Day of Bahrain, which has less to do with Will Smith defending the planet from aliens and more to do with the kingdom standing on it's own two feet. Very good stuff. Now, onto Formula 1 news. As we were saying in the comments yesterday, December has never been so busy in F1, so we'd best make the most of it.

Daily: 17th December 2009 - It is Thursday and whilst that is usually a bad day around Sidepodcast Towers, it has been tempered during this off season with the ever-excellent Thursday Thoughts. Today it is Gavin's turn to host the question, so keep an eye on his blog for your prompt this week. Now onto some F1 things we're talking about...

Daily: 18th December 2009 - It is Friday, and we are still waiting for the F1 news to die down this week. There have been breakout threads flying all over the place, and I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the weekend for a rest! Yesterday was all about another driver announcement but here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 19th December 2009 - It's Saturday, and for about half the UK, it seems like it's snow day as well. I have only seen the occasional flake but we're hearing about all sorts of various weather reports from around the country. I wonder whether it really will be a white Christmas. Anyway, here are some of the F1 related things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th December 2009 - Sunday has dawned and there is mass confusion at Sidepodcast Towers as we have already done one podcast this weekend. We had to host an impromptu F1 Debrief yesterday due to the sheer volume of news that has come in since our last podcast. That means tonight we can concentrate solely on the Sidepoddie Awards show, as we had originally intended. Here's some info on what is in store tonight...

Daily: 21st December 2009 - It is supposedly the shortest day of the year today, which means that after today, the evenings will be getting lighter again. This is good as seeing the darkness come in before 4pm each day is not much fun at all! It also means we are really into Christmas, and the F1 news should be slowing down. Good stuff! Meanwhile, here is what we're talking about today...

Daily: 22nd December 2009 - Tuesday has dawned, and silly me for thinking the news had ended already. We are just a few days from Christmas now and yet there are still new things to discuss each and every day. Here are some of the things we've got on our list at the moment...

Daily: 23rd December 2009 - It is ex-F1 driver birthday central today, with Bertrand Gachot celebrating his 47th birthday today. He seems to have raced for every team that has ever appeared in the Forgotten F1 Teams series, including but not limited to Onyx, Jordan, Coloni and Pacific. It also appears that Michele Alboreto was born on this day. The Italian raced for Ferrari and Tyrrell in the 80s, and died in 2001. Anyway, on to more current things:

Daily: 24th December 2009 - Happy Christmas Eve to one and all. I trust there will be no news today, right? I do hope so. I can't quite believe all this news keeps on happening. Here at Sidepodcast, we treasure the Christmas week as one where everyone else stops and we keep on going. It's not fair if they keep on going as well. Anyway, enough whining from me, here are some of the things we're talking about:

Daily: 25th December 2009 - Hello and Merry Christmas! It's the 25th December, and I think we are safe now, there should be no F1 news today. Instead, it's all about chocolate, mince pies, and tracking Santa. Still, there are a couple of things we've noticed on our travels around the web, and we'd like to share them with you...

Daily: 26th December 2009 - Boxing Day traditionally means recovering from the day before and eating all that leftover turkey. It will be turkey sandwiches and turkey curry for everyone for weeks, I'm sure. We were right about the F1 news, though, there was very little. Here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 27th December 2009 - Wikipedia tells me that today is "Crate Day" - the day after Boxing Day when all the boxes were loaded into crates. I don't really understand - what boxes? what crates? But still, I do like the idea that soon every day will have an official name. Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 28th December 2009 - It is Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, granted to us because Boxing Day fell at the weekend. There is still little to go on in the news stakes, which is a breath of fresh air and means we have been able to get other stuff done. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 29th December 2009 - It is Allan McNish's birthday today, and as it is drawing nearer to January, he must be getting prepared for the Autosport International show. Just like DC, we have seen him up in Birmingham pretty much every year that we have been. Although we still haven't decided if we'll go this year. Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 30th December 2009 - In my research for daily facts and figures I have come across the best one ever. From the people's dictionary, today is the day in 1853 when a dinner party was held inside the Iguanadon in Crystal Palace Park. We knew this! Mr Giggles took us to see those dinosaurs and told us that fact! In your face, Wikipedia! Eh-hem, here are some more F1 related things...

Daily: 31st December 2009 - It has arrived, the final day of the year two thousand and nine. From tomorrow onwards we will be into double figures in this new millennium, and it is a chance to have a fresh start. Or equally, things will carry on in the same awesome way they have been. I am good at this fortune telling stuff. Anyway, here are some of the things we're up to...



Daily: 1st January 2010 - 2009 has been and gone and it is to 2010 that we turn our attention. Happy New Year to everyone who reads, listens, participates, lurks and shares with Sidepodcast. I hope you are having a great day, and that it is the start of a wonderful year.

Daily: 2nd January 2010 - We are well and truly into the new year now, the partying is over and it's time to start concentrating on getting back into a routine. It's my final weekend off before returning to work and it'll soon be time to try and remember to put 2010 on documents, instead of scribbling out 2009 for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, here are some of the things on our minds...

Daily: 3rd January 2010 - Welcome to Sunday, we are three days in to 2010 already. I hesitate to say time is flying already, but seriously, that is quite scary. Still, the F1 news is beginning to wake up again, and that means we will have to do the same. It's been a good holiday, so we'll make the most of this last day. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 4th January 2010 - Back to the grindstone, today, then, as the year of work begins again. It's Franck's birthday tomorrow and I'm mentioning it today because firstly, I will probably forget when it matters, and secondly, it's nice to start the week with a mention of Franck, and hopefully he'll get a mention tomorrow as well. Meanwhile, here are some of the things on our radar today...

Daily: 5th January 2010 - It's Franck's birthday! Woooohoo. Happy Birthday to everybody's favourite Frenchman. I hope he is having lots of lovely cake and celebrating as is appropriate for one's 32nd birthday. Meanwhile, I need to return my attention to more Formula 1 shaped things, so here's what's catching our eye at the moment...

Daily: 6th January 2010 - We are halfway through the week and there is snow in the UK causing traffic chaos all around. That's why we recommending staying indoors! There is plenty going on in F1 for now to keep you occupied. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th January 2010 - We have reached Thursday and most of the news is still about Flavio and how that is affecting everyone in the sport at the moment. There isn't much more to go on though, so perhaps it's worth looking at other things going on right now. Before I start, make sure you check out the new F1 Minute video. Onwards...

Daily: 8th January 2010 - It was Hamilton's birthday yesterday and I missed it! I am not very good at keeping up with these important days and things, am I? Anyway, Happy Birthday to LewHam, hope he celebrated with his new friend Jenson Button. Anyway, thankfully there wasn't an enormous amount of Flav news yesterday, so we could concentrate on other things.

Daily: 9th January 2010 - Today it is the birthday of one Mr Sam Bird, sometime test driver for Williams, who is currently racing in the GP2 Asia series. That series confuses me greatly because it is a feature and sprint race, but only at two circuits, just a couple of events, and quite far apart. Still, it keeps the drivers busy over the winter months, I suppose. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 10th January 2010 - We are into double figures in this new year now, and we have also reached Sunday. There's no show today, as we have been busy sorting out F1 Minute video... and also the snow has messed up our plans just a little bit. However, here are some of the things we're talking about, as we are holed up inside avoiding the white stuff...

Daily: 11th January 2010 - How can it possibly be Monday again? Not only is it Monday, but it is a double driver birthday, with both Nakajima and Sutil celebrating the anniversary of their births. Kazuki turned 25, whilst Sutil hits 27 - hurtling towards 30, but don't tell him that! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 12th January 2010 - Tuesday arrives, and it is time to wish Tom G a very happy birthday! I hope the weather isn't too bad for you, Mr Tom, and that you are not falling down anywhere! I notice there were some Tom-shaped updates on the Sporting Injuries page on the wiki - don't forget to update it if you have anything to add! Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 13th January 2010 - Here we are at Wednesday, and supposedly the weathermen and women predict more snow. Weird though, because everything they've predicted so far has not happened, so I am not sure I'll believe them this time either. Anyway, here are some of the F1 things that are on our mind...

Daily: 14th January 2010 - Another double birthday today, as Giancarlo Fisichella celebrates alongside Narain Karthikeyan. Fisichella is also looking for a race seat in 2010, alongside his testing duties for Ferrari. Busy man! Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 15th January 2010 - It's the second day of Autosport International - another trade day - and if the headlines are anything like yesterday, we'll be tearing our hair out by the end of proceedings! Nevertheless, despite our reservations about the concept of trade shows at all, it continues, and we will keep our eye on what's happening. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 16th January 2010 - Saturday at long last, and it is still that pesky racing show taking up all the headlines. Actually there were not that many yesterday, except from a certain Jon Waldock who tweeted that he spotted Franck, and just at the thought of him being there, I got all giggly, so it's a good thing we didn't go this year. Anyway, here are some of the things we're up to...

Daily: 17th January 2010 - Thankfully there were no announcements from Autosport International yesterday that made us scratch our heads. I mentioned in the comments that in prepping for the offline podcast this week, Mr C couldn't stop swearing when it came to talking about the rankings. Stay tuned for whether he manages to tone it down in the podcast or not! Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 18th January 2010 - It can't possibly be Monday again, can it? It looks like it is. Apparently it is Winnie the Pooh day today, as well, which is good, although I have always preferred Piglet. Autosport International is all over, so we can return to regularly scheduled news, and here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 19th January 2010 - Ah, today it is Jenson Button's birthday. The man is World Champion, has lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend, is facing the "fresh challenge" that he so desperately craved for 2010, and is now turning the big 3-0. What do you get the man who has everything?? Meanwhile, here's some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th January 2010 - Mid-way through the week already, and we have reached the twentieth day of this brand new year. It's Will Wright's birthday today and I'm only telling you that because he created The Sims, and The Sims is brilliant. Now, moving on to more Formula 1 related things, here are some of the items we're currently talking about...

Daily: 21st January 2010 - It's Thursday once again. So far this year, I haven't found Thursdays too bad, but I can only imagine the bad vibe is waiting round the corner for me. To battle it, it turns out it is National Hug Day today. I'm not that good at hugging, but make sure you celebrate the day for me, and give someone a big ol' hug. Anyway, on to F1 things...

Daily: 22nd January 2010 - We have reached Friday once again, and according to my super duper calendar, Massa is getting behind the wheel of the F2008 with GP2 tyres on, so look out for some pictures of him getting some Barcelona track time. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 23rd January 2010 - It's Saturday, and that means the weekend is officially here! Woohoo! As ever, we're going to be around during the weekend, fiddling with bits and pieces on the site and gradually making Sidepodcast a better place to be. Starting with...

Daily: 24th January 2010 - We have reached Sunday, and for anyone looking for the live show, we must apologise. The live server is still not ready to rock and roll yet, and we weren't planning on doing any podcasting this weekend. However, we did record a Debrief episode yesterday, so look out for it in your feeds at some point today. Now, moving onwards...

Daily: 25th January 2010 - Monday heralds the start of a new week, and the start of the 2010 season proper as the first team launch gets underway. Mercedes will be showing off some new stuff in Stuttgart, and there'll be a thread along later to discuss it all. For now, though, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 26th January 2010 - The 26th January is apparently Australia Day, so celebrations all round for the Australian members of the Sidepodcommunity. Meanwhile, we are officially into the F1 pre-season, now the launches have begun, so we are talking about lots of things! Here are just a few of them...

Daily: 27th January 2010 - Tuesday has been and gone and we are moving on to the middle of the week. We are rapidly heading straight towards another launch tomorrow, but before then, there's some kind of technology announcement due today. Relax, all those who hate the word Apple, we will have our first ever non-F1 breakout thread to separate those that care from those that don't. Hopefully that might make things a bit easier. Meanwhile, here are some actual F1 things to discuss...

Daily: 28th January 2010 - Today we've got another launch in store. This time Ferrari are due to unveil their new car, and we're hoping it will be a bit more than just a livery. There'll be a breakout thread along shortly to cover the launch, and apparently there's live streaming! Loving the interactivity this year. Anyways, here are some other things we're talking about:

Daily: 29th January 2010 - There's another launch today, as McLaren get ready to unveil their 2010 car. They're streaming at a much more reasonable hour of 11am UK time, so keep an eye for a breakout thread later in the morning. Meanwhile, in much more important news, it's Jackie's birthday today, so many happy returns for the day! Hope it's a good one. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 31st January 2010 - The last day of January already! An entire month of 2010 has passed us by and we are staring down the barrel of February. We've also got two launches today, and some testing to preview. It's going to be a busy one! Meanwhile, Mr C and I are starting to feel better (thanks for covering yesterday, Mr C), so we're starting to catch up on some of the things we had planned this weekend. Here's some of the stuff we're talking about...


Daily: 1st February 2010 - A brand new month, and boy are we getting off to a busy start! We've had a week of launches, and there are more to come. There's testing about to get underway, and we intend to cover that in more detail than we ever have. Plus, we're on a podcasting roll, and there's a Debrief on it's way, with an outtake or two to be shared as well. Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 2nd February 2010 - Yesterday was a bit mad, wasn't it? Launching and testing at the same time is quite a push, and it's no wonder Toro Rosso suffered some reliability issues. Anyway, today we just have testing to keep an eye on, and so far it's looking pretty interesting. Keep an eye on the dedicated threads for all the info. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 3rd February 2010 - Midway through the week and we have ourselves another launch to pore over, this time Virgin will be revealing their new car to the world. It's an online launch which is different to everything we have experienced so far this year, and I don't know about anyone else but I'm hoping for more: "Are you ready?" from Glock. Anyway, here are some of the other things we're discussing...

Daily: 4th February 2010 - Ah, our first testing session has drawn to a close and we have a couple of days to rest and analyse what we've seen so far. It's always had to look at the times and draw anything conclusive, but it's plenty of fun looking. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 5th February 2010 - Friday is here at last and we can start talking about the upcoming weekend. It's been a hectic week, and testing gets underway again next week, so we need a chance to rest! But, there's still Friday to get through, and to help us along, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 6th February 2010 - Saturday has dawned, bright and sunny. Well, maybe. I haven't seen the weather yet, but let us know what it's doing in your neck of the woods! There's testing ahead of us next week in Jerez but it's not looking good weather wise, so we need to brush up on our forecasting skills. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th February 2010 - We spent most of last night watching some ARCA racing which was very confusing but also kinda fun. I don't know that we'll be following it particularly closely but sometimes it's nice to watch things that are a bit different. It was certainly interesting to see Piquet bashing into people. Anyway, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 8th February 2010 - Monday morning sees us dive headlong into another week of launches and testing, but things don't get underway until tomorrow when we have a Force India launch, and Wednesday when the Jerez test gets going. For now, we have to keep ourselves occupied by other means. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 9th February 2010 - Tuesday is here and with it brings our first action of the week, in the shape of a Force India launch. The team are going online with their new car, so let's hope they are more successful than Virgin were. Keep an eye out for the breakout thread ahead of the action at 9am. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 10th February 2010 - Testing begins in earnest today, with all the teams we've seen already in action returning, and hopefully some new ones! We had so much information coming out of the last test that we know as much as it is possible to know, with the usual caveat of fuel loads applying. More of the same today, please!

Daily: 11th February 2010 - Thursdays aren't usually the best, and with the prospect of some wet testing sessions ahead, perhaps it will be one of those days! However, we'll try and stay positive, and talk about some fun things instead.

Daily: 12th February 2010 - It's a super busy day today, as testing continues in Jerez, Lotus are due to launch in London, Kimi gets some rallying action, and... well, it's Friday! It's been a subdued test so far with weather, and little running from Virgin Racing, but perhaps things will perk up today. Elsewhere...

Daily: 13th February 2010 - The weekend is here, but there is no respite from the F1 action, as testing continues for a fourth day at Jerez. Well, I say it continues, but so far we have seen most of the running hampered by the weather. I can't imagine today will be much different, but we will keep our eyes peeled. Elsewhere, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 15th February 2010 - In some regards, we are ahead of schedule because we've got the latest episode of F1 Debrief out already. In others, we are behind schedule, as I haven't written the next part of Life in the Fast Lane yet. The vote is closed, but I figured I would save it for a day when I wasn't busy editing podcasts, and could pay more attention to Mitch and his race strategy. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 16th February 2010 - We have reached Tuesday, and as mentioned in this weekend's show, it is Jeremy's girlfriend Zoe's birthday today. Happy birthday Zoe! It's also Valentino Rossi's birthday today, although I believe he is older than our Zoe. I wonder if it is nice to have a birthday near to Valentine's Day or if it has a similar effect as the Christmas birthday - just one set of celebrations. Anyway, here are some F1 related things...

Daily: 17th February 2010 - It's back to work for Formula 1 today, and for us as well, as testing resumes in Jerez. So far the forecasts have suggested more in the way of rain, but there will be a dedicated thread for all testing talk along later. I'm hoping the weather clears up a bit as it's much more exciting when things are actually happening out on track. Anyway, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 18th February 2010 - Although it was raining in Jerez yesterday, it was intermittent and that meant we saw a good bit of running, even if it wasn't representative of anything. Virgin Racing are still struggling, and they are who I am keeping my eye on today. I hope you'll join me in the dedicated testing thread to do the same (or similar for whichever team you're interested in). Elsewhere...

Daily: 19th February 2010 - Friday has arrived and with it comes more testing in Jerez. It looks as though it might be a little less damp out there in Spain, but since when did the weather people ever predict anything right? I've been enjoying consuming testing through our dedicated threads though, so I hope you'll join us through the day. Anyway, here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th February 2010 - Hi there. I'm a bit late writing today's daily post as I spent all of last night fixing my mother-in-law's power shower. It was in turns fun and a bit stressful, and I ended up quite damp, but the astonishing discovery is that I really quite like doing DIY. However, it is time to concentrate on Formula 1 related stuff, and here is some...

Daily: 21st February 2010 - Sunday has arrived, and with it brings a live show... but not from us. Giggles Radio is scheduled to begin at 4pm today, so I hope you will join Alex as he brings us some excellent music with added chatter to go with it. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're keeping an eye on...

Daily: 22nd February 2010 - Another week is ready to get going, although it seems like all the fun stuff is towards the end of it. We've got testing in Barcelona plus a meetup with Joe, but that doesn't kick off until Thursday and Friday. I'm sure we can keep ourselves amused until then, though, and here are some of the things we've been up to...

Daily: 23rd February 2010 - Today is Tuesday, and I can't quite believe that it's almost the end of February already. That's both scary, and also very cool. The season will soon be here and I can no longer moan about the countdowns. It's close enough that counting down to the season is acceptable. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 24th February 2010 - Today is Pedro de la Rosa's birthday, and the Spaniard is turning 39. Hopefully he won't be celebrating too hard and will instead be preparing for the upcoming test in Barcelona. It kicks off on Thursday, so he has a couple of days to eat cake, I suppose. Meanwhile, here are a couple of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 25th February 2010 - We have reached Thursday, and for once, I am determined that it won't be a bad day. For a start I'm not at work today, so that helps. Also, testing in Barcelona gets underway today, so that is also going to make it awesome. Watch out for a dedicated thread appearing later on this morning. Elsewhere...

Daily: 26th February 2010 - Webber was fastest in testing yesterday, and if that is the first meaninful testing time we've seen so far, then it's looking like a good start for Red Bull. There will be another dedicated testing thread along for day two in Barcelona, and I'm intrigued to see who will be fast on the second outing. Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 27th February 2010 - I am writing this from a table at the side of the Evening with Joe event, and have been covering it all evening. It's been a fabulous evening and you can catch up with all the comments and photos over on the dedicated thread. We'll be working on some highlights over the weekend, as well, hopefully. Meanwhile, here are some of the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 28th February 2010 - Yesterday was definitely a day at rest in Sidepodcast Towers, but having said that Mr C just keeps on coding. I was busy trying not to fall asleep all day, whilst some new commenting updates were in the works. I'll leave him to tell you more when the updates go live, but keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...


Daily: 1st March 2010 - It's March already? How did that happen? Not only that but it's Monday as well, meaning we've got to face a whole, brand new week. Pre-season testing is over and done with now, so we are really gearing up towards the season beginning in just a couple of weeks. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 2nd March 2010 - We have reached Tuesday and I am busy dreaming up the final part of Life in the Fast Lane. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the day for the big finale. The voting closed last night, and I was once again surprised! I won't spoil it for you. Let's talk about more F1 related things...

Daily: 3rd March 2010 - We are halfway through the week now, as Wednesday has arrived. I thought yesterday might have been a Thursday, it wasn't going very well - particularly for US F1 - but apparently we still have one of those to come this week. Meanwhile, here's what's happening at the moment...

Daily: 4th March 2010 - We have reached Thursday, and I have started to put the day in the introduction for each daily thread, as I know it helps some people (like me) who get confused about what day it actually is. It's a busy day on Sidepodcast today, as it was yesterday, so here's a round-up of what we've been up to...

Daily: 5th March 2010 - Friday has reached us at last, and I know I'm not the only one who is glad Thursday is over. From the very beginning when I thought it was still February, everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong. But never mind, we're on to another (hopefully better) day and here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 6th March 2010 - The weekend is here, and whilst I am still fighting off germs, we're busy gearing up for the racing to start. This is the last weekend before everything kicks off in Bahrain, so I hope you're making the most of it! Here are some of the things we're talking about, in a super duper extended daily...

Daily: 7th March 2010 - My calendar tells me that it is Neil Denham's birthday today, so happy birthday to Neil. I hope you're celebrating it appropriately - cake and presents. Here at Sidepodcast Towers, it is the calm before the storm. We are scurrying around making sure everything is ready for the season to begin. We're getting there. Anyway, here are some links for you...

Daily: 8th March 2010 - Ah, Monday again, but there's no chance to be miserable this week as it's the return of F1 and that can only be a good thing! Yesterday, Mr C got caught up watching Montoya doing some NASCAR thing, and threatened to watch more during the year. Thank goodness F1 is coming back. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 9th March 2010 - Tuesday has arrived and before I do anything, I must point you towards yesterday's F1 Debrief. The show itself is marvellous, of course, but in the show notes there are some rather excellent outtakes - if such a thing exists. Actually, I might just post them again now anyway. Mr C and I could do with the embarrassment.

Daily: 10th March 2010 - Say hello to Wednesday as we reach the middle of the week. Who is getting unbelievably excited for Free Practice on Friday then? Yesterday we were discussing whether it was acceptable to leave a wedding early so you can watch qualifying. I say yes, how about you? Meanwhile, here are the other things we're talking about...

Daily: 11th March 2010 - Hello and welcome to horrible Thursday. However, I believe this one won't be as bad as others we have experienced recently, as we are all focused on the goings on in Bahrain. We were super busy yesterday and we're going headfirst into the weekend in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 12th March 2010 - It's Friday and at long last the 2010 Season is underway. In just a few short hours we will be up again, ready to watch Free Practice 1 and from then on, it's all about the racing. Well, hopefully. There's lots of good stuff and many threads to come today, so keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss a thing.

Daily: 13th March 2010 - Well, did you see any of the action yesterday? Even if you weren't enamoured with what was actually happening out on track (not all that much, if we're honest), it was still good to see the cars again. Yes, I said that, even though I still think they are really bad looking. Today is qualifying day, the best day of the weekend. Bring it on! Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about...

Daily: 14th March 2010 - It's Sunday at last and we are about to embark on our first Grand Prix of 2010. It's pretty exciting, and not just because the Factbyte Factbox will be making it's race debut. It was an exciting if hectic experience covering qualifying, so let's see what we can achieve over a full race distance! Anyway, here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 16th March 2010 - Yesterday, I trusted the daily to Mr C and it was almost two hours late, so I have snatched the reigns back for Tuesday. The conversations are mostly still revolving around Bahrain and the impact of the refuelling ban, but there is a dedicated thread for that. Instead, I will point you in the direction of some completely different topics:

Daily: 17th March 2010 - It's Wednesday and that means we are about halfway through the week already. I had to break open the F1 Happy Place yesterday, but the good news is that it mostly worked, and I do feel a bit happier about F1. It's still rubbish, but at least there are good times to remember! Anyway, here are some other things we're talking about...

Daily: 18th March 2010 - Hello and welcome to Thursday. It's usually a horrid day but I'm sure today will be completely different because it is a certain Timo Glock's birthday! Happy Birthday Mr Glock. I hope that RG has bought his favourite driver a present, it seems only fair. Now you have wished Glock a happy birthday, your day is complete, but I would just like to share some of the other things we're talking about first...

Daily: 19th March 2010 - It is Friday at last, and we have reached the end of another week - almost ready to go headlong into the weekend. There's no racing this time round, but I'm sure we can find plenty to keep us amused. To get us off to a good start, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 20th March 2010 - Saturday is here and the weekend has begun. We've got a week off from racing but must try and prepare for the back to back that is coming up starting with Australia next weekend. However, that is the future and now is now, and here are some things we're talking about:

Red Bull Crashed Ice final - We've discovered something new today from Red Bull. They haven't gone and invented another form of carbonated beverage, but instead they appear to have created a brand new sport. It looks like a cross between ice hockey and ski cross and involves skaters hurling themselves down a rather scary looking course.

Daily: 21st March 2010 - This daily post is slightly late as I was caught up watching the Red Bull Crashed Ice final. We also live commented it, along with the 12 Hours of Sebring. You know, we are an F1 site, honest. It's Sunday, and with no racing this weekend, it seems like a pretty quiet time in terms of F1 news. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 22nd March 2010 - Monday has returned and we're at the start of a brand new week. Mr C wasn't feeling too well yesterday, so we decided not to do an F1 Debrief show - there wasn't an enormous amount of news to cover anyways. I blame the over-excitement of the Crashed Ice thing, but he suggests otherwise. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we've been talking about this weekend...

Daily: 23rd March 2010 - It is Tuesday and it's Jaime Alguersuari's birthday as well. Happy birthday to Jaime. Imagine the tweets we might see today! The team are already getting set up in Australia so they are probably already celebrating as I write this. I hope he has a good one. Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 24th March 2010 - Thus we have reached Wednesday and I am duty bound to issue this very important reminder from Amy. She will be heading towards the track on Thursday and is hosting the following: Anyone-is-invited-to breakfast, 9am Thursday at Two Doors Down, 159 Fitzroy St, St Kilda. Job done! We expect photos and full reports, of course. Now, what else are we talking about?

Daily: 25th March 2010 - Hello and welcome to Thursday! It's not normally a good day for the Sidepodcommunity, but we will instead concentrate on good things. Congratulations to Jon who passed his driving test a couple of days ago. Also celebrations for Alex who got a promotion yesterday, which is awesome. We'll also keep our fingers crossed for Amy who is in the process of attempting to get a promotion.

Daily: 26th March 2010 - It's Friday today, Free Practice day in Australia and also Alia's birthday! Happy Birthday! There will be plenty of threads appearing today, from live commenting, to results, to a dedicated post for our intrepid GP explorers. Stay tuned for all things Australia on Sidepodcast. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 27th March 2010 - Hello and welcome to Saturday! It's David Coulthard's birthday today, and the man is in Australia along with the rest of the BBC team, gearing up for qualifying later today. We're doing the same, and there'll be plenty of threads to follow along with later. Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 28th March 2010 - Sunday has arrived and it is race day in Australia. We were slightly confused by the fact that people were arriving at the circuit before we had even managed to get to bed, and when you add in a stupid daylight savings time change in the UK, we're not sure what time it is at all. Never mind, though, here are some things we're talking about:

Daily: 29th March 2010 - Monday has returned and we are headlong into not only another week, but the build up to another race weekend. Already I have seen preview press releases flying around which means it won't be long before another Digest is due. Talking of which, you can listen to the Australia GP show here. Now, onto other subjects...

Daily: 30th March 2010 - Just a couple of days of March left, we are on to Tuesday, and the week is well underway. Apparently it is Eddie Jordan's birthday today. We can only assume that he invented the birthday and therefore can celebrate however he wants. My guess is it involves unwrapping some more pink shoes, but who knows. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 31st March 2010 - Welcome to Wednesday! It's the last day of March already, and I can't quite believe it. Still, there's no time to relax as F1 is moving straight on from Australia to Malaysia, and back to back racing means busy, busy times! Here are a couple of things we're talking about...


Daily: 1st April 2010 - Uh oh, it's that most worrying day of the year - April Fool's Day. There will be nothing to see here, I'm not really a huge fan of the tricksy business. Instead, I will promote the first day of the Jordan Rally instead. I'm assuming we're expecting to see Kimi there, as Lady Snowcat has headed on over to watch proceedings. Let's hope he gets a good result. Now, what else are we talking about?

Daily: 2nd April 2010 - Ahh, I have never been so happy for a Friday to appear. Firstly, I think we all survived April Fool's Day unscathed. I spotted a couple of amusing things but mostly it was all quite annoying. Secondly, it's Free Practice Factbyte Factbox day! Yay! And thirdly, it's been such a stressful week, I'm glad it's a long weekend. I was too tired to think of things for the daily so I asked for help in the comments. This is what I came up with.

Daily: 3rd April 2010 - Although I was looking forward to the four day weekend, it now has me thoroughly confused. I've already had one day off and yet it is still only just Saturday. We've got Free Practice and Qualifying in Malaysia today, so expect threads aplenty, but meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about...

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour - Well, yes, I know what you're thinking. You couldn't really get further from Formula One if you tried. There must be some kind of tenuous link regarding top notch technology, and... no, I really can't do it.

Daily: 4th April 2010 - It's Sunday and that can only mean one thing - race day in Malaysia. We saw a fascinating qualifying yesterday, affected throughout by the weather conditions. Will the race run along similar lines? Or will we simply be faced with a shakeup in the order? All those questions will be answered today, meanwhile, here are some of the things we're talking about:

Daily: 5th April 2010 - Happy birthday to a certain Andy Taylor, hope you have a good day and celebrate accordingly. Also, get well soon to Lou, who needs all our Sidepodhugs and best wishes to shake off the flu. Now, parish notices out the way, it's time to talk about Formula One:

Daily: 6th April 2010 - It's Tuesday and that means it's time to head back to work - another weekend and another race over. After a weekend full of sport - Superleague, F1, Boat Race, Jordan Rally - it seems like we're in for a quiet few days. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to keep us amused, and here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 7th - 11th April 2010 - Our first ever multi-day thread. How odd. Mr C and I are taking a break from things, and this time it's a real break, not one where we turn up in the comments after an hour away from the site. Hopefully we've left you with plenty to be getting on with. Last week we published a Joe show and a Stuart show, and yesterday I put this weekend's F1 Debrief up.

Daily: 12th - 18th April 2010 - Welcome to the new look daily, which is actually a weekly. I know it still says Daily in the title, but we're working on that. Things have changed a bit at Sidepodcast, more about that here, but in other ways, it is still exactly the same. We're still celebrating birthdays, plugging good stuff and ramping up to the racing this weekend. Here are some of the things we're talking about...

Daily: 17th April 2010 - So... the weekly version of the daily post didn't work, and now we are back to some of the more fabulous regularly scheduled 24 hour posts. Instead of listening to me all day every day, we've got some guest writers lined up to take over the daily on various days. More information is available on the wiki, but for now, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 18th April 2010 - It is little Anthony Davidson's birthday today, and as it turns out, he's over 30. Perhaps we should stop calling him little Ant now. It's also Jordan Allen's birthday, but I already gave him a mention in the daily that was really a weekly. Happy birthday though Jordan! Meanwhile, here are some things we're talking about...

Daily: 24th April 2010 - Hello, hello. I have returned to man the controls and the daily post duty returns to me. Thank you to everyone for our first week of fabulous guest daily posts. I think it's safe to say the experiment was a success. A greater variety of links, ideas and content, some of them even relating to F1. Good times. Now, on to some things I want to share:


Daily: 1st May 2010 - Ah, it must be my turn to write a daily post again. Let's see if I can remember how to do this. We've had so many excellent daily posts this week that I don't want to let anyone down. However, as the F1 news drought continues, I have found some things for us to talk about...

Daily: 8th May 2010 - It's Friday night/Saturday morning and that must mean it is my turn to write the daily again. I am so loving the variety we're getting with multiple daily authors, thanks must go once again to our fabulous volunteers. If you want to have a go but don't fancy a regular stint, just let me know and you can take over this Saturday as a one-off, if you so desire. Anyway, on to fun things...

Daily: 15th May 2010 - Hello folks, it looks like it is my turn to write a daily once again. Thanks to all those who have gone before me this week, it's been a good run of links and lists recently. This weekend we're looking forward to all the action from Monaco but until then, here are a few things we're talking about...

Daily: 29th May 2010 - Hello, hello, only me. It's Saturday, and that can only mean one thing... time for me to write the daily. I swapped shifts with James last week and then forgot my rescheduled post, so thanks to Mr C for covering. It's always fun to test him, particularly as he is so busy with the iPad this week. Anyway, I am rambling, so I will move on to F1 related goodness...


Daily: 5th June 2010 - Hello and welcome to Saturday. Today is World Environment Day which is an international day to raise awareness of... well, the environment, I'm guessing. That being the case, I think it's only fair to mention the panda, don't you? The panda does it's bit for the environment by generally keeping out of the way, and being pretty darn cute. Now, on to the bullet points.

Daily: 11th June 2010 - Surprise! Lukeh is a little tied up at the moment and thus I am here to bring you your daily post for Friday. Can I just say, TGI Friday has never been more appropriate! Last time I wrote a daily, I talked about the many sports we appear to be following, and today seems to be the day it all collides. F1, Le Mans and football. It's gonna be a busy one.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 5 - Finally, it falls to me to write a World Cup post. I thought I was doing quite well, avoiding it for five days to give me a chance to swot up on this football lark. Now's my chance to display how very knowledgable I am about it all now.

Daily: 18th June 2010 - Hello my pretties, how are we on this fine Friday? I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday, as I am getting to the end of two rather tough weeks in the office. Nothing but a weekend full of Franck ahead of me, as well. But more of that in a moment. First up, here are some of the things we're talking about...

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 8 - We enter our eighth day of football, and I'm sulking. I was behind France, having drawn them in the sweepstake, and they failed miserably last night. Apparently they're not out of it yet but the chances of them scraping through are, as Jeremy would put it, Buckleys.

Daily: 20th June 2010 - Welcome to Sunday. We are halfway through the weekend, and so far I've had a good one, have you? The World Cup is still going strong, but we are not all about football here at Sidepodcast. In fact, we shouldn't really be about football at all, so here are some of the other things that we're talking about...

Wimbledon 2010: Day 2 - Welcome to the second day of the championships at SW19. It was an epic first day yesterday, with loads of the seeds struggling with their form. Roger Federer went down two sets to Falla, before gradually snatching back a victory against all the odds. Hewitt needed four sets, whilst Djokovic was also making life hard for himself.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 12 - Somehow, I didn't manage to watch any football yesterday. I blame Wimbledon. I want to make up for it today, and goodness me, I have four matches to choose from! Four! They're on in two lots of two, so four teams playing all at the same time. I need more eyes, I really do. Or that TV screen from Back to the Future II. If someone could go ahead and invent that, I think we'd all be very grateful.

Daily: 26th June 2010 - We've had some quite spectacular daily threads this week, and I'm starting to think mine are a bit of a letdown come the weekend! Nevertheless, I will plough ahead. We're still in the middle of crazy sporting overload, and I have one more to throw into the mix: Superleague! If you can't cope with the GP and the football, why not compromise with a mixture of both? I'm not selling this very well, am I? Onto the bullet points:

Wimbledon 2010: Day 6 - Hello everyone, I think it falls to me to cover the fabulous tennis today and this could be a problem as I have only managed to catch a couple of hours over the last couple of days. I have seen all the important bits though, so bear with me. The bad news is that this is the final day of the first week, as Wimbledon takes a break tomorrow for "Middle Sunday".

Wimbledon 2010: Day 9 - It was a rather confusing day of tennis yesterday, as the women took to the courts to try and sort out who would be going through to the semi finals. Very few of the names we expected to go through managed to achieve it though! I don't know about anyone else, but I was absolutely expecting to see another "Williams/Williams" final at Wimbledon this year. Now we know that at least half of that is not going to happen.


Wimbledon 2010: Day 10 - If we thought Tuesday was full of surprises, then Wednesday at Wimbledon offered up the biggest shock so far. Roger Federer has only gone and been knocked out of the tournament! I don't think anyone would have predicted that, even though he has appeared to struggle a couple of times so far.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 11 - It is Men's Semi-Finals day, and it's shaping up to be a good one! That is, if the weather holds out. We've experienced a good ten days of beautiful sunshine (and rather a lot of humidity too) but it looks as though the rain is making a breakthrough. Centre Court has it's roof, of course, but it's not quite the same atmosphere under there as it is when they get to play in the golden light of British summertime.

Daily: 3rd July 2010 - Ah, the daily post. Isn't the daily post lovely? This daily post is brought to you by the letter W. Followed by I-N and E. Yay! What can I tell you? It's been a long week. So, what kind of topics are on our minds this coming weekend? I know a lot of people are at Goodwood, but we are not. We are here, holding the fort, and thus we will be talking about other things.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 13 - Welcome to the final day of Wimbledon 2010 - it is men's final day, and there's a reason they leave this one till last. We were all (except Amy) kinda hoping that Andy Murray would make it through to the final, but the power of Nadal was just too much and it's only right that the 2008 championship comes back to have another chance for the title.

Daily: 9th July 2010 - I know you were expecting Lukeh and I am sorry to disappoint but you've got me for today. I believe there are some internet issues in Wales and that means I am on call to cover the daily post. What a day to pick up the daily duties! We've got Free Practice about to kick off for the British GP, but we're all still reeling from the HRT news. There's more in the bullet points:

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 24 - There are just two matches left in the World Cup, and because they've been dragging it out for days and days now, I'm only mildly interested in the results. Not only that, but today's meet between Uruguay and Germany is completely pointless. They're battling for third place, something neither of them will be particularly bothered about, I'm sure. Who sits down and remembers the team that came third in the 2010 World Cup?

Daily: 14th July 2010 - Hello and welcome to Wednesday, the middle of the week, when we all start looking forward to the next weekend, rather than back at the days just gone. Gavin is hosting family today, I believe, so I am here to guide you through what we are talking about right now...

Daily: 17th July 2010 - Hello everybody, I'm back for the second time this week to bring you your daily dose of goodness. Double Christine this week, aren't you all lucky? Although there's no racing, there's still plenty going on that we can talk about - and no, I don't mean the golf. (Sorry, RG). Here are a couple of the things on our minds...

Daily: 31st July 2010 - Hello, pretty people. Let me begin by telling you that Mr C told me just now: "It's October on Sunday." I'm hoping it isn't, otherwise we have lost two months of our year. As it is, we are here, on the last day of July, and I am more than happy because we finally have broadband in our new house. I've been making do with other ways and means, but lovely broadband is a gift from above. Now, onto other, more important things.


Daily: 7th August 2010 - Hello and welcome to Saturday! Another week is over and the weekend has begun. There is no racing today, we are diving headfirst into the first weekend of a few without any F1 to consume, but that doesn't mean that everything has stopped. The factories may be shutting down but we don't. We've been getting some impressive lists of bullet points recently, so I've got a lot to live up to.

Daily: 14th August 2010 - Okay, pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. I think we survived Friday the 13th. We are heading straight into the weekend, and I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to it. I'm not sure what is on the cards in terms of racing or lack of it this weekend, so instead, let's talk about some completely different things.

Daily: 21st August 2010 - Hello and welcome to Saturday. It's the last Saturday of the summer break - the one before things really start gearing up again. We've really enjoyed the downtime, it's allowed some great new development, and even given me enough time to write a new mini series (latest episode here, more soon). What else has been going on though?

Daily: 28th August 2010 - So here we are at last. It is Saturday and Formula 1 has returned to us. Not only is it back, but it brings with it one of the most-loved circuits on the calendar. It also brings with it some, let's say, damp conditions. Alright, it might as well be a monsoon. We've been keeping an eye on our men/ladies on the ground, and by all accounts they got quite wet yesterday. Let's hope today is slightly better for them, and for the action we're hoping to see.


Daily: 1st September 2010 - Reluctantly, we must drag ourselves into a new month, and it is September we find ourselves staring at. September is always a bit stressful - people head into new terms at school/college/university, and the traffic increases for those of us wending our way through rush hour each day. We're also heading quickly towards the end of the season, and it's certainly taking us for quite the ride as we get there, isn't it? Anyway, on to F1 related stuff.

Daily: 4th September 2010 - It is Saturday once again, and to kick off our daily today, let's have a picture reminding us of what the weather was like in Spa this time last week. t was a bit wet. Still, this weekend seems to be a bit brighter in the UK, at least. I can't speak for Spa, but I don't suppose that matters anymore. Our weather watching has moved on to Korea, as Karun Chandhok heads there to try and attempt a lap around what appears to be a building site.

Daily: 18th September 2010 - Hello Sidepodpeople and welcome to Saturday. I am back behind the blogging wheel for another daily post, and I thought I would bring it right back to basics with some bullet points and some links. How does that sound? Excellent. Did you know that there are only 104 days left of the year? How scary is that? I would have liked to hit the round 100 but I am not on duty that day, so 104 is the new magic number. Let us move on, though, from numbers to news.

Daily: 25th September 2010 - We may or may not be expecting a daily from someone else, so I am posting this here for now, in the hopes that no one actually reads it. I wonder if that has ever happened on Sidepodcast before? On my last daily, I was slightly told off for beginning a countdown to the end of the year. It was unintentional, as I do not normally partake in counting down to things. That being the case, I won't tell you that there are now 97 days to go. So, on to the bullet points!


Daily: 22nd October 2010 - Hello, it's me! Christine. That's right, you remember. I haven't written a daily for ages, and not only that, I'm up at 5 o'clock in the morning. This is just a day of firsts. We are smack dab in the middle of the Korean Grand Prix action, with one Free Practice session out of the way, and another one to come very shortly. But wait a minute, that's what the bullet points are for.


Daily: 20th November 2010 - Hello there, we seem to be lacking a daily for today, so I will jump in. Is it possible to be a super-sub on a job that used to be yours full time anyway? Not sure about that one.


Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol - I'm not sure I can link this to Formula 1 at all. Erm, except that this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special has Michael Gambon in it, and he has a corner named after him on the Top Gear track, which Formula 1 people have also driven around. Ha. I did it. Katherine Jenkins is also in it, but she doesn't have a corner named after her. She was on this year's Sports Personality event, though, and Frank Williams appeared on stage. Double bonus!

Jools' Annual Hootenanny 2010/11 - It's New Year's Eve and that can only mean one thing. Jools is back to guide us through the great and the good of music whilst simultaneously counting down to midnight. New Year's would be nothing without a good Hootenanny.

Daily: 1st January 2011 - This is the one time of year when I don't roll my eyes at Mr C when he gets emotional and starts thanking and hugging people. Unfortunately, I have banned him from the site while he works on other behind the scenes things, and that means it falls to me. I'm not good at this stuff, but I will do my best.



Crashed Ice, Round 1 - Munich, Germany - Last year, we really enjoyed watching the Crashed Ice final, taking place in Quebec. We liked it so much that we live commented the whole thing. At the time, we barely had any idea what was going on, and didn't realise that we had missed some earlier rounds until at least partway through. This year, although we're still not a lot wiser in terms of who is taking part (although I will always remember the name Niefnecker), we've managed to catch the event from it's very beginning.

Daily: 19th January 2011 - Hello there, how have you been? Last time I wrote a daily I was getting mushy at New Year. I can guarantee this one won't be like that. In fact, I might just go right back to how the daily began with just a few links in a lovely bullet point list. It'll be nostalgic, you'll like it.


Crashed Ice, Round 2 - Valkenburg, Netherlands - It's time for the second round of that super speedy sport Crashed Ice, where very brave (and foolish) chaps on skates race down a course to try and be the first to get to the bottom unharmed. We watched, live commented, and thoroughly enjoyed the first round in Munich, and now the action moves on to the Netherlands.

Daily: 7th February 2011 - Hello there. We are lacking a daily and I have pieced together the mystery of why. There was some internet connectivity issues between RG and Sidepodcast last night, which immediately places the blame at MediaTemple's door, no matter who is really at fault. RG tweeted Mr C, who was so busy watching the Superbowl, that he forgot to do anything about it. Et voilà! I am filling in with a super-duper daily today.

Daily: 12th February 2011 - Hello there, it's Saturday. What are you up to today? Will you be perusing any of the testing action in Jerez? It's all kicking off over there. Well, it's not really, but there are things of note to keep an eye on. Heidfeld will be in the Renault, hoping to impress the bosses for a chance at temporarily replacing Kubica. Williams will be hoping to get a wriggle on after their running has been cut short two days in a row. Schumacher will be hoping for another day on top of the timesheets. We'll be busy hoping he won't manage it.

Daily: 23rd February 2011 - Ooh, it's my turn on daily duties again. I'm writing this on our Windows Machine - the one that allows us to use Skype without Mr C tearing his hair out. I know, I know, he's never really been complementary about Windows in the past but it has it's benefits. It allowed us to record the recent Sidepodchat, which is certainly worth listening to if you have a spare fifteen minutes. Also, the Windows machine means I get to play The Sims 2. Which I am not doing. Nu-uh.

Space Shuttle Discovery launch - STS-133 mission - The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to launch this evening just before 10pm GMT. We've long been interested in the science behind space travel, and have perused a few launches before. For the first time in Sidepodhistory, we've got a live thread for the launch, as well as what I'm hoping will be quite awesome Factbyte Factbox coverage.

Crashed Ice, Round 3 - Moscow, Russia - Crashed Ice heads to Moscow for the third and penultimate round of the 2011 World Championship. We've already seen two epic battles take place in Germany and the Netherlands, and things are getting close at the top.

Daily: 27th February 2011 - Hello there, it's Christine again, I'm standing in for the lovely Lou, As our favourite photography lass has some university work to do, Whilst I'm waiting for this week's debrief to export I have found the time, To make this special for Ms Lou and get it all to rhyme


Apple iPad 2 Keynote - Today, Apple are holding an event where we are expecting confirmation about the second generation of iPad. The Apple store has gone down, the crowds are assembling, the livebloggers are preparing. Soon we will find out what's next for the tablet world. The tagline of this keynote reads: "Come see what 2011 will be the year of."

Daily: 3rd March 2011 - Hello there, it's Christine again, I'm filling in for a rather under the weather Alex, and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him better. I'm not going to do this daily in rhyme, because that took quite a long time, but I still have plenty that you need to know about.

Space Shuttle Discovery landing - STS-133 mission - The Space Shuttle Discovery is due to come in to land today, just before 5pm GMT. We watched the shuttle go up successfully almost two weeks ago. Since then, there's been all manner of space walks and scientific experiments, but now it's time for Discovery to come back down to earth for the final time.

Daily: 12th March 2011 - Hello there, how are you doing? It is Saturday so that is probably good news. I accidentally rejoined the world of work this week so the weekends are precious once again. What are you doing with your weekend?

Crashed Ice, Round 4 - Québec, Canada - After three amazing initial rounds, Crashed Ice reaches the final, the pinnacle of the calendar in Québec, Canada. In 2010, Martin Neifnecker was crowned champion here, but he's already out of the running, allowing new challengers to compete. It's fast and furious, and soon to be over, so make the most of the final Crashed Ice of the 2011 season.

Daily: 26th March 2011 - We've been counting it down for far too long, and now the season has begun. We're into the best part of the weekend now, practice sessions almost done, qualifying and the race still to come. There is no need for a countdown anymore, and that being the case, it's worth checking out what the biggest counter of the off-season has to say.

The 2011 Boat Race - It's time, once again, for the Oxford and Cambridge rowing clubs to put out their finest students for a little boat race down the River Thames. Lasting just about twenty minutes, the race is both exhilarating and thrilling to watch as the crews battle it out for supremacy. There is no middle ground - someone will win and someone will lose and to cross the finish line first means everything for those involved.

Daily: International Day of Vitaly Petrov - Given his stunning 3rd place finish in the Australian Grand Prix, I do declare today the International Day of Vitaly Petrov.


Daily: 2nd April 2011 - Ooh, hello there, come in, make yourself at home, although leave your shoes at the door please. Can I get you a drink? How have you been?

Daily: 9th April 2011 - Hello there and happy Saturday to one and all. It's a racing weekend so we're all busy, busy, but there's always time to give a quick wave and settle down in the daily for a natter. I must say Happy Birthday to Paul, who would celebrate today, except Jacques Villeneuve has stolen all the thunder of the day by also having a birthday. Happy birthday to both, that's what I say. Now, on with some news and things.

The Royal Wedding 2011 - Love them or hate them, the Royals are adding to their rich history today, as Prince William - second in line to the throne - marries his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. Since the couple announced their engagement towards the end of last year, the spotlight has inched ever closer to them, until this week when things ramped up royally (pardon the pun).

Doctor Who - Day of the Moon - After the series opener last week, we're heading into the second episode of this Doctor Who two-part story. We were thrown right into the heart of the action last time out, with scenes played out with a Doctor from 200 years in the future, the gang finding their way into the Oval Office, and Amy revealing a big secret.


Daily: 7th May 2011 - Hello there, how are you? All good, I hope. It's Saturday, and that means it is qualifying day in Turkey. If you're watching, don't forget to join us in the comments, and if you use the very handy Dashboard you can get the Factbyte Factbox sewn right in!

Doctor Who - The Curse of the Black Spot - It looks as though things may go back to normal in Doctor Who land, as we have a regular one-episode story with less of the Doctor dying and more of the swashbuckling pirates. Considering all the questions that were raised over the last two episodes, we're unlikely to get too many answers today, but it could be a more enjoyable episode because of it.

Daily: 10th May 2011 - Hello there, me again! Many thanks to Gavin to publishing an emergency daily, but I'm here to fill us in on the details. What shall we do today? Let's have a list of ten things. Five Formula One items for discussion, and five not so F1 related.

Daily: 16th May 2011 - Hello there, it's Christine. I am covering for RG today as he has taken to the books to begin studying for exams. We wish him all the best of luck, but also know that he won't need it because he's a clever little soul. I am in the midst of working out the new daily rotas, so if you have expressed a desire to write for us, please bear with me as I get to grips with it all.

Daily: 30th May 2011 -


French Open 2011 - Women's Final - The second Grand Slam event of the year has been in progress for the past couple of weeks, with the great and the good of the tennis world playing their hearts out at Roland Garros. The French Open has seen plenty of surprises this year, particularly on the women's side of the draw, and it has all been building up to today, the women's final.

French Open 2011 - Men's Final - Yesterday, we watched Li Na take victory over defending champion Francesca Schiavone, in two hard fought but relatively easy sets. Today, Roger Federer will be hoping to do the same to Rafael Nadal, the 2010 French Open champion. It's the men's final, the culmination of two weeks excellent tennis on the clay courts.

Daily: 20th June 2011 - Hello my dears, how are you? Long time no see, in terms of daily posts, anyway. I hope you had a nice weekend, nice enough that Monday is not such a drag. Do not worry. If you don't like Mondays, it will soon be Tuesday, and they're not so bad.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 3 - It was a big day all round yesterday, with Roger Federer easing through to the second round, the big battle between Isner and Mahut over in straight sets, and Sharapova also making a great start to her Wimbledon campaign. That was yesterday, though, and today there are even greater things in store (potentially). The schedule shapes up something like this:

Wimbledon 2011: Day 4 - Another fantastic day at Wimbledon yesterday saw some great tennis that kept us glued to the streams the entire day. From the first efforts of Venus Williams to overcome Date-Krumm, to the somewhat easy victory of Andy Murray, seeing him through to the third round, there was something on offer for everyone.

Daily: 27th June 2011 - Another week begins, and we're heading straight into Monday, after what I hope was a good weekend for everyone. The racing may not have been up to the calibre of what we have seen so far this year, but it could have been a lot worse!

Wimbledon 2011: Day 10 - We're now rolling towards the end of Wimbledon, with each day bringing closer and closer matches, and more and more excitement. Yesterday saw the surprising defeat of Roger Federer, who took it very gracefully, as he always does.


Wimbledon 2011: Day 11 - Yesterday saw a pretty good day of tennis, although neither of the players that I finally decided I liked made it through, which is disappointing. Today we have more great stuff in store with the Men's Semi-Finals.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 12 - Two weeks of build-up leads directly to this weekend's action - two massive finals, and today it's the turn of the women. Maria Sharapova takes on Petra Kvitova. The form that Sharapova has been on makes the outcome seem inevitable, but you never know at Wimbledon. Stranger things have happened.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 13 - Today, it's time to crown the Men's Champion, as current World Number 1 Rafael Nadal takes on the soon-to-be Number 1 Novak Djokovic. It's hard to know which way this match will go - both players have stormed their way through the field so far, but both have little niggles they'll have to deal with too.

Daily: 9th July 2011 - Today would normally be Amy's Heikki News Monthly, but I suspect that timezones have got in the way again. To honour what should be the content of this daily, here are five tweets from Heikki recently.

Daily: 25th July 2011 - Hello lovely people, it is Monday and this is your daily for today. Doesn't Mark Webber look cold in that picture? The weather in Germany was a lot cooler than we were expecting, although the rain never came. Every time there is never a sign of rain, despite all weather forecasts saying there will be some, I swear off predicting the weather. But every time a race swings by, I start pondering what the weather will be again. It's addictive.


Daily: 8th August 2011 - Hey, hey, welcome to Monday, hope all is well where you are. Another week begins, and we are right in the middle of the summer break. So far, so good, there's still F1 news trickling in to tide us over, and there's plenty happening elsewhere in the world to keep us occupied until the action starts up again in a few weeks. Here are some of the things I've been perusing...

Daily: 22nd August 2011 - Hello there, it is Monday, the start of another week, and this is your daily post to kick things off. F1 will return next weekend, so the summer break is over, the waiting is almost done, things will start kicking into gear once more.

Daily: 30th August 2011 - Hello, welcome, it's another day. We are almost at the end of August. How has that happened?


Daily: 5th September 2011 - Hello and welcome to Monday, it's that time again, time for a daily. I suppose it is also back to school time again. I always remember the fifth of September as the sort of time I'd get that sinking feeling. Thankfully, school was a while ago for me. Anyways, what kind of F1 things are we talking about?

Daily: 18th September 2011 - Hello there, it's Sunday and it's not a race day, so what are you doing with your hours? I know we have people out and about, travelling. Pat is on his way to the Goodwood Revival, and Amy is in Sydney watching some tennis. Meanwhile, here at Sidepodcast, we're locked away in the office thinking, plotting, planning and getting creative. Oh, and we'll be recording the Debrief soon, promise.


Doctor Who - The Wedding of River Song - Way back in April, we started an epic journey with the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, that involved an impossible astronaut, a lake, and the death of the man we all love so much. Now, several months, lots of exciting adventures, and a series break later, we have come full circle. We know the identity of River Song and how she fits into the world, but we don't know about her wedding!


Doctor Who - The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe - This time last year we live commented the rather fabulous tale of Doctor Who taking on A Christmas Carol. This year, it appears that Matt Smith will be taking on the world of Narnia - with a wintry world available through a piece of household furniture. At first glance, it looks odd, but that is always the way with Doctor Who and we must put our trust in Moffatt and co!



Crashed Ice live from Saint Paul - Take a dash of ice, a gruelling downhill course, and throw in a handful of extreme skaters and you come up with the delightfully crazy world of Crashed Ice. There are four events in the 2012 season, and this is the first. Every single heat is fast, unpredictable, fabulous and exhilarating. Join us to welcome in the new season of Crashed Ice.


Crashed Ice live from Valkenburg - Crashed Ice enters its second weekend, pitting top athletes against a challenging and dangerous downhill course, armed with just some skates and a heck of a lot of courage. This sport is fast, furious, changeable and exhilarating, and that's why we keep on coming back for more. From the chilly course in Saint Paul, we move to the freezing ice of Valkenburg, with defending champion Arttu Pihlainen sandwiched between the Croxall brothers in the Crashed Ice standings.

Crashed Ice live from Are - Crashed Ice heads to its third destination of four, with a trip to the Swedish ski resort of Are. Sweden played host to the first ever Red Bull Crashed Ice event, so the extreme sport is returning to its excellent roots. With fast and furious heats, anything can happen in each and every race, and it always does. The course is challenging, the atmosphere cold but electric, and the championship is still up for grabs. Tune in as the action gets underway in this penultimate round of the 2012 Crashed Ice World Championship.

Six Nations - England vs Wales - Twickenham plays host to the England and Wales rugby players, as they face off against each other in the latest bout of the Six Nations Cup. Both are on equal footing when it comes to the form guide, but Wales have always struggled for luck at the Twickenham Stadium. The game will be live on BBC One, following coverage of the Ireland versus Italy game. Who will you be cheering on?


Crashed Ice live from Quebec - Quebec is the big one, the race that everyone waits for, the downhill event that is the culmination of several months hard skating. The city plays host to the final of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, or as we know it, Crashed Ice. Kyle Croxall is in the lead at the moment, but there are still five other skaters with the potential to win, and as we know from previous experience - anything can happen when the skates are on.


London Marathon - It's that time of year again, when top notch athletes, people raising money for charity, and generally plenty of crazy types head to England's capital city to attempt to run 26 miles. I just managed 5 a week or so ago, and that was hard enough. This year there is more pressure on British athletes who are hoping to gain a spot in the Olympics squad for later this year. Sit down, tune in, and watch the inspirational people running so you don't have to!


Roland Garros Week 1 - The French Open gets underway today, with the glorious orange clay courts ready to see some action. Rafael Nadal - clay court supremo - is set to defend his title on the men's side, whilst Li Na (seeded seventh) comes back to try and win the trophy for the second year in a row. Top seed Djokovic will be on the lookout to try and stop Nadal, as will Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Li Na will have to be wary of Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova, and Sam Stosur - who kicks things off on Day 1 playing Great Britain's Elena Baltacha.


Roland Garros Week 2 - The first week of this year's French Open has been a battle for many of the top names. Both Williams sisters went out in the first round, whilst Federer, Murray and Djokovic have been losing sets all over the place. Azarenka also lost her match today, crashing out of the tournament. This second week looks set to provide plenty more entertainment as the field narrows and the matches get tougher. Keep an eye open for any surprises!

France vs England (Group D) - The Euro 2012 championship began a few days ago, and it is now England's turn to take to the pitch for the first time. There's been plenty of discussion about the squad lineup, decided by new manager Roy Hodgson. No matter who should be there, who isn't and who could be, the 11 players have their first opportunity to show what they're made of. My past few year's experience of watching England play at football would suggest France will win, but that's what the next ninety minutes will decide.

Ukraine vs Sweden (Group D) - The second match of England's group plays with the joint hosts Ukraine taking on Sweden. The Ukraine team are recovering from a significant bout of food poisoning last week, so they may be on the back foot as they take part in their first match of the competition. It's also their debut in a European Championship, so the pressure is on. Meanwhile, Sweden have a young team, focused around their captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic. You'd side with Sweden on this one, but home advantage can never be underestimated.

Greece vs Czech Republic (Group A) - The early stages of the championship return to Group A, as everyone has now had a turn out on the pitch and gets a second chance at success. First up, Greece take on the Czech Republic. Greeze faced off Poland in their first game and managed to take the hosts to a 1-all draw. The Czech Republic were not so fortunate, losing 4-1 in their first match to Russia. They're sitting bottom of the Group A table with a lot of work to do, but notably, Greece have only lost one of their last 20+ matches.

Poland vs Russia (Group A) - The remaining two participants in Group A get together to fight for points as joint-hosts Poland take on group leaders Russia. Their last game saw Russia score just the four goals, whilst Poland secured a one goal apiece draw. Poland have the added issue of their favoured goalkeeper being banned, so a deputy will have to stand in. The pair have met in three friendlies in recent years, and taken one win each. I assume the other one was a draw. However, Russia are unbeaten in their last 15 matches. And did I mention they won the last one 4-1? A tough opponent.

Denmark vs Portugal (Group B) - The second set of matches for Group B get underway this evening, with Denmark (winners of their opening match against Netherlands) and Portugal (losers of their opening match against Germany) set to play each other at the Lviv Arena. My limited knowledge would have put Portugal as the favourites for this, but apparently they finished behind Denmark in qualifying for the Euros, and, of course, in the last World Cup. However, Portugal have never failed to make it out of the group stages of the Euros - since group stages were put in place.

Netherlands vs Germany (Group B) - Here we have what the BBC are calling a "tantalising Group B clash", which could be because these were the top two goal-scoring nations of the qualifiers. What kind of crazy score might we see this evening? Our highest goal tally so far is 4, I'm sure we can do more. Germany and the Netherlands have met each other a whopping 38 times, with Germany winning 14 of those clashes and the Netherlands 10. It's also interesting to note that Germany's team that beat Portugal last match was the youngest the country has fielded.

Italy vs Croatia (Group C) - Italy managed to secure an unexpected draw in their first match against Spain, but now face the challenge of Croatia. The latter managed a 3-1 win over Ireland, so they're not shy of scoring a few goals. Apparently, the Italian team are collectively the shortest of the tournament, with a 5ft 5 player the actual smallest. He is called the "Atomic Ant" in Italy, but hey, perhaps being a short team will just make them nimble. However, Croatia have won all five of the countries head-to-head matches.

Spain vs Republic of Ireland (Group C) - The remaining two teams of Group C get together to play each other for the first time of the tournament. Ireland will be recovering from a bashing by Croatia, whilst Spain drew their first match against Italy. Spain may be slightly on the back foot after star player Cesc Fabregas has picked up a thigh injury and may not be fit to play. For fact fans, Ireland have never won their second group match of any major competition. They'll be hoping to change that statistic today.

Ukraine vs France (Group D) - If omens are your thing, Ukraine captain Andriy Shevchenko getting hit by a car after their win against Sweden must signal something. He was not badly injured, and is likely to be part of their lineup this evening. Their 2-1 win over Sweden was slightly better than France's 1-all draw over England, but France have the advantage in the head-to-head. Their last meetup saw the French team beat Ukraine 4-1, with the final three goals coming in the very late stages of the match.

Sweden vs England (Group D) - The England team are back on the pitch tonight, hoping to fare a little better than their 1-all draw over France in the first game. They've had haircuts and everything, so they're bound to be a lot better this time. However, the stats are against them. England haven't beaten Sweden for the previous seven meetings, and they've also found the 15th June unlucky - they've lost on this day on two separate Euro championship occasions. Meanwhile, Sweden will put most of their hopes on super striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has scored in the last four matches for his country.

Czech Republic vs Poland and Greece vs Russia (Group A) - The group stages head into their final round as we head back to Group A to watch all four teams battle it out to decide who gets to move forward. Poland need to beat the Czech Republic to go through to the next round, but they've only managed to secure two 1-all draws so far in the competition. Czech Republic could scrape through with a draw, but will be looking for a win to make it through. The real trouble is for Greece who sit bottom of the table and must win against Russia to stand any chance of moving forward. Russia have been unbeatable for their last 16 matches, however.

Portugal vs Netherlands and Denmark vs Germany (Group B) - Germany are one of the favourites for this competition, and have won both their two group matches so far. They haven't played against Denmark in the Euros since 1992, when the Danes took victory in the final. Germany have the odds against them to go through to the next round, but the same cannot be said for Netherlands. They need to win by two goals to Portugal, and have Germany beat Denmark as well. Portugal have a fully fit squad of 23 players for the coach to choose from, after defender Miguel Lopes has recovered from man-flu.

Croatia vs Spain and Italy vs Republic of Ireland (Group C) - The Group C table going into these final matches favours Spain and Croatia who have both one win and one draw to their credit. Italy have to beat the Republic of Ireland to stand a chance of going forward, and given Ireland's performance in the last match against Spain, that doesn't seem to be too much to ask. All eyes on Spain, who, along with Germany, are one of the favourites to reach the final. They scored four goals against Ireland which gives them the momentum to keep their hold at the top of the table.

England vs Ukraine and Sweden vs France (Group D) - England scraped through a win against Sweden in the last match, but it was by no means easy. Now they take on Ukraine, who will have the advantage of the home crowd cheering them on. Roy Hodgson knows this, though, saying: "All hosts are tough nuts to crack." France and England sit top of the table for now, both with four points after a draw and a win each. Ukraine are third, with everything to play for. Sweden take on group leaders France, having lost both their previous matches by a single goal each time.

Czech Republic vs Portugal (Quarter-final) - The first of the quarter final events gets underway today, with the winners of Group A taking on the runners up of Group B. Portugal have so far used the same starting line up in each of their three matches, presumably believing it a winning formula. Captain of the Czech side, Tomas Rosicky, is suffering from an Achilles injury that he sustained during their match against Greece. He's not likely to start the match but might be available as a substitute. Whoever wins this will go on to play the winner of Spain against France.

Germany vs Greece (Quarter-final) - Winners of Group B, Germany, now face the challenge from the runner up of Group A, Greece - with Germany riding high on three successive victories so far. Greece also have the small problem of their captain facing a one match ban after picking up a yellow card in the game against Russia. There are political tensions surrounding the match but it will come down to the players to get their team through to the semi-finals. Whoever wins will take on the victor of the England/Italy match.

Spain vs France (Quarter-final) - Spain won two of their group rounds with a pretty impressive number of goals. All predictions have them facing Germany in the final. First, though, they face France. A couple of the French squad opted to miss training to look after small injuries, like a blister, but are expected to be fully fit for the match this evening. The team won a group match, lost a group match, and drew a group match, so your money would have to be on Spain to go through. The winner will face Portugal in the next round.

England vs Italy (Quarter-final) - The last quarter-final match has arrived, with England taking on Italy in a bid to be the team to face Germany in the semi-finals. England (somehow) managed to win two of their group stage matches, with a draw making up the third, whilst Italy had one convincing win and two draws to their name. However, Italy have been known to make life hard for themselves in the group stages, only to improve exponentially when it comes to the one-on-ones. In the fabulous BBC head to head stats, we have this nugget: "The 22 previous meetings have produced nine wins for Italy, seven for England and six draws."

Day 1 at Wimbledon - The fabulous Wimbledon tournament kicks off today with the ladies and gentlemen, all dressed in white, participating in their inaugural matches to try and make it through to the second round. Coming up on court today, we'll see Maria Sharapova in action, along with Kim Clijsters in a tough first match against Jankovic. We've also got Roger Federer on Court 1, whilst Djokovic kicks things off on Centre Court at 1pm.

Day 2 at Wimbledon - This year's championships are just a day old and are already providing some fabulous tennis. We've seen Djokovic and Federer go through in relatively straight forward fashion, with Sharapova following them after just a slightly hesitant second set. Venus Williams was sadly knocked out in the first round, although given the illness and injury she has been battling recently, it won't have come as a complete surprise. Sam Stosur, Li Na and Sabine Lisicki have all made it safely through to the second round. Today, many more hopefuls will attempt to join them.

Day 3 at Wimbledon - I wrote yesterday's thread too early to have the order of play, but I have sussed it out now! Roger Federer will be first on Centre Court, with Clijsters and Djokovic following closely behind. Sharapova will make an appearance on Court 1 playing Pironkova, whilst Heather Watson will be up first on Court 2 for her second round match. Also in action today: Sabine Lisicki, Li Na (Na Li? Never quite figured that out), Kimiko Date-Krumm (who I remember for an awesome match against a Williams), and Sam Stosur. Another great day ahead.

Portugal vs Spain (Semi-final) - Donetsk plays host to the first semi-final of this 2012 tournament with Portugal set to take on tournament-favourites Spain. Portugal won their quarter-final against the Czech Republic by just the single goal, whilst Spain made it through with a 2-0 victory over France. The winner will go on to play either Germany or Italy in the final. The stakes are high. I think the only head to head stat we need today is that Spain have only beaten Portgual twice in the last 54 years. Could that all be about to change?

Day 4 at Wimbledon - Surprises galore at Wimbledon yesterday, as Caroline Wozniacki went crashing out and British youngster Heather Watson went sailing through (they were not playing each other, mind you). we're expecting more from Andy Murray today, and hopefully the weather will be a little better than it was today. The covers came across the outside courts and the roof across Centre, leaving us with little choice of action. But hey, at least there is something to watch, even when it's raining!

Germany vs Italy (Semi-final) - The second semi-final kicks off at a quarter to eight this evening, with the Germans taking on Italy - the team that knocked England out of the tournament. Last night's semi between Portugal and Spain ended in penalties, after both sides failed to find the goal in 120 minutes. It was Spain that eventually went through, meaning whoever wins this match will face them in the final on Sunday. So far, all the predictions about a Germany vs Spain final are working out, but can Italy put a stop to that today?

Day 5 at Wimbledon - I'm writing this still reeling from the fact that Rafael Nadal was knocked out of the second round of Wimbledon - the first time he's been out at this stage in major tournament for seven years. It doesn't throw the tournament wide open, Federer is playing up a storm so far, but it's certainly thrown a spanner in the works. Meanwhile, we have third round matches to enjoy today, including the aforementioned Federer, Clijsters and Sharapova plus Sabine Lisicki. Here's to more good weather and/or the roof!

Day 6 at Wimbledon - It's the final day of June, and the final day of the first week at Wimbledon. So far, we've seen it all - close run matches and complete walkovers, top seeds pushing onwards and others falling at the early stages. We've had sun and rain, highs and lows and there are bound to be more of both as Saturday at Wimbledon gets underway. On Centre Court today, Serena Williams and the Andys Roddick and Murray, whilst on Court 1 we have defending champion Kvitova, along with Del Potro and crowd favourite Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.


Spain vs Italy (Final) - Kiev plays host to the final match of this year's tournament, with the expected Spain facing off the unexpected Italy. The latter beat Germany in an impressive turn of events, but will have their work cut out for them this evening. In head to head facts, the BBC report: "Seven of the last 10 matches between Spain and Italy have been 0-0 at half-time." Look out for top strikers Cesc Fabregas and Mario Balotelli, with Super Mario on top form after two goals in the semi final. Whoever wins today takes top honours, and it really is all to play for.

Day 7 at Wimbledon - This is widely regarded as one of the best days of the Wimbledon tournament as we get to see lots of fabulous quarter final matches from some real contenders. Today we'll see one of my favourites Lisicki take on title favourite Sharapova, Serena Williams will face golden set producer Shevdova, and Murray plays Cilic. There'll be action from Federer and Djokovic, crowd pleaser Tsonga, and defending champion Kvitova. It really will be a packed day, with girls and boys and doubles matches filling any gaps in the schedule.

Day 8 at Wimbledon - The order of play for today's action isn't available as I type this and that's probably because they had a bit of a mixed up day yesterday. Andy Murray only got halfway through his match with Cilic, whilst only three men managed to book their place in the next round. On the women's side, all eight matches were completed with surprises from Sabine Lisicki (knocking out Sharapova) and Angelique Kerber (knocking out Kim Clijsters. I'm also very intrigued by the quarter final match up of Serena Williams and defending champion Petra Kvitova.

Day 9 at Wimbledon - These evenings at Wimbledon have been turning into late ones, as the roof now allows players to keep on keeping on until the very last minute. Still, that has allowed the organiser to catch up a little after all the rain delays, and that means we've got more good matches in store today. Federer and Murray should both make an appearance on Centre Court (not against each other), whilst Tsonga and Djokovic will be on Court 1 (again, not against each other). Elsewhere, there's an awful lot of doubles going on - they aren't really my thing, but do keep lots of players off the streets!

Day 10 at Wimbledon - It's time for the semi-finals, and first up today we have Angelique Kerber and Agnieszka Radwanska. The seeding would favour Radwanska, but Kerber has shown she's made of strong stuff - particularly against the long ol' match against Lisicki. Following them on Centre Court will be Serena Williams against Victoria Azarenka. This should also be a good match, as Azarenka has been on good form so far, and Williams is showing her return to form once more. Can she make it through to another Wimbledon final?

Day 11 at Wimbledon - The men take centre stage today (and Centre Court!) as Roger Federer prepares to face Novak Djokovic in the first semi-final, before Andy Murray arrives to play Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. As discussed in the comments so far, whatever happens it's going to make a fascinating final. Of all four players, I can't decide who to cheer for! Meanwhile, there are some ladies doubles on Court 1, with the Williams sisters playing in the semi-final. Serena Williams needs to save her strength for tomorrow's final, though, as she'll play Agnieszka Radwanska.

Day 12 at Wimbledon - Yesterday saw some spectacular semi-final matches, allowing the two players for the men's final to be decided - Roger Federer against Andy Murray. That's going to be an interesting one. (Or it's going to be over very quickly, one or the other.) However, today is all about the women again, with the Ladies final between Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska. Ordinarily you would put money on Williams in this battle, and if you add in the fact that Radwanska is suffering a respiratory illness, it may not be the match that we're hoping for.

Day 13 at Wimbledon - So, it comes to this. The final day of Wimbledon 2012 and the men's singles final. We enjoyed a longer game than expected for the women's final yesterday, although it was not a surprise to see Serena Williams take home the championship - she has been on good form all fortnight and was more than a match for Radwanska. Today, Andy Murray will take on the might of Roger Federer in his first Wimbledon final, and whilst I have an inkling I know which way the match will go, I just hope it's a good one.

London 2012, Opening Ceremony - The buildup to this Olympics Games has seemed endless, but it has finally arrived, and with it comes the Opening Ceremony. Film director Danny Boyle has been overseeing the spectacle about to unfold before us and although I've personally tried to avoid spoilers, I do know there has been talk of sheep and rain clouds. There will be the lighting of the flame, no doubt plenty of dancing and perhaps even an athlete or two. Grab your snacks and settle in as the world tunes in to the opening of the 2012 Summer Games.

London 2012, Day 1 - With a stunning Opening Ceremony complete, it's time for the Olympic action to begin proper. There are a lot of sports on the schedule for this first official day of action, as plenty of the athletes get their first attempts to show what they can do. A brief overview - Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling, Dressage, Fencing, Football, Artistic Gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting. Take your pick - what will you be watching first?

London 2012, Day 2 - With gold medals already being won (although not by Britain), the 2012 Olympics are under way very nicely. This second day of sporting action is just as packed as the first with the addition of a few things we haven't seen yet - diving, hockey, canoe slalom, shooting, sailing and water polo. The swimming yesterday was great fun, it looks like there is a little more of that to come today, but not quite as much. There's also plenty more tennis, lots of beach volleyball and some weightlifting as well. Plenty to peruse as the second day gets underway.

London 2012, Day 3 - Team GB have managed to get a couple of medals but we are way down the table as the ceremonies begin to take place. The action continues today, with Tom Daley in the final of the 10m synchronised diving, and the men's team final in gymnastics. There are also medals up for grabs in the fencing, both men's and women's judo, men's air rifle shooting, men's and women's weightlifting, plus some fantastic opportunities in the pool. The swimming so far has been fantastic to watch, so hopefully that will continue today.

London 2012, Day 4 - If you're looking for gold medals today, then you've come to the right place. Up for grabs on this fine Tuesday we have the Men's Canoe Single and the Women's Synchronised 10m diving. There's also some horsey type things with individual and team jumping finals in the eventing. The men's individual foil will be decided, whilst it is also the women's team final in artistic gymnastics. There's a final in the men's skeet shooting, which sounds odd, and there's some men's and women's judo and weightlifting to behold as well. What more could you want?


London 2012, Day 5 - Team GB picked up at least one medal yesterday, and finished well in some other events - we seem to be coming in not last but not top three either. How are your favourites getting on? Today we have medals to be awarded in the following: Men's Kayak Slalom, Individual Time Trial for both men and women, Men's 3m Synchro Springboard, Individual Epee and Individual Sabre, Men's Gymnastics Individual All-Around, both men's and women's Judo, several different rowing categories, Women's Pistol Shooting, Women's Singles Table Tennis, Weightlifting for both men and women, plus those oh-so-fabulous swimming finals.

London 2012, Day 6 - Team GB have finally got their hands on a gold medal, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and look ahead to some more great finals. The track cycling begins, which I'm quite excited about, plus more rowing, more swimming and plenty else! Coming up today: Women's Individual Archery, Men's Canoe and Women's Kayak, Women's Team Foil, Women's Individual All-Around Gymnastics, Men's and Women's Judo, Men's Double Trap Shooting and Men's Singles Table Tennis.

London 2012, Day 7 - Today the big one starts, the athletics gets underway with medals up for grabs straight away in the 10,000m and shot put. The swimming continues to be awesome and there are more medals available this evening. Other finals happening today: Men's Individual Archery, Men's Doubles Badminton, Track Cycling (Pursuit and Keirin), Men's Team Sabre, Men's and Women's Judo, four lots of Rowing, Shooting, Men's Trampoline, and more Men's and Women's Weightlifting.

London 2012, Day 9 - After what was an incredible and exciting Saturday, it's time for another day of medal possibilities. Coming up today, there is athletics action, particularly the marathon. We have the Men's Omnium in the velodrome, as well as some springboard action at the Acquatic Centre. Other finals include the fencing, individual events at the gymnastics, sailing, shooting, weightlifting, Greco-Roman wrestling, and there are tons of tennis medals up for grabs too!

London 2012, Day 10 - Another exciting day on track yesterday leads us nicely into the second week of Olympic sports. Coming up today Beth Tweddle hopes for an uneven bars medal, there are more medals up for grabs in the velodrome plus the great track action continues. Also today: Team show jumping final, Sailing and Shooting finals, Weightlifting and Greco-Roman wrestling. The synchronised swimming also continues, if that's your thing.

London 2012, Day 11 - The pole vault was incredibly captivating yesterday, so I'm intrigued to see whether the high jump can live up to it today. There are also a couple of track finals today too, so the athletics continues unabated. Medals are also available in the velodrome and off the diving board with the Men's 3m Springboard. The Team Dressage awards will be decided, whilst there are also Gymnastics Finals in Men's Parallel and Horizontal Bars, plus Women's Floor and Beam. There's more sailing, some synchronised swimming, the Men's Triathlon and some more epic weightlifting.

London 2012, Day 12 - We saw some great hurdling yesterday and there's more on the cards today. The athletics continues this morning and evening, with medals up for grabs towards the end. The Beach Volleyball also comes to a conclusion this evening with the gold medal match deciding the podium order. Also today: Boxing, Canoeing, Women's 10m diving, Individual Showjumping, Sailing, Men's Teams Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and some Women's wrestling. However, I am mostly intrigued by the BMX racing which begins today.

London 2012, Day 13 - You can gradually sense things beginning to wind up in London, as we head into the last few days of competition. However, that just leaves room for more surprises - like how cool the BMX racing is, and how exciting the relays are going to be in the athletics. Medals up for grabs today include: Men's Beach Volleyball, Women's Boxing, Canoe and Kayak Sprinting, Women's 10m diving, Women's Football, Men's 470 Sailing, Men's and Women's Taekwondo, Women's Water Polo and Women's Wrestling.

London 2012, Day 14 - To steal a phrase from John Inverdale, we're into the pre-penultimate day of Olympics action. Time has flown, but we still have three glorious days to enjoy so let's not get maudlin yet! Medals up for grabs today include: Relay and longer distance finals in the Athletics, tons of Men's Boxing, BMXing, Men's Football and Women's Hockey, Men's and Women's 470 sailing, the 10k swimming marathon for the men, Synchronised Swimming, Taekwondo, and Men's freestyle wrestling.

London 2012, Day 15 - With Tom Daley just scraping through to the semi-finals of the diving, all eyes will be on him as that competition gets going in the morning. However, there is plenty else to watch out for during the day, including medals for: Men's 50km Walk (!?), Javelin, High Jump and a couple more Relays, Women's Basketball, Men's Boxing, Canoe and Kayak sprints, Cross-Country Mountain Biking, All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics, Women's Handball and Men's Hockey, Taekwondo, Women's Volleyball and Men's Wrestling. Also the Modern Pentathlon takes place today. Exciting stuff!

London 2012, Day 16 and Closing Ceremony - And so, the end is near, but there is still time to squeeze in a few more medal opportunities before the Closing Ceremony hands things over to Rio. Finishing up today: the Men's Marathon, Men's Basketball, lots of Men's Boxing, Men's Cross-Country Mountain Biking, Group All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics, Men's Handball, Women's Modern Pentathlon, Men's Volleyball, Men's Water Polo and Men's Wrestling. Seems like the men are dominating today but no matter. There's meant to be a smattering of Girl Power in the Closing Ceremony.

London 2012 Paralympics - The Olympic Ceremony is complete, the athletes are ready to go and the 2012 Paralympics is about to get underway. With early medals available in swimming, cycling, shooting and powerlifting, we'll start seeing gold handed out almost immediately. Team GB have a lot to live up to after the success of the previous few weeks, but equally the momentum in the team hasn't had time to wane just yet. Good luck one and all!


Doctor Who - A Town Called Mercy - Mr Moffat's dream of making each episode it's own little film has so far been working out. Today looks suspiciously like Cowboys and Aliens, but here's the BBC's blurb: "The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!), and finds himself the reluctant sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg." Stetsons are cool, I guess! I am a little wary of this episode, but as the middle of only five precious outings for the Doctor, I'm willing to embrace it wholeheartedly!

Doctor Who - The Power of Three - We have seen three fabulous episodes of this short burst of Doctor Who already, and we're moving on to the fourth and penultimate one. This time, it looks like the Doctor is heading back to modern day Earth to team up with the Ponds on their turf to solve an intriguing mystery. The official blurb: "The Doctor and the Ponds puzzle over an unlikely invasion of Earth, as millions of sinister black cubes arrive overnight..." What could it all be? And will, as Lukeh so diligently spotted, there be a mention of Christmas?

Doctor Who - The Angels take Manhattan - This is what we've been building towards, since this series started and before - the apparent farewell of Amy and Rory. I say apparent because we've been tricked before, but it really is meant to be the end of an era. The official blurb: "The Doctor's heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory - a race against time through the streets of Manhattan, as New York's statues come to life around them..." Saying goodbye to "the first face that this face saw" is going to be hard... but hopefully brilliant at the same time.


Apple iPad Mini event - The press invite declared "we've got a little more to show you" and months of rumour and speculation appears to have been true. There aren't many left that still deny that Apple is very likely to be launching a smaller iPad to the world and in a short while we will find out for sure. Many have wondered whether it'll be called the Mini, Air, Jr or even iPad Touch but my guess is that it'll be differentiated only by it's size, similar to the MacBook Pro and iMac line-ups. Join us for the special event from the California Theatre in San Jose to see what gadgetry goodies will be vying for a place on this year's wish list.


Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013 preview - This weekend sees the return of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, the crackers but crazy-good icecapade that pits four skaters against each other down a demanding and slippery track. It's high speed, high entertainment, and high on our priority list.

Crashed Ice, Niagara Falls - It's time for the long-awaited return of Crashed Ice, the crazy high-adrenaline sport that pits four guys down an icy track with nothing but their skates and their wits to help them out. It's an odd season this year, extended to five events, but with one in December and then a big wait until the next in 2013. Let's make the most of this one then as we welcome back familiar names like the Croxall brothers, Marty Neifnecker, Arttu, and many more. It's cold, it's exciting, it's brilliant, this is Crashed Ice!

Doctor Who - The Snowmen - I try not to add too much to these blurbs over what the BBC tell us, because it's so easy to accidentally spoil things. Here goes: "Christmas Eve, 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairytales. When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind, or will he fight to save the world and Christmas from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?"



NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend - It may be 2013 already, but in the NFL it’s the start of the 2012-season playoffs; don’t forget, it’s win or go home. On Saturday the #6-seed Cincinnati Bengals travel to the #3 Houston Texans, who want a big performance (on top of the win) to regain early-season confidence (2130 – Sky Sports). In the late KO the #3 Green Bay Packers will be looking to avenge their loss to the #6 Minnesota Vikings in a repeat of last week’s game (0100 Sun am – Sky Sports). On Sunday the surging #5 Indianapolis Colts play the off-form #4 Baltimore Ravens (1800 – Sky Sports). Baltimore have some added impetus as legend Ray Lewis has just announced these playoffs are to be his ‘retirement party’ Finally the #5 Seattle Seahawks play at the #4 Washington Redskins (2130 – Sky Sports); will RG3 have enough fitness back to be as much of a threat as he has shown he can be?… (1 hour highlights package late Monday on BBC2 – 0010 Tues am).

Crashed Ice, Saint Paul - Crashed Ice is back for the second of five outings in this 2012/13 championship. We're not hugely confident on the start time, but when it does get going, it's going to be some fast and furious downhill ice action, with the names we are growing to love once more battling it out for supremacy on skates. Kyle Croxall, defending Crashed Ice champion, was victorious at the last round at Niagara Falls, with Cameron Naasz and Kilian Braun following him to the top of the standings. Everything can change at the drop of a skate, though, so stay tuned to find out what happens this evening!


Crashed Ice, Landgraaf - The Crashed Ice phenomenon is back on our screens in super quick time and with a unique challenge in store. For the first time, the event heads indoors to the SnowWorld course in the Netherlands. Already it has thrown up some surprises in terms of who has made it through to the finals and who has not. The different style of course has been hard for some to adapt to, so this should be one not to miss!


Crashed Ice, Lausanne - The last Crashed Event was different - an indoor track, supremely short and fast - and we saw a lot of the top names going out early, allowing some new faces through to the fore. In Lausanne, it looks like we are back to the norm, a longer track that looks like one of the hardest we have seen so far. The Croxall brothers are likely to be back on form, whilst keep an eye on the motivated Derek Wedge as he tries to repeat his victory.

Crashed Ice, Quebec - It all comes down to this, the big one, the final. The track designers have done some epic work, creating a challenging course that includes the sport's first ever corkscrew - dropping ten metres and turning 360 degrees. It's crazy. With Kyle Croxall taking an early lead in the standings but recent stumbles allowing American Cameron Naasz to take over the top spot, there is everything to skate for in this final of five fantastic events this year.

Doctor Who - The Bells of Saint John - It's time for the second half of this series of Doctor Who to begin, and our first visit to the world of the Doctor since Christmas. New companion Clara is bringing her own mystery, and plenty of attitude, as she joins everyone's favourite time-universe-and-globe-trotter in his adventures. The BBC blurb simply says: "The search for Clara brings the Doctor to London, 2013, where something deadly is waiting in the Wi-Fi." The Doctor, a new companion and a bit of internet talk too!

The Boat Race - It's Easter and that can mean only one thing - the traditional battle for supremacy on the River Thames between Oxford and Cambridge. Witness the incredible rowing skills of these top but amateur athletes as they put their heart and soul into one emotional day each year. There's no second place, it is winning or losing, and both teams want to be victorious more than anything. The race itself is just fifteen or so minutes, but what an exciting quarter of an hour!


Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten - We were granted a brief preview glimpse of this episode and it looked very different to the earth-bound fun and games we've had of late. Rather than set in London/Cardiff, the action moves to... well, outer space! Beautiful colours and a heck of a lot of computer-generated imagery. The BBC's explanation informs: "The Doctor takes Clara to the Festival of Offerings, but the Old God is waking and demands sacrifice!"

Doctor Who - Cold War - There's a bit of hype surrounding this episode as it sees the return of the Ice Warriers, one of writer Mark Gatiss' favourite Doctor Who villains. I'll be honest, I haven't seen them in action, but I was excited to see the submarine regardless. The pressure underwater is ramped up, so throw in a manic Doctor and who knows what will happen! The official BBC blurb says: "On a Russian submarine in 1983, a frozen alien warrior is waking up, just as the TARDIS materialises." Excellent timing, Doctor.

Doctor Who - Hide - We've had spiritual and we've had political, now it seems the Doctor is heading straight into the spooky, as he and Clara look for ghosts. There's a guest star or two in this one, with the marvellously smooth Dougray Scott and fresh from midwifery Jessica Raine. Neil Cross brought us the Rings of Akhaten and he's back already for another bite of the Doctor Who cherry. The BBC's official blurb: "Something terrifying is hiding in Caliburn House, and the Doctor finds himself part of the ghost hunt."

Doctor Who - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - We've had ghost hunting, submarine warfare, and trips to the depths of outer space, but now things are turning in on themselves, as the TARDIS takes centre stage. Not since we saw the heart of the police box personified has the TARDIS played such a central role, but here's the BBC's official blurb: "The TARDIS has crashed, Clara is lost inside, and the Doctor has 30 minutes before his ship explodes!" Sounds exciting!


Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror - The BBC blurb for this episode reads: "Something ghastly is afoot in Victorian Yorkshire, as bodies are found with their skin a waxy, glowing red." Sounds terrifying, but I am more intrigued by the vision of Clara in Victorian garb again. Will the mystery of Clara take any steps forward this week? Plus, this episode we get to see the brilliant Strax again, with his disdain for humans and lack of social etiquette. It should be a good one.

Doctor Who - Nightmare in Silver - The Cybermen are back! Those terrifying, soul-destroying silver machines are returning to our screens, and if the title is anything to go by, they're not here to make any friends. The official BBC blurb says: "Hedgewick's World of Wonders: the perfect theme park day out. And ground zero for a deadly silver resurrection." Can't wait to see the futuristic theme park, should be fascinating!

Doctor Who - The Name of the Doctor - And so it all comes down to this. The final episode of Series Seven, the one that has to tide us over until the 50th anniversary celebrations later in the year. This is the one where we are supposed to learn of the mystery of Clara, and, perhaps, the Doctor's name? As ever, here's the official BBC blurb: "The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered..."

Roland Garros 2013 - The clay court competition heats up this week as the great and good of the tennis world descend upon Roland Garros to fight it out for supremacy on the orange surface. This is the second Grand Slam of 2013, and it's all to play for. Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova are the defending champions from 2012, but there are plenty who could challenge them for the trophy. We've got two weeks of this terrific tennis tournament awaiting us, and it should be great!


Wimbledon, Week 1 - It's time for the highlight of the grass season in tennis, with the historic and memorable Wimbledon tournament set for another two week run. With the British weather continuing its crazy patterns this year, we may see a lot of roof action allowing play on Centre Court to go on unhindered. Roger Federer and Serena Williams will be out on court trying to defend their championships, whilst Maria Sharapova hopes to end her rival's successful run, and Andy Murray hopes to take some plaudits in the much-cherished UK tournament. This first week is all about shock results, easy paths through the order, and lots and lots of matches. Enjoy!


Wimbledon, Week 2 - It's been a week of shocks at SW19, with plenty of big names dropping out - either due to poor performance, injury, or a little bit of both. The ladies' draw has a path mostly open for Serena Williams to take another trophy, whilst the men's looks set for a highlight match between Djokovic and Murray, as the other top seeds keep falling by the way side. For British fans, we have two players into the second week, with stat-fans pointing out it's the first time since 1998.


Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor - I'm still torn over whether this TV show should even exist, but as it does and as I can't wait to find out who will be Doc 12, I'm inviting you all to join as BBC One host the big reveal. This is a half hour show presented by Zoe Ball, with interviews from the Doctor Who greats and the announcement of the next Doctor. We know that Clara will continue after Matt Smith's tenure ends, but who will be the name in the frame to make the next great partnership?

The Great British Bake Off - Cakes - It's that time again, time for the marquee to go up, the ovens to go on and the delicious looking bakes to take shape! The Great British Bake Off (#gbbo) has captured the hearts and minds of the country and beyond, with amateur bakers creating ever-more incredible feats of ingredient engineering to wow the judges - stern but honest Paul Hollywood and strict but lovely Mary Berry. We're at the start of a brand new series, and it looks like there are cakes on the menu.

The Great British Bake Off - Bread - Fresh from the introduction of our baker's dozen of candidates last week, we're moving on to a new week of challenges. This time it's all about bread - Paul Hollywood's speciality. Twelve contestants remain in the competition, and hopefully they can get through this session of baking without too much in the way of injury - last week was all about those sticky blue plasters. So, get those aprons on (or perhaps not if you're just watching from the sofa), it's time to bake!


The Great British Bake Off - Desserts - We're into the third week of baking already, and down two bakers from our original thirteen. This week, it's all about indulging the sweet tooth with desserts being the focus of the Bake Off tent. I know there will be trifle, but what else? Here's the BBC's blurb: "Mary and Paul are upping the ante. Having survived cake and bread, this is the first week we see the bakers having to multi-task across several different baking skills at the same time."

The Great British Bake Off - Pies and tarts - Personally, I'm having a terrible evening in the kitchen, involving an exploding microwave and some burnt potatoes, but hopefully our bakers will be faring a little better. This week is all about pies and tarts, which builds on the droolworthiness of the trifles and desserts of last week! There were two shock exits last week, so all the bakers are starting to realise they could go at any time, and as they always say, they're not ready for the journey to end just yet!

The Great British Bake Off - Biscuits and traybakes - We're rocketing through the series, almost halfway through already! This fifth episode takes us into the world of biscuits, so make sure you stock up on snacks so you don't get hungry halfway through. I don't want to spoil any of the challenges coming up, but a quick read of the BBC suggests the Showstopper is a really tricky one! They seem to be getting harder and harder, but that's just whittling down our bakers until we get to the ultimate star baker for 2013. Yum!

The Great British Bake Off - Sweet dough - This week it's all about sweet, sticky buns and fruit loafs and delicious sweet breads. Already I am drooling just thinking about it. The BBC claim they have Paul Hollywood's most twisted technical challenge yet which worries me. The challenges this year have so far numbered more things that I haven't heard of than vice versa. Regardless of how far away from amateur status the show is going, it's still brilliant fun and a delicious watch. Do join in!


The Great British Bake Off - Pastry - Somehow, there are only six bakers left in the competition, and this time they're facing the challenges that pastry brings. A glimpse at the TV guides suggest our intrepid kitchen adventurers will have to make suet pudding, choux buns and some puffy-puff-puff pastry. In fact, the BBC say: "As they reach the end of their pastry marathon, the bakers reach the showstopper and must make three different types of perfectly puffed pastries. One type must be filled, another must be iced and the third is up to them. From palmiers to cream horns, they have just four hours to impress the judges." Mmm, cream horns.

The Great British Bake Off - Quarter-Final - I was slightly confused why this week's episode didn't have the usual naming convention - pastry, sweet dough, cake, etc. Turns out, we're at the quarter final stage already! And the BBC explain what our bakers will be facing in the Bake Off tent this time: "This week's challenges test them on how they cope working with unconventional flours and unusual desserts which push their creativity to the max."

The Great British Bake Off - Semi-Final - With the news that the baking spectacular will be moving to BBC One in the future, our intrepid amateur bakers are fighting for a place in the final. It was a really tense and close competition in the quarter-finals, and there's no reason to expect any less this week. The challenges this week are all French themed, so expect choux pastry, canapés and no doubt a whole heap of baking puns. This is what Tuesdays were made for!

The Great British Bake Off - Final - Last week's semi-final was a tense and emotional ride, as four fantastic amateur bakers were whittled down to three. We didn't really want to say goodbye to anyone, but for the final we have Frances, Ruby and Kimberley - three very different bakers with plenty to bring to the competition. As it is the grand final, expect the challenges to be harder than ever, and probably more unpronounceable than ever as well. Here's to a fantastic final, and a worthy winner!


Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor - It's been a long time coming, but this year's special anniversary episode has finally arrived! With the promise of multiple Doctors and even more companions, plus a handful of special guests, the episode looks set to deliver all sorts of fun and witty banter. Steven Moffat also reckons the action will change the series going forward - hesitating to use the word 'gamechanger' but that kind of deal. What on earth is going to happen to the Doctor and just how brilliant are the Smith/Tennant scenes going to be?


Doctor Who - The Time of the Doctor - It's time for the festive edition of our favourite sci-fi show, and this time, we're waving goodbye to Matt Smith. After an incredible stint at the controls of the TARDIS, it's time to bid farewell to Smith, and welcome in Peter Capaldi. This Christmas special should be emotional, but here's the official blurb: "Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe's deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them, the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe."



Australian Open 2014 - The first Grand Slam of 2014 gets underway in Melbourne, with the Australian Open starting the season with a bang. Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka both attempt to defend their titles, whilst Rafael Nadal returns having withdrawn from last year's tournament due to illness. Home favourites Bernard Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt are both on top form, but there are plenty of top names and faces hoping to stop them in their tracks. Bring on the top tennis action!


Crashed Ice, Round 1 - Helsinki - Finland plays host to the first round of the epic Crashed Ice tournament, a hectic fast-paced downhill race where four skaters battle to make it through to the next round. Over bumps, round corners, up and over jumps all the while going as fast as possible and avoiding contact with a fellow racer, Crashed Ice is exhilarating and exciting from start to finish. The Serena Ski Resort's permanent ice cross track is our destination as the brand new World Championship gets underway.

Sochi 2014 - It's been two years since we were last gripped by Olympic fever, and now it is time for the winter sports to get their moment in the spotlight. From the joys of snowboarding and skiing, to ice hockey, curling and figure skating, there's something out there for everyone. It may be icy and cold to view, but from the comfort of your own toasty living room, you can enjoy the brilliance of another fortnight of the hectic hunt for medals.

Crashed Ice, Round 2 - Saint Paul - The second round of 2014's epic Crashed Ice season takes place at the popular Saint Paul downhill track, where champion Derek Wedge will continue to try and defend his title. More than 100,000 spectators are anticipated to brave the freezing temperatures to watch the brilliant high-speed heats and cheer on the daring racers as they hit the jumps and avoid the obstacles to win the race, and attempt to take victory in the event as a whole. With only four rounds this year, every single race counts.


Crashed Ice, Round 3 - Moscow - The Crashed Ice championship returns to the wintry climes of Russia, as Moscow prepares to host the third round of the 2014 season. Having not been to the country since 2011, there are plenty of those new to the city, and to the track situated on the banks of the Moskva river. Apparently, the last visit to Russia was the coldest in ice cross downhill history, "with temperatures plunging as low as a bone-chilling minus 30 degrees celsius." I don't envy the skaters or anyone in the crowds!

Crashed Ice, Round 4 - Quebec City - The final round of the 2014 ice cross championship returns to its spiritual home in Canada, with the season finale in Quebec. There are always a bumper crop of Canadian racers hoping to participate in their home race, get to attempt the finals, and of course win the event. The 2014 World Championship is also at stake as this final round gets underway at the longest track on this year's Crashed Ice calendar - it's bound to be a breathtaking ride from start to finish!


Roland Garros 2014 - The clay court season has seen some surprises and some not-so-surprises, with Serena Williams playing very well, and Rafael Nadal holding his own. We've got a fortnight of tennis ahead of us, where the best of the best descend upon Roland Garros to battle it out for supremacy on the orange courts. Expect a lot of umpires getting up and down off their chairs, plenty of tennis racquets hitting trainers to dislodge any errant clay, and plenty of bright and colourful outfits. It's the French Open!


Wimbledon 2014 - It's not been long since the French Open but it's time for a complete change of pace now. Players have had a couple of weeks to get practice on the grass courts before the main event - the Wimbledon Championship 2014. Defending champion Andy Murray comes in with all the pressure on his shoulders, but faces some stiff competition. Last year's winner Marion Bartoli has retired from the sport, leaving the women's side of the draw wide open. Smart money would be on Serena Williams for victory but it's not all been going her way of late. Sit back, dish out those strawberries and settle in for two weeks of British summertime tennis.


Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014 - If you're missing the track and field events from the Olympics, then look no further, the Commonwealth Games have arrived. Their tagline: "17 sports. 11 days. 1 place to be." With similar events such as gymnastics, cycling and badminton, the games provide for all kinds of tastes, although there are fewer than in London and other Olympic schedules. Glasgow presents a great opportunity for smaller nations to have their chance in the spotlight, including the dissolution of Team GB into England, Scotland and Wales. If you're looking for a place to hang out during the week and a bit of Commonwealth action, then you've found the spot!


The Great British Bake Off - The Bake Off is back! Brush off your spatulas and mixing machines as it is time to get inspired for a whole new batch of sweet treats and savoury delights. This first week is all about cake, a simple concept as we get to meet the new batch of bakers - 12 fresh faces all ready to face the terrifying prospect of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. It's always hectic in the first week, trying to get to know everyone, but it's also a lot of fun. On your marks, get set... bake!

Doctor Who - Series 8 - Revel in the joy of a brand new Doctor, as Peter Capaldi joins the team alongside Jenna Coleman. The new reincarnation of the Doctor promises a more experienced view of things (code for slightly older), whilst also bringing something of a darker tone to the upcoming episodes. Here, we'll enjoy each and every episode of the eighth season of New Doctor Who, in one lovely long block with no interruptions. Herald the return of the Doctor, Clara, the TARDIS, the screwdriver and everything else, as well as a heap of new guest starts. It's time!